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Hoosiers' heritage takes a beating

May 4, 2012
It's been a tough week for Indiana traditions. Jim Nabors won't be at the Indy 500, the IU-UK match-up has been scrubbed and the 500 field of 33 may be minus one for the first time since 1934. Is the sky falling? Maybe not, but it sure feels like it to us Hoosiers.

Irsay clears air, says Super Bowl could return by 2016

May 2, 2012
Colts owner isn't demanding a downtown hotel, nor is he trying to twist arms to get his way. He, like a lot of people here, wants another Super Bowl and is relaying the best information he has to make sure the city has the best shot at getting it.

Colts' Irsay touches hot button with hotel issue

May 1, 2012
It's true, you don't build a church for Easter Sunday. Here's another truth; Indianapolis isn't getting a second Super Bowl unless another big, posh downtown hotel is built. So what's the city to do?

Death of coach doesn't quiet echoes of his call

April 26, 2012
Thomas Jefferson Hathaway told everyday people—lawyers and nurses, wrench turners and paper pushers—“you are athletes,” and so they were.

Auction firm says Miller, Manning items could spike

April 23, 2012
New York-based Clean Sweep Auctions says Peyton Manning's Broncos memorabilia will never touch the value of his Colts items. Value of Reggie Miller items likely to rise after Hall of Fame induction.

Slap from national media could galvanize Pacers faithful

April 20, 2012
Here in Indiana, it's us against them. Just like 1994. And Larry Bird kind of likes it that way. He's not alone.

NFL schedule-makers kick Colts in gut

April 18, 2012
Despite owning No. 1 draft pick, the Indianapolis Colts get one prime-time game in 2012, on the road. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning get five, the most allowed for one team by the NFL.

Long Beach race reveals IndyCar issues

April 16, 2012
IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard has two troubling things to ponder in the wake of Sunday's race; marketing and driver safety.

Bubba's big win lights up switchboard for Carmel event

April 10, 2012
Ticket sales for 2012 BMW Championship surge after dramatic victory by relative unknown at The Masters. Triumph almost guarantees Bubba Watson will play at Crooked Stick in September.

If Bird retires, is it Miller time?

April 9, 2012
While some have argued that Reggie Miller doesn't have the resume to take over as Pacers' basketball operations boss, others think he would be the connection that draws fans back to the Fieldhouse in droves.

Miller's Hall of Fame induction about more than 8.9 seconds

April 3, 2012
Backing from the East Coast media is what put Reggie Miller into the Hall of Fame. But that's not why he deserves to be enshrined in Springfield.

IndyCar emerges from disaster, but Indy awaits

April 2, 2012
After Dan Wheldon's death last season, few predicted the IndyCar Series would steer its new chassis and engine package into 2012 smoothly. But so far, the series has opened to mostly rave reviews. The series now faces its biggest test, and opportunity, at Indy.

Triumph brings Tiger Woods step closer to Crooked Stick

March 30, 2012
The PGA's most popular golfer is back, and just in time as organizers for the 2012 BMW Championship launch an ad campaign and begin selling single day tickets. Success at The Masters would make Tiger a near shoe-in to play at Crooked Stick this September.

Are Indy's sports fans fickle, frugal or something else?

March 27, 2012
Colts season ticket renewal rates are at a 10-year low. Pacers attendance is among the worst in the NBA. Is Indianapolis really the sports town it professes to be?

IU hoops, Colts fight for spot as state's top sports brand

March 22, 2012
The value of sports brands fluctuates as violently as stock prices during economic upheaval. In Indiana, the IU and Butler basketball brands have risen while the Colts' has taken a hit and the Pacers fight for their place in the sun.

Pacers' two Georges launch fan zone, TV show

March 21, 2012
Pacers' Paul George and George Hill have partnered with Gatorade to launch the G2 Zone inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The duo also will have a TV show on the team's web site.

Manning's long shadow about to turn dark over Colts

March 20, 2012
If Peyton Manning succeeds in Denver it will cast a shadow over Indianapolis that Colts owner Jim Irsay will be unable to outrun or outlive.

Hummel's appeal uniquely universal

March 19, 2012
Purdue's heart-breaking loss Sunday had more than followers of the black and gold crying. But wipe your tears. Robbie Hummel wouldn't want it any other way.

Volunteer outpouring for local PGA event overflowing

March 16, 2012
PGA officials might have been surprised by how quickly 2,600 people lined up to help put on a Tour event at Crooked Stick. Locals were not.

Colts fans need to take a deep breath and relax

March 15, 2012
Every move—whether it’s cutting Peyton Manning or dangling defensive end Dwight Freeney as trade bait—is being treated by fans as a referendum on the new leadership duo of Colts owner Jim Irsay and General Manager Ryan Grigson.

Roller derby bout crashes Bankers Life Fieldhouse

March 13, 2012
With a growing following, locally based Naptown Roller Girls brings its rough and tumble sport out of the Fairgrounds to the center stage in downtown Indianapolis.

Big Red propels Big Ten tourney to record attendance

March 12, 2012
Though it's not entirely for the reason many would expect, higher attendance this year likely pushed the tournament's economic impact to new heights.

Future of IU's Assembly Hall will generate chorus of boos

March 9, 2012
Despite many complaints about the charmless 41-year-old basketball venue, IU has no plans to replace or renovate the Hoosiers' hoops home.

Irsay can no longer be in Manning's corner

March 7, 2012
If they part ways, Jim Irsay, on some level, has to be rooting against Peyton Manning. If his former quarterback outshines his new signal caller in any meaningful way, it could have disastrous consequences for his franchise in this market.

IU basketball program proving it's bigger than Bob Knight

March 5, 2012
It’s OK to admit it. IU basketball made Bob Knight. Not the other way around. The proof is in the roar of the crowd at Assembly Hall these days. The proof comes from the program's financials during its darkest days.

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