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Big Ten blows call on division names

December 14, 2010
Commissioner's logic on new divisions names is hard to follow.

Pacers' attendance still lagging

December 13, 2010
Despite an improved team from last year, Indiana Pacers fans are showing up at Conseco Fieldhouse in smaller numbers this season.

Is Izod-Penske pact a conflict for IndyCar Series?

December 9, 2010
When the open-wheel series' title sponsor becomes directly affiliated with a team, questions could arise.

IU's new football coach will need special vision

July 10, 2013
IU faithful must hope that new football coach Kevin Wilson is as good at mining hidden gems as athletics director Fred Glass.

IU football team hitting 20-year financial highs

December 3, 2010
In the end, Bill Lynch was the football coach IU Athletics Director Fred Glass could least afford.

IndyCar Series' Edmonton race back on?

November 29, 2010
Edmonton officials have unveiled a plan to save the IndyCar Series race there in 2011.

Chevy, Lotus engines could infuse $30 million annually into marketing IndyCar

November 18, 2010
While IndyCar Series' CEO is headed to L.A. for the Lotus announcement, the head of series' commercial division is flying down to Brazil to ink two new corporate partners. Big sponsor announcement could come next week.

Alfa-Romeo ponders joining IndyCar, new sponsors jump in

November 16, 2010
On a day when Dallara breaks ground on new IndyCar manufacturing facility, Alfa-Romeo is pondering joining series as its third engine supplier. And that may not be the end of the good news for the open-wheel series.

Tim Tebow bigger fan favorite than Peyton Manning?

November 12, 2010
If NFL jersey sales are any indication, the Indianapolis Colts all-star QB ranks behind the second-string rookie in fan following.

Why on earth is GM joining IndyCar?

November 11, 2010
Clearly the Detroit automaker believes in IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard and his new vision for the open-wheel series.

Could Brazil race imperil IndyCar drivers?

November 9, 2010
F1 driver and engineers targeted by Brazilian thugs. IndyCar drivers could become targets during May 1 race weekend.

Eagles' lack of class gives team, NFL black eye

November 8, 2010
The behavior of Philadelphia Eagles players as Indianapolis Colts receiver Austin Collie lay motionless on the ground during Sunday's game was enough to make fans' stomachs turn.

IndyCar Series' Edmonton race black flagged for 2011

November 3, 2010
City of Edmonton wants up to $3 million for course paving. IndyCar officials said July 24 race not likely to be replaced at this late date.

Could Manning have ulterior motive for delaying contract talks?

November 2, 2010
Contract negotiations between Colts QB Peyton Manning and team owner Jim Irsay are filled with untold pressures and unparalleled leverage.

Oden and his agent could learn from Manning's playbook

October 28, 2010
Instead of talking about his impending free agent status, Greg Oden and his agent, Mike Conley Sr., might want to focus on more immediate concerns.

Danica still most popular, but competition fast approaching

October 27, 2010
While Danica Patrick continues her six-year reign as open-wheel's most popular driver, the engaging Pippa Mann could be the driver to knock her off that roost.

NBA's plan to cut salaries is double-edged sword for Pacers

October 25, 2010
If NBA Commissioner David Stern makes good on his promise to cut player salaries, Larry Bird's plan to rebuild team could take a big hit.

McAfee's drunken swim no laughing matter for Colts brass

October 20, 2010
In a city where residents are hyper-sensitive to the misdeeds of high-paid athletes, Colts can't afford to let team's image erode.

IndyCar star seeks help from driving coach

October 12, 2010
Mark Martin hopes to put Danica Patrick in NASCAR's fast lane.

Colts' Polian backtracks on 18-game regular season statement

September 29, 2010
In the wake of the stir he caused on his local radio show Monday, Colts President Bill Polian this morning said the expansion of the NFL regular season from 16 to 18 games is not a done deal.

IU's Crean scores recruits, but at what cost?

September 28, 2010
Going after young players could win college coaches some job security in the short run. But in the long run, the strategy is fraught with pitfalls.

NBC pairs Peyton Manning and IndyCars as Hoosier icons

September 27, 2010
Prime-time promo proves open-wheel racing still synonomous with Indianapolis. Image of Dwight Freeney busting through corn field focuses on state's roots, not its present or future.

Danica Patrick gets a new title

September 21, 2010
Popular race car driver no longer called Elite NASCAR Driver in full-page newspaper ad. And last weekend in Japan, the IndyCar racer lived up to her new moniker.

Giants helmet pulled from clutches of angry Colts fan

September 20, 2010
There's no "finders keepers policy" when it comes to equipment that flies into the stands during a Colts game, said a team executive.

Police think known criminal could target Colts fans

September 17, 2010
Man known for smashing car windows, then offering to fix them for tidy sum has resurfaced downtown recently.

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  1. I'm a CPA who works with a wide range of companies (through my firm K.B.Parrish & Co.); however, we work with quite a few car dealerships, so I'm fairly interested in Fatwin (mentioned in the article). Does anyone have much information on that, or a link to such information? Thanks.

  2. Historically high long-term unemployment, unprecedented labor market slack and the loss of human capital should not be accepted as "the economy at work [and] what is supposed to happen" and is certainly not raising wages in Indiana. See Chicago Fed Reserve: Also, here's our research on Work Sharing and our support testimony at yesterday's hearing:

  3. I am always curious why teachers don't believe in accountability. It's the only profession in the world that things they are better than everyone else. It's really a shame.

  4. It's not often in Indiana that people from both major political parties and from both labor and business groups come together to endorse a proposal. I really think this is going to help create a more flexible labor force, which is what businesses claim to need, while also reducing outright layoffs, and mitigating the impact of salary/wage reductions, both of which have been highlighted as important issues affecting Hoosier workers. Like many other public policies, I'm sure that this one will, over time, be tweaked and changed as needed to meet Indiana's needs. But when you have such broad agreement, why not give this a try?

  5. I could not agree more with Ben's statement. Every time I look at my unemployment insurance rate, "irritated" hardly describes my sentiment. We are talking about a surplus of funds, and possibly refunding that, why, so we can say we did it and get a notch in our political belt? This is real money, to real companies, large and small. The impact is felt across the board; in the spending of the company, the hiring (or lack thereof due to higher insurance costs), as well as in the personal spending of the owners of a smaller company.