Meteorologist Buchman leaves WISH-TV, as expected

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Popular meteorologist Angela Buchman has left WISH-TV Channel 8 as expected and is likely to be off the air for a year until she joins competitor WTHR-TV Channel 13, according to several local broadcast television sources.

IBJ first reported in June that Buchman would leave WISH after her contract expired this summer. Buchman has been absent from the station’s weathercasts since Monday, and she is no longer listed on its website. A phone call made to Buchman Thursday at WISH was forwarded to a voice mail no longer in service.

Angela Buchman mug shotBuchman

General managers at both WISH and WTHR declined to return phone calls seeking comment on her employment status.

A non-compete clause is expected to keep Buchman from appearing on-air at WTHR for a year from the WISH contract’s expiration.

What’s unclear is whether current WTHR lead meteorologist Chris Wright will remain at the station. Wright also came to WTHR from WISH, in September 1999.

Several media experts predict Buchman’s arrival at WTHR will give the station’s evening newscasts a ratings bump among the 25-54 audience, which is abandoning local TV news in alarming numbers.

Ratings for the May sweeps period for the demographic most coveted by advertisers indicated trouble for the four major local stations, results from New York-based Nielsen Media Research showed.

Buchman is an Indianapolis-area native who returned from a four-year stint at a Sacramento, Calif., station to join WISH in 2001. She earned two Emmy awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for “best weathercaster” in her 11 years at the station.

Her meteorology career began at the National Weather Service before she moved to television, starting at WLFI in West Lafayette.

She graduated from Hamilton Southeastern High School in Fishers in 1991 and earned a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science from Purdue University in 1996.

Buchman appears to be on vacation this week in south Florida, based on updates she posted to her Twitter account. She hasn't publicly commented on the move to WTHR, but made references hinting at the change in a couple of Tweets.

On Monday, Buchman posted a horoscope, which read, “Recent upheavals will continue to make you feel on edge from time to time, but you can now capitalize on whatever changes have been made.”

On Sunday, she Tweeted: “Settle down, it’ll all be clear.”




  • Angela's hair
    I think Angela gets so much attention here because there isn't much to outdo in Indy. I have a hard time absorbing what says because she turns to the camera and smiles like a sweet and innocent, not like a professional forecaster in her 40's. She doesnt seem to interact well with the co workers but she turns to the camera and then she looks comfortable. I think she looks like Elizabeth Montgomery. I would like to see her do something to her hair. She has really let it go...and the heavy dark stripes is so weird looking. Personally I don't like watching her but then I'm not a guy. She is flirty and they pick up on that. Julia Moffett is very professional, never makes a mistake. I love watching her and she seems to be the great mom and wife to a hunk, she is pure class has it all in my opinion.
  • Really?
    The story even stated that she worked for the National Weather Service prior to moving to TV. Is the National Weather Service not a good place to learn about....weather? Sheesh.
    • Done
      Can not stand her all fluff no credentials won't be watching any longer
      • weather reporting
        I for one am tiered of hearing the words we, we'er, and we will whenever the weather men/women forcast the weather, its as if they can control the weather, "really".
      • Jim Madaus
        Jim "Mad Dog" Madaus left town to work at a Detroit station. Wonder if Buchman will join the exodus out of town?
        • watch it pal
          I grew up watching Miss Debbie and seldom did i fall asleep without spending "quality time" thinking about her. I met her on 3-4-5 occasions at the track and shared a cigarette with her on one of my visits to the track. She was a babe when I was a kid. She was a babe each time I met her at the track and she is a superbabe each and every night I watch her on channel 8.
        • Norm
          I think she does a great job. So does the rest of the crew. I believe she makes a great addition to the weather team. I would like to see them get out of the studio and tell the weather from around town.
        • pamela gardner
          gardner is the weather girl to watch
        • Angela
          Let's face it, the only way guys watch her is because she's HOT. I don't even pay attention to anything she says!
        • Terre Haute
          I live in Putnam County. I get my news and weather from the Terre Haute tv stations. The weathercasters on the Terre Haute stations are heads above any of the Indy weather people.
        • Chanel 8
          So many changes at Chanel 8 recently that it very difficult to watch..Without Debbie Knox David Baris and Randy Ollis there would be no reason to watch them any longer. I don't know who thinks that all of these changes are good but it is important to be able to trust news outlets and have trust in them..That does not come overnight..gonna go where there is some sort of order and loyality to the citizens of Indiana...Hurry Angela!
        • Not a Fan
          I am sure Angela is capable but I was never a fan -- she is way over the top and actually gets on your nerves with her hyper delivery method especially during any kind of storm...
        • Wish TV
          Angela was a good weather person. Living in Seymour Comcast no longer carries Chanel 8 and I miss it badly. My favs there are Randy Ollis and David Barris those two provide lively entertainment. Since I no longer recieve Chanel 8 I don't watch much news. The Louisville newscasters and weather persons do not provide that certain nitch the wish TV crew has. Oh well guess we can't have it all.
        • Lifesaver during a tornado
          I had just returned to my home state of Indiana and there was a tornado approaching. It was approaching midnight and Angela had reported updates throughout the evening. Being alone, 2000+ miles from where I was used to residing, (having no tornadoes) and knowing a tornado was approaching, was rather frightening. Angel's calm and professional demeanor and expertise really helped that night. When she said it was time to take shelter, she was right-on. Her reassuring voice that night was what kept me calm. I will always be impressed with Angela Buchman! Any station that has her on board is fortunate!
        • Complementing
          Pamela Gardner is also a wonderful meteologist and I will check out both stations. Both of these stations and their viewers should feel proud and happy regarding both Angela and Pamela as their weather girls.....they are very fine. I've seen many weather stations in many states, Indianapolis is lucky to have such a pair,,,,,(";")
        • Complementing
          Angela was the only reason I watched the WISH weather. She is not only great looking and knowledgable regarding the weather but she has spent time in NorCal....My home turf and with weather patterns, humidity and lack of sunshine I'll be moving back with 324 days of pure blue cloudless days.....
        • ANGIE
          don't much care for angie,,,,too plastic-barbie looking,,,,,,especially her hair,,,,she should go over to fox 59, with the other nerdie people,,,,the new gal on wish-tv is doin fine.....however debbie knox needs to go, she's gettin' too old looking
          • Windler
            C. Windler is moving on to be the head meteorologist at the CBS affiliate in Austin, TX. Good for her, she is heading back to her home state. I've never been the biggest Angela fan, she feels a little painted on to me. Nicole M. has done a fantastic job since she has been with the station, hopefully she sticks around.
          • Weather
            I go back to Stan Wood (even met him on a tour of the station back in HS, he was short!), Bob Gregory, Bob Mclain, even going way back to ..Da.....vid LETTER-man!
          • over the top
            Angela is too over-the-top...and fake. Glad to see her replacement has a real personality and a smile that is not pasted on.
          • Paul Poteet
            You need Paul Poteet. I haven't watched channel 6 news since he left . I used to watch Paul Poteet and Tom Davis on channel 6 in the morning and Chris Wright in the evening on channel 13. When Paul left I quit watching channel 6. I think Pauls personality makes watching the weather fun. He does not just present the facts...he makes it fun!!! Get Paul Poteet back and I'll be a channel 8 fan.
          • ANGELA
          • Leaving
            I did not like her she was to dramatic to me. It will not be fair for her to go to WTHR and push someone else out. I will not watch WTHR if she does. I watch WTHR now but will not. I use to watch Wish and quit because of her. She was like taking your nails across a claekboard.
          • Hurry
            Hurry back to the air waves soon.
            • not a fan
              If Channel 13 could get Paul Poteet on the air I would be thrilled. I'm not an Angela Buchman fan and will be turning the channel when she's on. I'm glad to see Sean Ash on 13. His calm, collected demeanor is a nice fit with the 13 crew. Chickage has to go but Angela is not a good answer in my opinion. Give Nicole and Sean the camera time. Or better yet, get Paul Poteet back on the air somewhere!
            • I miss you!!!
              Be glad when you are back on the air.I will have to switch 6:00 pm news channels
            • Changes are a comin'
              With the edition of Angela, there is no question that Chris Wright will be moving on. With Chuck Lofton nearing retirement, the best bet to fill his role will be the incomparable Nicole Miscensik who has proven to be a multi-faceted talent. Also keep in mind that Sean Ash is back in Indianapolis. He was outstanding at WISH years ago and was a colleague of Angela's; he will fill in at the noon slot and at 5:00 & 5:30. How WTHR got him back from Detroit was a coup d'etat in my mind. Angela will be the main event at 6 & 11. Chickage's initial 2-yr deal will be up in May 2013 and my bet is she will be gone. CW has way too much self-serving attitude and that experiment simply did not work out. She needs a major market high-profile environment that will tolerate her over the top attitude which does not bode well in Indiana. Not a good hire to begin with.
            • Big Move
              Have followed Angela on the Air her entire career. Will follow her to Ch. 13 The new gal is doing fine at WISH. Not sure how this will effect Chris W. but Angela will get her camera time for sure. Good luck to all.
            • Angel Buchman
              I miss you very much Angela, you are very good. I will be watching for you on 13. Hurry back!
            • See YA
              Noticed she was gone. Replacement is doing good job.
            • I can't believe
              I can't believe wish tv would let Angela go. She was really good. They have let many good ones go, including Chris Wright. WTHR will be the lucky ones!
            • Angela and Weather
              Angela is the best weather forcaster in town she knows how to work the radar and the screen.The others dont even stand where you can see what is coming in like from west to east.She and Chuck Lafton will make a great team.The "others" Thank you but your services are no longer needed. Angela enjoy your time off cant wait to see you back on the air.
            • See ya channel 8
              Angela was the only reason I was watching channel 8. Now that she is gone, I'm switching to channel 6. I like their news coverage better anyway.
            • Miss U
              Wish Angela did not have to stay off for a Year. I look forward to her return!
            • The best
              Angela is very good and I hope to see her in the future, but Fox new's Brian Wilkes is the best and the most accurate weatherman!
            • grammar check yourself
              Learn where to put a comma before you make fun of others. Compound sentences use a comma. Wow! As far as the story goes...Angela will be missed.
            • Hope so!
              See 'ya Debby. Hope so!
            • Smart move, Angela!
              I'm sooo happy for you, Angela! I have been watching channels 13 & 6 for several months instead of 8 because channel 8's news coverage and lead newscaster is so lacking in quality. Channel 13 is number 1 in my book. I do think all 3 networks need to update and restructure their weather newscast presentations. Can't wait to see you on tv again!
            • to Mary
              Mary, it's going to be okay. Please tell us who is forcing you to watch all of the news and we will bring them to justice. Anyway, I much prefer Chris to Angela and am bummed 13 is making this move. This one set of eyes will move over to 8 at 11 PM next year.
            • poor coverage
              I'll continue to follow the weather for Columbus on the Louisville stations. The Indy channels only provide good coverage for Marion and the counties touch it. Miss watching Paul Poteet!
            • Bye,Bye!!!
              It's about time she goes away. The new girl will fill her spot just fine. Buckman was really working hard to look young after the new girl started. Randy is still the best Meterologist along with Nicole on WTHR.
            • Why wait
              Why does she have to wait is this not a right to work state. WISH has lost all of their people to 13 why not her. Good Luck replacing her Bray is not the answer
            • angela
              Wrong thing to do she was the best besides Randy.
            • Angela
              Sorry to say we watch most broadcasts based on the anchors however I will miss those perky smiles for a year.
            • Too much
              Angela does sound as if she consumes a couple of cans of Red Bull prior to going on-air. She's probably a very nice person, but her hyper delivery and constant use of the word "tracking" make her hard to watch. Kevin Gregory on 6 does a better job.
            • Too Much
              Tracking...always tracking... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!
            • Bye, bye Channel 13
              Angela Buchman's hyper, robo style was the main reason I DIDN'T watch channel 8's evening news. Sounds like channel 8 news may find me watching again, especially if they'd give her job to Randy Ollis.
            • Idi Amin can't punctuate properly
              Joe was correct and you are wrong. He was using "however" as the subject of a sentence. No additional punctuation was required and your suggested verbiage would have made his comment grammatically incorrect.
              • News & Weather
                anywhere from 1 to 4 hrs of news in the am then 1 1/2 in the evening drives me crazy. Repeat, repeat, repeat is all we get after the first 1/2 hr. the 11 pm news is a repeat of the 10PM news no matter what channel you watch TV HAS GONE TO THE DOGS
              • Is
                Is Debby Knox next on the "see-ya" list? and Lauren Lowery is the present day version of Patty Spitler---"get-it" ty
                • folks!
                  Folks!---it is simply called "a younger and prettier face at a lower salary!--get-it?
                • Who?
                  Who?--is Angela replacing at Channel 13-ty
                • who???
                  Who???????????--is Angela replacing at WTHR?-also could someone please explain-----why?---channel 13 sends 2-3 of their announcers to cover Olympics? ty
                • She was the best
                  Angela Buchmann was not just a pretty face as so many here have commented, but she was absolutely one of the best meteriorologists WISH * has ever had since Stan wood retired. Sorry to see her go and Channel's loss.
                • News Ratings
                  If ratings are so bad, then maybe they should stop having 2 1/2 hour slots repeating the same stories every 15 minutes. Also; when it storms, don't take over the channel for 5 hours as the storms goes through indiana telling us where it's it going to hit. It's a storm. ooooooohhhh i'm amazed. That's what "The Weather Channel" is for. News is boring anymore. Maybe we should start having weather forecasters strip like in other countries? Can't wait til it's cold!!
                • Who is Joe to punctuate?
                  Joe: Please learn punctuation before you excoriate others for spelling. You failed to place a comma after "spell" and before "however." You bring shame to America.
                  • good riddance!
                    Give me someone who knows weather as opposed to a so called pretty face. There's an alarming trend with TV stations hiring young female weathercasters over someone who knows what they're talking about. Oh, how I miss Bob McClain from channel 6.
                  • sad but moving up
                    If the local news want to boost ratings lets start by reporting the news the way the people want it. unbias and have more local news and not just sports. We would like to see the news include some upcoming events that the people may want to attend. It seems they are badly in need of a eye seeing dog.
                  • Miss You Greatly
                    I will Miss Angela Buchman Greatly. She was a wonderful weather anchor for sooo long. I will most likely move to wthr to see her fall of 2013
                  • Forgot my "e"
                    See Joe.....I forgot my "e" in gorgeous!
                  • WHAT?
                    This is some real interesting commentary. Rob, so what are you trying to say? Joe, typo's happen, I'm sure Jim knows how to spell however. Are you in a relationship with the new guy Jim is referring too? Jim, right on...Angie is gorgous. Did I spell everything correctly Joe?
                    • people that 8 is hiring
                      no wonder shes leaving look at the other people they are hiring they dont have a clue on what they are doing like lauren lowery is she on the air for people that cant hear look at her hands when shes talking she is doing hand signals to the hearing impaired sure miss the old timers the elderly do not like young news people they want somebody with a little age on them if it was not for debbie and dave they might as well go off air
                    • Degweez ???
                      Elmer Fud?
                    • Who is Jim To Talk
                      Jim can't even spell however.
                      • New Guy
                        The new guy at WISH is not as good looking, at least from a male perspective, howver, he can pronounce his "r's"

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