Technology already helping commuters

January 7, 2012

Richard Sullivan’s [Jan. 2] letter to the editor makes some great observations about how few people take full advantage of Indianapolis’ existing transit resources, most notably when he says, “Stand on a corner and watch the cars go by. Most of them have a driver and no passengers.” He’s also on the mark when he says that technology offers great promise in helping commuters join forces and reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles on our roads.

The good news is that Central Indiana Commuter Services (CICS) already offers resources that can help commuters get more out of existing commuter options. Whether you’re looking for information on IndyGo or Indy Express Bus, a group to cycle with or ways your employer might help you get to work affordably, CICS can help. And, yes, CICS can help set up a carpool or vanpool.

To learn more, visit www.327ride.net or call 317-327-RIDE (7433).

Through the Indy Connect process, the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority and others have offered a vision for a more robust and efficient mass transit system. We believe this system is integral to the region’s future prosperity, and that’s why we’re encouraging the General Assembly to allow voter referenda on the question of transit funding.


Ehren Bingaman
executive director, Central Indiana Regional Transit Authority

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