House Republican files marriage ban amendment

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A House Republican has introduced a measure that seeks to place Indiana's gay marriage ban in the state constitution.

The House resolution filed Thursday by state Rep. Eric Turner of Cicero would strengthen Indiana's existing ban and limit future expansion of benefits for same-sex couples.

The formal introduction of the measure tees up a legislative fight that has been waiting in the wings for months. Supporters and opponents have been lobbying members of the House Judiciary Committee behind the scenes and publicly.

The 13-member panel will be the first testing ground for both sides.

If lawmakers approve the ban measure this year, it would head to voters in November. The measure won broad and overwhelming bipartisan support in 2011. But that support appears to have softened somewhat amid shifting national attitudes.


  • Send them home
    If this is the most important issue they can find to work on then they should adjourn now. I have already written my Senator and Representative urging them to oppose this - but I'm certainly not surprised to see P Eric eager to waste time and money on it. "Family values" and all (yeah right)
  • Prayer
    I will pray for you Rick, and others like you who obviously embrace hatred and intolerance.
  • wow
    while I am ashamed and embarrassed our lawmakers are wasting time and money on this, it is nicwe to see most of the comments on here opposing such an effort. Remember this at the polls, folks. This idiot Turner is unfit to be a public servant.
  • Wrong again Rick, but you are consistent
    You are flying solo again Rick, as usual...Interesting statement,"this country is in the shape its (you left out the punctuation)in because there has been too much compromise over the years"...really? Where do you think you are? Last I checked this was a democratic republic (Ben Franklin's term for it, "We have given you a democratic republic, if you can keep it"), and every citizen counts, not just the ever shrinking group of right wing friends (I didn't use the word bigots) you associate with...the real patriots who founded this country would be horrified by your misinterpretation of their great Constitution, and your desire to force your narrow minded world view on everyone who doesn't think like you, that is precisely what they were trying to keep from happening...they are rolling over in their graves while the Eric Turner's of the world bastardize the document and trash the state constitution as well...thanks to Nick for citing the Equal Protection clause...our lawmakers are wasting time and resources that should be spent elsewhere on divisive issues that help no one, but satisfy the conservative groups who throw their money and weight behind them at election time. There is no reason to "Bravo" Eric...he is bought and paid for and has been for a long time. The times they are a changin' Rick and Eric...move somewhere else please, and stop trying to start the Hoosier version of the Salem Witch Trials.
  • Backwards
    Comments above about our perception to the rest of the country should be seriously considered by our lawmakers. This is not about someone's religious ideals, this is about equal treatment to human beings. This is absolutely ridiculous. I could see this closed mindedness from Americans when propaganda dictated how people thought 100 years ago, but this is crazy today. Vote this guy out. I am a 30 yr, heterosexual male engaged to a female. I cannot think of a single friend or acquaintance that is anti-gay marriage. Just shows how backwards the leaders are. Hopefully they will continue to gray and be voted out of office.
  • Embarrased
    As a resident of Cicero, I am embarrased to have any association with Eric Turner. I hate the fact that we live in the same commuity. He should really be ashamed of himself. Has he done anything worthwhile during his time in the state legislature, other than enrich his own family? He is peddling hate and is too smug or uneducated to know right from wrong. He and anyone like him needs to get out of public office.
  • Bigot=Treats others Unfairly
    You might want to look up the word bigot as it is being applied to IN Republican legislators and the Christian conservative lobbyists who control them. Merriam-Webster defines a bigot as "a person who obstinately or intolerantly hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group". If you deny the legal status, rights and benefits of marriage to gay people you are damaging these fellow citizens. Using your religious beliefs as a cover for this discrimination in your own denomination is the business of that religious group. Using your religion to deny some citizens the same rights as you enjoy is bigotry.
  • Bigot: Definition
    Creating unequal levels of legal protection is, well, unequal. For many of us, government shouldn't be involved in marriage to begin with. Until we get to that attitude, however, we must do what we can to protect as many people as we can. From Merriam-Webster Dictionary big·ot noun \?bi-g?t\ : a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group In this instance, Rep. Turner and his followers/followees do not accept gay people as his equal, otherwise he would wish to protect them equally. It's all rather simple. By not accepting them as equals, he is, by definition a ... We are all bigots in some way, I think. Most Hoosiers, fortunately, work hard to overcome this as they realize it is wrong.
  • stay focused on our long term success
    compromise is one thing....poor judgement and being destructive to the "majority" is another...clearly the majority of the people in indiana are not in favor of the bill....so, lets get back to building this state up and not tearing it down based on a single issue
  • Equal Protection Please
    They better have Eric Amend Article 1 Section 3 as well: No law shall, in any case whatever, control the free exercise and enjoyment of religious opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience. It is absolutely ridiculous we even have to waste political time combining church and state. There is no capitulating to be had: Either join the discrimination party or work on laws providing equal protection. You do not have to agree with gay marriage to be against this law. I am embarrassed by our legislature and governor. Every Hoosier should be. This is not the Hoosier way and it hurts business. As a life long Hoosier, I was taught to be considerate, hospitable, and respect a person's right to privacy and happiness. "Who are [we] to Judge!?"
  • Jobs! Jobs Jobs!
    Please - there are much bigger things to be working on than limiting the rights of minorities further. How about introducing bills that will increase jobs in this state!
  • last thing this state needs
    Our educated next generation is fleeing this state so fast and now you are going to intro a bill that says we hate people that are not like us???? How does this make any sense???? where is Gov Pence on this issue.....he talks and talks and say nothing....kinda thinking we should voted for the other guy....Pence will not get elected for a 2x term
  • Exactly
    and... knowing a few Scott's in the top tier business community - a HUGE loss for this state and city.
  • Bye bye jobs...
    The reality is many of Indy's top corporations embrace diversity in the workplace and will no doubt setup shop elsewhere. Think if Lilly, Roche, Sallie Mae, etc... were to move their headquarters elsewhere... all because we are making it more difficult for everyone to live here.
  • Please
    Please. I beg you. Don't embarass me in front of my national clients by putting this on the ballot. The last thing I need in my business is for the legislature to turn Indiana into a 36,000 square- mile advertisment for small-mindedness. I know I can't change anyone's opinion on the issue. But I can change my business address.
    • I second what Joe said.....
      If marriage is a religious institution, then government has no voice in regulating and segregating its merits. If marriage is not a religious institution, then religion has no voice in regulating and segregating its merits
    • Ignorance prevails in Indiana
      How shameful that our state is governed by such ignorant and hateful morons.
    • Just Amazing.......In a bad way
      If marriage is a religious institution, then government has no voice in regulating and segregating its merits. If marriage is not a religious institution, then religion has no voice in regulating and segregating its merits.
    • I wish I were surprised
      A move this remarkably backward will undoubtedly make national news. But, instead of being shocked and amazed, most will just shrug and think "what did you expect, it's Indiana," and continue to do their hiring, business-building, and traveling in other states, just like they do now.
    • Bravo
      Thank you Mr. Turner for boldly taking a stand and not capitulating. This amendment should pass. Thinker: he is not a bigot anymore than those who call him a bigot simply because he has different beliefs. This country is in the shape its in because there has been too much compromise over the years. I want those whom I vote for to take a stand on the principles that they claim to espouse. And, so I say, Bravo! Mr. Turner, Bravo!
      • Why?
        What should not get overlooked is that this measure will not only deny marriage rights, but also deny any civil protections for gay and straight couples. This means committed couples have no legal protections when it comes to health care, childcare, or financial planning. This is blatant discrimination against a certain group of people by our State representatives. Those who are rational and just know that one day soon there will be full marriage equality in Indiana. Those that deny that reality are fooling themselves and wasting a lot of time and taxpayer dollars fighting a losing cause.
      • Bigot
        Wow I am about 1 mile from being in this bigot's district. Thankfully I am not, but then again if I was I could vote against him. Hopefully someone will run against this bigot.

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