Right-to-work view was appalling

December 3, 2011

It is stunning to read the editorial position [Nov. 28] of the foremost business journal in Indiana that cautions against “right-to-work” legislation. Perhaps the writer forgets that Indiana has a 9-percent unemployment rate.

Rightly, you mention other priorities such as governmental reform, but it is unlikely that there will ever again be such a well-respected governor with substantial majorities in the Legislature positioned to help our state break away from the straitjacket organized labor wants to keep us in.

I am not anti-union. I think most of the trade unions at least around here are a net plus for their membership and the community. Most of the others are nothing but the money-raising arm of the Democrat Party—and their own leadership. It is a matter of fundamental freedom to allow workers to choose to join a union.


John Sorg

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