HOLCOMB: Party will invest in tech, people, constituencies

Complacency and overreach are certainly real concerns any time a political party has the type of success the Indiana Republican Party has had in recent election cycles.
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HOLCOMB: Americans should make Indiana's Story their own story

There is no more compelling story or record to inspect than My Man Mitch’s should the country hope to make a presidential change.
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HOLCOMB: Courageous Republican style will grow on Hoosier voters

To suggest voters were only intent on sending a message to the president, Nancy Pelosi, or Pat Bauer is missing a significant electoral mood shift that occurred.
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Leading the Revolution

Who is “My Man Mitch?” A BOOK EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ in the political and finance centers of the east coast, all the way to Hollywood, Leading the Revolution, is an inside look on how to get any large organization back on track using lessons learned from one of America’s most successful Governors. If you ever wonder how he did it, or how you can do it, pick up your highlighter and start reading. View