IMPD investigates Brizzi golf cart incident

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding an officer's injury at a 2008 fundraiser for Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi.

Detective Steven Buchanan, a member of Brizzi's security detail, wound up with a broken wrist and bruised knee after a golf cart carrying him and Brizzi flipped at the Ironwood Golf Club on Oct. 10, 2008.

Police reports filed at the time says Buchanan was behind the wheel at around 1 p.m. when "an unidentified white vehicle" backed out of a parking spot, causing him to swerve and flip the cart.

IMPD's internal affairs unit opened an investigation this month into whether the report accurately describes what happened that Friday afternoon after receiving tips suggesting it does not, said Public Safety Director Frank Straub. The key question is whether Brizzi was driving the cart when it flipped, and if so, why the report says otherwise.

The incident reports—filed by Sgt. Michael Thayer, another member of Brizzi's security detail—do not mention Brizzi.

The Republican prosecutor that day was hosting his fifth-annual "Putt with the Prosecutor" golf outing, which started at 8:30 a.m. and featured "St. Elmo shrimp cocktail on course" and a "Ruth's Chris Beverage Station," according to the event invitation. The outing at 10955 Fall Road in Fishers cost $250 per person.

Brizzi did not respond to requests for comment. Neither Buchanan nor Thayer could be reached.

Straub said he expects the investigation could wrap up as soon as this week.

"When we find out what happened or didn't happen, we'll proceed accordingly," he said.

The probe is another headache for Brizzi, who has drawn fire in recent months for his business dealings while in office including a real estate partnership with a defense attorney whose clients received favorable plea deals.

In a separate move, IMPD has cut back overtime hours allowed for members of Brizzi's security detail, one of the department's most prolific overtime producers. The move is part of a department-wide effort to rein in overtime, Straub said.

Officers working Brizzi's security detail from 2008 through March 2010 logged at least 2,465 overtime hours, according to IBJ's tabulation of hundreds of overtime vouchers. That adds up to about $100,000 in extra pay.

The officers, assigned to the Prosecutor's Office Grand Jury unit, drive Brizzi all day, including to the gym, the Prosecutor's Office and to evening functions.

New requests for overtime are being reviewed by Deputy Chief William Benjamin, who is looking at whether requested Grand Jury overtime hours are for Brizzi's security detail or for actual investigations, Straub said.

"My issue is making sure the taxpayers are getting the services they deserve for the expenditure of those hours," he said.

An overtime voucher for Buchanan, the officer who was injured after being thrown from the golf cart, shows he worked from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. that day, picking up five hours of overtime.

UPDATE: Brizzi told the Indianapolis Star for a story on May 18 that he was driving the golf cart when it flipped and had not seen the conflicting IMPD reports.

For more on the overtime issue, check out WXIN-TV Channel 59's online report at www.Fox59.com.


  • too many problems brizzi
    just how many more things will pop up on carl brizzi and tom john,something is not right and i blame those in charge who are letting it continue,this is destoying the republican party and future elections,please o tell me no one knows how to tell the truth.just how could these type of people guide their children to do what is right,i thought chicago and new york were bad,i believe indy is running about number 3..come voters let these people in charge know how you feel about all the do nothings that are happening.it makes me sick to hear all the lies,,i hope the people will show are new public safety director see for himself what really happen on the golf cart investigation..get the names of every golfer at this golf course and interview them,this is called getting to the bottom of who is telling the truth,maybe the indpls star will do its investigation or tv investigators
  • come on public safety director
    frank straub you have to be a better investigator for what you are paid 135,000 per/yr.i'll bet you have not interviewed the people at this outting,the names are on record an several have told me a different story than being told.they were there and saw exactly what happen,you had better look further on the golf cart incident some have pictures..you were hired to do the right no matter who broke the law.come on do your job please do not tell me you are one of the good old boys of indy..oh no please do not say its so..voters are not stupid pictures are better than hundreds of lies...
  • Just curious
    In addition to all the other "little" things Brizzi has done for & with Tim Durham, no one has mentioned the fact that he used IMPD & Marion County Sheriff officers to act as security & traffic patrol for Durham's parties in Hamilton County. Now, I not a Harvard grad, but I really don't think the taxpayers of Marion County signed on for that. Shouldn't someone be looking into that as well? I never saw anyone from Hamilton County at Durham's during one of his parties - it was always from Marion County/IMPD! Guess it is all in who you know!
  • Online Petition for Brizzi's Resignation...

  • Wooster Daily Record report
    on where the money Durham too kwent to. They forgot to mention Carl Brizzi:

  • Fox 59 video
    Watch the current video on Fox59.com. At the end of the video you see Carl Brizzi leaving the studio at WIBC, holding the door open for him is Officer Todd Wellman of the IMPD. Did Marion County Tax Payers need to pay for Brizzi to have a security detail at the WIBC studios????
  • Taubman sentenced to 6 years for stealing $10M
  • Be Nice
    Look, we realize this is an emotional topic, but please be civil and refrain from the obscene posts. If not, we'll have to take down all of the comments. And we really don't want to do that.
  • Melanie knows Carl better than anyone
    If I could do it all over........

  • Pumping Iron
    Carl is notorious for "over using" his security detail.

    Carl has even allowed one of his security guys (Mike M.) to work out with him while on over time with tax payer dollars.

  • Speeding!
    I saw Brizzi going 37 in a 35, get on it Cory!
  • Security Detail??
    Wow go to FOX59 and read the entire response from the POS Decker. A Response before something even runs? GUILTY. Lets see the Security Hours between "Frat Boy Brizzi" and the other staff attorneys.... It is like 99% Brizzi and 1% the other staff... WHO DOES BRIZZI TRY? When is the last time he prosecuted a case? They are his paid designated drivers for all his after hour extravaganza activities.

    The taxpayers are the ones that need protection from all of Brizzi's thievary...
  • Liar, Liar
    This Fair Finance trustee report shows Carl Brizzi as STILL on the board.

    How do you like those payments to Jim Voyles and Gary Sallee? Since I think both are reading this blog, let me ask you--are you allowed to accept money that you believe to be stolen for legal fees? I don't think you are. And, as a prestigious member of the Indiana Bar for over 40 years are you reminded us, Mr. Voyles, I suspect you know the rules. Your clients are scumbags who stole the lifesavings of my family and their neighbors. Tell your client, Tim, Mr. Voyles--that we hope he enjoyed the bar opening with Luda in Long Beach last weekend....cuz he's going to prison soon if all of us have anything to say after he is arrested:

  • IOSHA & Injury Log
    If the Officer was working I beleive an IOSHA Log was to be updated and maintained for 5 years It is called an Injury Log.... Was it reported or he just broke Indiana Law to ? Doe not sound like it was a hang nail... Afterall the Officer was off for 2 weeks paid. I doubt it was unpaid and the Officers says he was driving...
    Was this a Workers Compensation Claim?
  • Superman Theme Song
    You know what I find ironic is the disdain Brizzi has for Journalists.. Does he not remember that Clark Kent was a newpaper reporter.... Listen to the WIBC Crime Beat Program song start.... Poetic Justice to the Criminal Brizzi.... Yeah please arrest him on the circle... He can be famous like Durham, Tony Kiritsis.... Make the aprrehension on the Circle PLEASE!!!
    Yeah your right... The FBI, IMPD and State Police should arrest him "LIVE on AIR" on the CRIME BEAT OFF show.
      Mr. Brizzi we have a problem... Did your campaign reimburse the City for this injured officer's time off from work for 2 weeks?

      That is called THEFT.

      Further, You knowingly let a FALSE Police Report be Filed? That is Conspiracy to Commit Theft on the Marion County Citizens.

      • The Brizzi Lies
        What is that GOP motto: "If at first you don't deceive, lie, lie, lie, again. When Brizzi's office makes a person's character an issue before the courts, I believe it is fair play to make the head honcho character the issue. You don't have to say anything to be part of a lie, and obviously Brizzi knew it was a lie to protect (him or some others). Not coming forward and allowing the lie to go uncorrected makes him equally quilty with the one(s) who told it. I think this story is just beginning to turn up the surface. What else it will show is just a matter of time.
      • Put the moose on the table
        Where do you think the girls came from Carl?!
        DC wants the whole story, or no deal.
      • daniels
        daniels controls the state police....please???
      • *
        If you play with the criminals, you get off with the right (corrupt) defense. If you don't, you get harassed and sometimes in the most devasting of ways. Indiana's justice system is a mockery, a vicious game and criminal -- has been for a very long time. This is a book.
      • Friends with Benefits
        How many DUI's did you fix for your partner John Bales and Paul Page????????????
        Your such a nice man to let your friends drink and drive.
      • Friends with Benefits
        How many DUI's did you fix for your partner John Bales and Paul Page????????????
        Your such a nice man to let your friends drink and drive.
      • Brizzi Condones PERJURY
        How can people not see the serious nature of this story? This is the ELECTED PROSECUTOR. He is condoning the filing of FALSE police reports by IMPD police officers. The officers involved have destroyed their credibility. How can they ever be trusted on the witness stand again?

        How does BRIZZI explain this? HE ADMITS TO DRIVING THE GOLFCART IN QUESTION ! Meanwhile, why am I as a taxpayer in MARION COUNTY paying IMPD police officers OVERTIME while they play bodyguard to BRIZZI at a CAMPAIGN EVENT !
        • Another?
          ...and this is a story because??? He gave no statement, was not charged, was on private property...not to mention it was nearly two-years ago...how many homicides this past month and people are worried about a golf outing accident in '08...Wow!
        • The more they look......
          the more they will find. They are really piling on now. Since he won't go voluntarily, they are trying to find a criminal action to charge him with. He made his bed, so he has to sleep in it.
        • Wait til this comes out
          A few years ago during the time Tim Durham was involved in a nasty lawsuit against a Mississippi businessman/competitor in the coach business (celebrity tour buses) the competitor was in Oregon for a country star's show and the local prosecutor there received a call directly from none other than a certain Indianapolis prosecutor, demanding they go raid the bus because the owner had registered the plates in Oregon instead of Mississippi.

          You remember this, don't you Carl? It was Joe Diffie's concert, remember? You were laughing and high-fiving Tim, weren't you? Tell me if I am wrong, Carlito.....now that you have decided to tell the truth (gasp, gasp) today about the cart incident (well, maybe not the whole truth cuz weren't you drunk?) it's time to ante up the truth about how it is you knew to buy, and exactly how much you bought (wasn't it like over 300,000 shares) of Cellstar right before Brightpoint bought their assets? C'mon, you can do it. Ante up, the noose is tightening.
        • A man's word is his bond
          Sometimes little lies are clues to larger, more disturbing patterns of conduct. Isn't that why we teach our children that lying is wrong? We don't want them to turn into sociopaths. We want them to take responsibility. Honesty is the best policy. We don't trust adults after we catch them in a lie. And we hold elected officials, and especially prosecutors, to a higher standard. If Mr. Brizzi can't tell the truth about who was driving the golf cart at the time of the accident, how can we trust him to tell the truth about Durham, or Page, or Bales or the rest of the things he'll likely be called to testify about. How can we trust him to give reliable information to the FBI? I think that the public deserves to know whether Mr. Brizzi lies about small matters. They'll use that information to determine whether they believe he lies about large matters.
        • It was not cotty
          Brizzi was toasted at that event.He has two full time IMPD guys driving him around so he can get drunk. As the girls who were working the serveing carts if he was drunk?

          Im sure that it was not Brizzi driving.He isnt tall enough to see over the wheel, case in pointD...When he totald urhams Viper. I bet that it was Tom John who was driving the cart,after all he is the one trying his best to total the MCRCC.

          There were many drunks there that night whos names appear everyday on these .Lots of young ladies to entertain them too.
        • Carl's PR peson needs to quit posting comments
          Susan Decker needs to quit posting comments on this page and focus on helping the Prosecutor. If these two detectives lied, then every grand jury investigation comes into question. All of the grand jury case convictions will be appealed. This will cost the Marion County taxpayer a lot of money.
        • Truth Will Set You Free

          You have been thrown under the bus, come clean and save yourself.
        • Golf
          No mention of Dan Burton in attendance? Now that is truly shocking! He must have been at another golf outing on that day. Obviously, golf and politics don't mix very well (if you believe what you read in the Star).
        • ibj coverage of brizzi is lame
          Why does any of this matter? Brizzi didn't give a statement for the police report so why is he to blame? Who cares if he was drunk? Have you ever been to a golf outing? Your supposed to get drunk just as long as you don't drive your car home.
        • What it is
          What it is...it is the pension Brizzi gets if he hangs on until December. Where are the state police in all this. Oh, under Daniels control. That explains it.
          • Ghost pay, anyone
            Will someone please finally criminally charge Carl Brizzi? This posting on the boards is juicy and fun but it does not make a difference in CB's life.
          • Brizzi: What short memories we have...
            This alleged incident is ridiculous. The police detective with the broken wrist is the only one who could have an issue since he is who got hurt. However, evidently, he does not have any issue as evidenced by the fact he claimed to be driving the vehicle. Bottom line: If he doesn't care, why would anyone else? And finally, does nobody remember our prosecutor beatin the crud out of some would be felon on behalf of an elderly lady? Short memories...
          • seriously?
            why would he get his pay docked for being carl's drunk golf cart racing incident. the injured officer was probably in the hospital as a result of injuries sustained on the job.
          • CriminalBrizzi
            The Star only now decides to follow-up after IBJ...there's an admission now from Brizzi himself that he drove the cart. IBJ or Cory has obviously made the prosecutor mad - who cares, so camp out with a camera and post it on youtube. IBJ has more info and since it's "rumor" go with it. Brizzi is criminal. Indiana has a criminal prosector in office comparing legitimate public / press inquiries the equivilant to beating your wife. I'm livid at this remark. He's so low he can crawl under a snakes belly.
          • re: Tiger

            He has to know something about someone which no one wants to drag up into the public eye.

            They aren't going to prosecute him because he's leaving the position. It won't be long before everyone turns to the elections and he can slide away in the shadows.

            No candidate has something to gain by bringing this up during the election(s). Brizzi will be gone.

            If an election presents one candidate so far ahead there's nothing worth saying about it. If a race is too close, all of the campaign funds need to focus upon the issues which will stir voters to hit the polling booth.

            Whilst I'm still on top of Mount Soapbox, re: politics. Can anyone provide a simple answer to, "why does anyone have a party affiliation beneath the state level?"

          • Going back
            to the first comment. I have to agree. Is it possible Brizzi told the injured officer to take five hours of overtime in exchange for saying that the officer was driving? Surely not.... Please don't let this man hang on to the office long enough to qualify for pension. That would be truly criminal.
          • Really, Nate
            You're absolutely right Nate. Public officials, especially those that direct the prosecution of criminal behavior, should not be held accountable for: lying on police reports, possible DUI, trading plea bargins for financial gain etc.
            By holding him accountable, we are asking him to conform to the laws that he prosecutes everyday citizens for violating.
            Cory, holding Brizzi accountable is deplorable. It reminds me of that witch hunt Watergate. Public officials are our overlords and should be immune.

            (Now prying tongue from inside of cheek)
          • Please, just once
            ...could we go an entire week without a story about Brizzi, Fair Finance, or Steak n' Shake?
            Is there NOTHING else happening in this city?
          • Tiger
            Ok already Brizzi. Resign! What is it about 'A soiled politician is a liability' that you don't understand? Resign.
            • Sounds like fun!
              Was the man driving the white vehicle Jack Cottey? Were they playing a drunken chicken in the parking lot?
              • Menace
                Not even the putting green is safe from this man!!!
              • seriously....
                ...would you just RESIGN already, Brizzi...!!!
              • DD?
                So. It sounds to me like Brizzi was basically using his security detail as designated drivers. Conversely, if Indy is SO dangerous that he needs security to go to the gym, doesn't that mean Brizzi isn't doing his job?
              • Melina
                That Melina Kennedy chick doesn't sound so bad now, huh?
              • He was Drunk
                Everyone at the fundraiser knows that Brizzi was drunk. This is just another cover up that is starting to unwind... I hope the people involved are honest about what happened. Don't be scared of Brizzi, he's going to jail anyway.
              • Brizzi
                I am waiting for the next story about how Brizzi in the second grade, received special treatment after a spelling contest. Many are curious about how he spelled the word "couch" c-o-w-c-h and won the contest. That investigation has also been re-opened.
              • Interesting
                I find it interesting that Buchanan worked until 8pm that night (listed in the last sentence of the article) but he got into an accident earlier that day (1pm) that broke his wrist and bruised his knee.

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                2. What became of this project? Anyone know?

                3. Scott, could you post an enlarged photo of the exterior of the building? This will be a great addition to Walnut Street. This area will only continue to develop with additions like this. Also, please give us more updates on the "Cultural Trail light" expansion. Also a great move for the city, as long as there is maintenance money set aside.

                4. Great story IBJ! Citizens don't have a real sense of the financial magnitude of supporting Indy's sports and tourism sector. The CIB was a brilliant idea for creating a highly integrated public-private partnership to support this sector from the economic activity it generates. Unfortunately, most folks think the benefits of that economic activity accrue directly to the City budget, and it doesn't. So though the CIB is facing lean times (covering its costs while maintaining minimally acceptable reserves), the City is operating with deficit - less tax revenue than expenses each year - with a very fragile reserve balance. That's why it's so challenging for the City to fund basic needs or new intitatives (e.g. pre-k education; new jail), and some credit rating agencies have downgraded Indy from it's past stellar AAA status. More reporting on City finances would be welcomed.

                5. Sure, I'll admit that it bugs me to see that the IBJ.COM censors it's blog posts almost as much as the D of I does when someone points out the falsehoods and fabrications. _____But I think it bothers me almost as much that Captain/Defender/Disciple get his yanked too. You see, those of us with a sense of integrity, humanity, compassion, and a need for fact based opinion WANT to see all of his screeds posted. It makes our point so much better than we can do it ourselves.