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Crown Royal may become Brickyard 400 title sponsor

July 12, 2011
Deal with the whiskey maker could earn the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the richest title sponsorship payday in NASCAR.

2012 Super Bowl merchandise on sale exclusively in Indy

July 7, 2011
A wide range of Super Bowl items went on sale this month at Lucas Oil Stadium and the Colts Pro Shop in Circle Centre Mall. Indy gets a one month head start on retail sales.

Indians, Pacers, IMS celebrating, while Lucas Oil Raceway takes hit

July 6, 2011
While Pacers, Indians and Indianapolis Motor Speedway are celebrating, Lucas Oil Raceway is facing a big financial hit with loss of NASCAR Nationwide race.

Workouts weaken NFL, NBA players' negotiating position

July 5, 2011
Some NFL and NBA players' agents are now telling their clients to stay away from player-organized group workouts. Some think the workouts make players look too eager, even desperate, to settle the labor dispute.

Two former Colts join staff of local tech start-up

June 30, 2011
The Tyros LLC, which recently added a former Purdue star to its roster, hopes to make life of athletics directors, game officials and organizers easier with new software application.

NASCAR, IndyCar travel different paths to going green

June 29, 2011
NASCAR CEO Brian France tells American corn growers in Indianapolis on Tuesday, “We want you to know we are right in your corner.”

IndyCar Series faces difficult scheduling decisions

June 27, 2011
TV ratings remain a major concern for IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard. And he may have to dramatically change the schedule to get the numbers up.

Pacers win, Butler duo falls short on NBA draft night

June 24, 2011
The Indiana Pacers and Larry Bird made a big move to improve the team and win over fans. But do the Spurs know something Pacers executives don't?

Bird's unpredictability likely to be on display during draft

June 23, 2011
Larry Bird is either a mad scientist/genius or a lunatic when it comes to running a basketball team. For Larry Legend, there’s really no middle ground.

Cheaney's hiring is significant sign for IU

June 21, 2011
The hiring of former player Calbert Cheaney by Indiana University shows that relations are finally thawing between the school and Bob Knight or at least the backlash from Knight's firing is fading.

Franchitti's rants good for IndyCar Series

June 20, 2011
Scotsman's tongue lashing of popular Brazilian is first serious driver dust-up since Milka Duno confronted Danica Patrick.

Tony George: 'I didn't start the split, I helped end it'

June 16, 2011
Former boss of Speedway and IndyCar Series gives interesting insight into relationships with his family and successors in 80-plus-minute in-studio radio interview.

Two sports media figures exiting Indy market

June 14, 2011
One on-air TV sportscaster loses her job while another worker who helped build a sports radio station from behind the scenes is taking a new post in St. Louis.

July 15 new do-or-die date for NFL labor talks

June 13, 2011
NFL owners and players at not-so-secret meetings set July 15 as deadline to get a deal done that will end the labor lockout. If that date passes with no deal, big trouble looms.

Does Carlisle's success haunt Pacers' Bird?

June 10, 2011
If you’re an Indiana Pacers fan, it’s ironic and perhaps a little sad that while your team is looking for a coach, one of its former coaches is on the precipice of bringing Dallas its first NBA title.

NBC's Olympic coup should boost Versus, IndyCar Series

June 8, 2011
Many have argued that Versus' profile is too low to generate the mass of TV viewers the IndyCar Series needs to grow. The flow of Olympic events from NBC to Versus could help the fledgling cable channel blossom.

Correction: Colts won't see Big Ten payday

June 7, 2011
Colts pony up $400,000 as part of bid package to bring Big Ten Football Championship to Indy from 2012-15.

IndyCar, Indy 500 still have a long way to go

June 1, 2011
While the IndyCar Series and Indy 500 are out of neutral, they are not in high gear.

IndyCar CEO sounds off about team owners, Hunter-Reay move

May 27, 2011
IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard says despite fans' desires, team owners must have their voices heard regarding the new car set-up to be rolled out in 2012.

Kanaan, Carpenter pushing IndyCar retail sales to new high

May 24, 2011
Two IndyCar Series drivers who had difficulty landing a full-time ride this year are among the top merchandise sellers this May.

It's time for IndyCar to get over Danica-mania

May 23, 2011
A.J. Foyt had it right. It's not the racers and owners that make Indianapolis. It's the other way around. Realizing that will help the event survive another 100 years.

Are any Pacers or Colts worthy of being cast in bronze?

May 19, 2011
Reggie Miller and Peyton Manning are likely candidates should local teams decide to follow lead of L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls.

Centennial Indy 500 paying off big for Speedway

May 18, 2011
With Indianapolis 500 advanced ticket sales up more than $1 million over last year, Speedway officials expect to see revenue levels this May hit marks they haven't seen in nearly a decade.

Is Pacers ticket price increase a reach?

May 13, 2011
Indiana Pacers increase season ticket prices despite declining attendance. Decision on single game tickets forthcoming.

Pacers games earn highest TV ratings in five years

May 12, 2011
Local NBA team nets 35 percent ratings increase in games on Fox Sports, with almost 70,000 households tuning in to Pacers-Bulls playoff game.

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  2. I think perhaps there is legal precedence here in that the laws were intended for family farms, not pig processing plants on a huge scale. There has to be a way to squash this judges judgment and overrule her dumb judgement. Perhaps she should be required to live in one of those neighbors houses for a month next to the farm to see how she likes it. She is there to protect the people, not the corporations.

  3. Corporate farms are not farms, they are indeed factories on a huge scale. The amount of waste and unhealthy smells are environmentally unsafe. If they want to do this, they should be forced to buy a boundary around their farm at a premium price to the homeowners and landowners that have to eat, sleep, and live in a cesspool of pig smells. Imagine living in a house that smells like a restroom all the time. Does the state really believe they should take the side of these corporate farms and not protect Indiana citizens. Perhaps justifiable they should force all the management of the farms to live on the farm itself and not live probably far away from there. Would be interesting to investigate the housing locations of those working at and managing the corporate farms.

  4. downtown in the same area as O'malia's. 350 E New York. Not sure that another one could survive. I agree a Target is needed d'town. Downtown Philly even had a 3 story Kmart for its downtown residents.

  5. Indy-area residents... most of you have no idea how AMAZING Aurelio's is. South of Chicago was a cool pizza place... but it pales in comparison to the heavenly thin crust Aurelio's pizza. Their deep dish is pretty good too. My waistline is expanding just thinking about this!