City reports more revenue from parking meter operations

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Indianapolis received more than $3 million in revenue from parking meters in 2013, its highest total yet since turning over meter operations to ParkIndy in late 2010.

The revenue figure of nearly $3.1 million was up from $2.5 million in 2012 and $1.5 million in 2011.

Actual collections from the meter were $8.8 million in 2013, an increase over $7.7 million in 2012 and $5.1 million in 2011.

The city realized only $339,165 in revenue in 2010 before reaching the 50-year contract with ParkIndy, a public-private partnership the city formed with Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services.

More than 70 percent of meter payments were made with credit cards in 2013, up 10 percentage points from 2012. More than 12 percent of payments were made via smart phone applications.

Fewer than 20 percent of payments were made with cash, down from about 35 percent in 2012 and 100 percent in 2010.

“For the third consecutive year, Indy residents are seeing the benefits of ParkIndy,” Mayor Greg Ballard said in a prepared statement. “More than just increased revenue to the city, we’re seeing tremendous growth in the number of drivers choosing credit cards and smart phone mobile applications to pay for parking, and that shows how far we’ve come since 2010—when your only choice was to dig for change to feed the meters.”



  • Management of Meter Money
    Whether the lease deal is good or not is something that'll likely be debated for a long time, but the bottom line is that the deal is done. What I would like to know is how the city is using it's share of meter revenue. Is it designed/restricted for improvements in the areas around meters or does it go into a general fund? What specific projects or improvements have been paid for with these funds? Show me (the results of) the money!
  • no service savings
    One way they are making money is they have no live staff talk to in person. Just got a ticket, the meter malfunctioned, didn't register the time, and found out there is no 'live' person in the police wing to talk to, and the phone folks couldn't help. It appeared the only option was to fill out forms and wait for a court date. To avoid fines and penalties I had to pay the ticket, and had to pay to park to do all this. It also sounded like it's all just cheaper and easier to pay the ticket than stand up for one's rights....and it was their meter that took advantage of me.
  • RE: Paul K. Ogden
    While I don't always agree with Paul Ogden politically, when it comes to local politics, he is mostly always spot on and is always willing to call out politicians, Republican or Democrat, who are robbing the citizens of Indianapolis. If only we had some Paul Ogdens at the IndyStar and our local TV networks, more people's eyes would be opened to the rampant corruption in our city.
  • Ballard
    Hamster, Ballard is easily the most liberal, tax, borrow and spend (especially when it comes to corporate welfare) Mayor since I came to Indianapolis in 1984 and, yes, that makes him the worse than Hudnut, Goldsmith, and Peterson. I can't speak about Mayors before Hudnut but I can't imagine a worse mayor than Ballard. He's an embarrassment to the Republican Party.
  • Leftist?
    GM, I'm a conservative Republican, hardly a "leftist." The notion that this is a "successful public private partnership" is nonsense. We gave away 70% of the revenue for parking for the next 50 years when we could have bought those meters for $8 million and kept 100% of the revenue. It was sweetheart deal that screwed over Indy residents in favor of a Texas company that just happened to employ the then President of the Council, Ryan Vaughn, who cast the deciding vote to give ACS the contract. We also gave away control of a key asset of the city. Now when people have problems with the meters (which is frequent), they have to try to complain to an uncaring company who has no incentive to provide quality service.
  • Can't let it go
    It's funny to read all the angry leftists' absurd comments about a successful public/private partnership. You're all laughable.
  • What is wrong with some of you!?
    Those on here calling this a sham and offering their brilliant advice are just shockingly absurd. What is wrong with you folks? Do you really honestly believe that a municipality should be in the business of parking? Really? You honestly think that a government entity can do something as good as or better than a private industry? Seriously? A private company that has years of experience, specific systems in place, the least not being ECONOMICS OF SCALE, to make things like this much more profitable than the city can. A city who never raised the rates because then the mayor would lose votes (both dems and repubs), same as picking up the trash, there would be a backlash. Your complaint is "well yeah, so we are making 10 times more than we used, but, but, but how much is the other guy making, they shouldn't get anything". This is why public/private partnerships work, because everyone, literally, everyone, wins! But go on, let your hatred for a political figure blind you to the reality of a successful deal that brings the city millions upon millions upon millions that we never had.
  • DDEM must be a Parking Ambassador
    Before you fire up your smart car there good buddy, how do you know this is a good deal for the city? Why couldn't the city have ponied up seven million to get ALL the profits for the next 50 years not just a small percentage? Since no one else was allowed to bid and they are not disclosing their profits, you saying this is a good deal, means you likely get a little kickback. Calling people haters is awfully bossy don't you think? If hating corruption and kickbacks to out-state companies is being a hater, I am hater, you must be a Parking Ambassador. Now, I think there is thirty seconds left on that meter, better get over there.
  • huh?
    so the city makes $2.7 MILLION more per year (before they made the deal) and this is a bad thing? I think some of you haters are just that...angry haters. good job mayor ballard! (from an independent voter)
    • press release
      Hopefully the IBJ follows up this press release with a more in depth article on the plusses and minuses of the parking meter deal. It certainly looks like the only winners in this deal are Mayor Ballard and ACS.
      • How much did ACS make?
        I wonder how much ACS made off Indy parking. Oh, that's right, the mayor struck a deal with a company that did not have any competitive bidding to buy the parking rights for 400K and they do not have to disclose their profits. Mr. Mayor, are you somebody who is making some of their profits? This is pure municipal corruption. Water chief's making 3 million a year and a Dallas company making undisclosed profits on our parking. Why the heck do we all standby and watch him gut city assets, extend loans to his friends, and turn undisclosed profits over to who knows? I cannot believe how helplessly ignorant Indy residents are being. This is disgusting. I think there should be a federal investigation into all these actors. Clearly, we are incapable of politically policing each other.
      • Good Deal?
        This is actually starting to look like a good deal for the city. Revenues are up huge and we have new, modern parking meters. Is $5 million dollars going to another entity? Yes, but they also are paying the expenses. They paid for the new meters which are millions in costs. They have to pay for enforcement, maintenance, and other service fees as well. Finally, don't forget that the city also $35 million up front for additional infrastruce work.
      • Rip Off
        So...Mayor Marine forgot to mention that his FIFTY year lease netted the out-of-state, private company, SIX MILLION DOLLARS this year. That money could have all been the city's if we hadn't given away the meters.
      • Scott, I think you are misinterpreting the information. The city only need 300k in 2010, that doesn't mean it only took 300k. I find out much more convenient to park downtown now.
      • Loss
        Pittsburg and other cities looked at parking meters as a revenue source and KEPT their meters. 50 YEAR LEASE!!!!!!!
      • Worst ever?
        Seriously? Worst mayor ever? Cite your source(s) or quit wither the hyperbole. That would be like just stating your comment was "the worst comment ever" with no backup, context, facts...
      • Stupid
        So since the government agency that enforced city parking was completely inept and worthless and could only rip $300,000 out of the peoples' pockets, Ballard made a "deal" with an out-of-state company allowing them to take $5 million a year out of Indianapolis. I truly hope that Ballard's cut was enough for him to buy a really nice house VERY far away from Indianapolis. Worst mayor ever! Dan Rostenkowski was as corrupt as the day is long but at least his "deals" actually HELPED his constituents - although usually at the expense of the rest of America.

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        1. I think the poster was being sarcastic and only posting or making fun of what is usually posted on here about anything being built in BR or d'town for that matter.

        2. Great news IRL fans: TURBO the IMS sanctioned movie about slugs running the Indy 500 has caught the Securities and Exchange Commission because Dreamworks had to take a $132MILLION write down...because the movie was such a flop. See, the Indy/IMS magic soiled another pair of drawers. Bwahahahahahaha! How's CARTOWN doing? HAHAHAHA...Indy is for losers.

        3. So disappointed in WIBC. This is the last straw to lose a good local morning program. I used to be able to rely on WIBC to give me good local information, news, weather and traffic on my 45 minute commute.Two incidents when I needed local, accurate information regarding severe weather were the first signs I could not now rely on WIBC. I work weekend 12 hour nights for a downtown hospital. This past winter when we had the worst snowfall in my 50 years of life, I came home on a Sunday morning, went to sleep (because I was to go back in Sunday night for another 12 hour shift), and woke up around 1 p.m. to a house with no electricity. I keep an old battery powered radio around and turned on WIBC to see what was going on with the winter storm and the roads and the power outage. Sigh. Only policital stuff. Not even a break in to update on the winter storm warning. The second weather incident occurred when I was driving home during a severe thunderstorm a few months ago. I had already gotten a call from my husband that a tornado warning was just southwest of where I had been. I turned to WIBC to find out what direction the storm was headed so I could figure out a route home, only to find Rush on the air, and again, no breaking away from this stupidity to give me information. Thank God for my phone, which gave me the warning that I was driving in an area where a tornado was seen. Thanks for nothing WIBC. Good luck to you, Steve! We need more of you and not the politics of hatred that WIBC wants to shove at us. Good thing I have Satellite radio.

        4. I read the retail roundup article and tried Burritos and Beers tonight. I'm glad I did, for the food was great. Fresh authentic Mexican food. Great seasoning on the carne asada. A must try!!! Thanks for sharing.

        5. John, unfortunately CTRWD wants to put the tank(s) right next to a nature preserve and at the southern entrance to Carmel off of Keystone. Not exactly the kind of message you want to send to residents and visitors (come see our tanks as you enter our city and we build stuff in nature preserves...