Don't confuse marijuana with bath salts, spice

December 29, 2012

In response to Sen. Tom Wyss’s [Dec. 10] letter about marijuana legalization, I am afraid the senator is erroneously conflating several issues.

Marijuana is not related to bath salts or spice. There is also no connection between marijuana and meth. It is only their current illegal status that is similar.

Marijuana is not a drug. It is a naturally occurring plant that has been safely used by humanity for 6,000 years.

There is also no connection between alcohol and marijuana use. No amount of marijuana use will produce the same results as alcohol and there are laws on the books now to prevent impaired driving regardless of the substance used.

I would agree that impairment is impairment, but just as we do not punish the majority of people who use alcohol responsibly, we should not punish those who use marijuana responsibly.

When considering marijuana legislation, several facts should be considered:

1. Cannabis (its proper term), has a multitude of uses that should be explored—textiles, building products, renewable fuel and medicine.

2. Just as the prohibition of alcohol was a complete failure, so is the war on drugs.

3. Millions of Americans use cannabis in a responsible manner.

4. The prohibition of cannabis is turning those people who contribute to society into criminals needlessly.

5. Spending tax money and using scarce law enforcement resources to prosecute these people is not only a huge waste but is also morally wrong.

Jack Cain

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