Make Indy more walkable

May 19, 2012

Imagine an Indianapolis where walking and biking are common ways of getting to work, to school, to visit friends or to run errands.

Unfortunately, too many areas of our city cannot support safe and convenient walking. A once-common mode of transportation has vanished from our neighborhoods, and as a result we’ve been packing on the pounds. Nearly two-thirds of adults and 40 percent of youth in Marion County are overweight or obese.

Working together to develop a more walker-friendly community will go miles toward increasing health. A movement is growing to implement Complete Streets policies in communities across the country, and right here in Indianapolis. A Complete Streets approach to public works planning will ensure that road networks are built and retrofitted to be safer and welcoming to everyone and create a more walkable community.

The adoption of a Complete Streets policy will ensure that our entire transportation network promotes easy access, convenience, safety and health for all users, especially pedestrians. Walking is as natural as breathing for most of us, so assuring that our streets invite walking is vital to the public’s health.

Join the Marion County Public Health Department and our community partners in supporting a Complete Streets policy in Indianapolis.


Dr. Virginia A. Caine
director, Marion County Public Health Department


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