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Captain Morgan abandons ship, but Indians still making sponsorship gains

March 12, 2014
The maker of the popular spiced rum has decided to end its three-year sponsorship of an open air restaurant and bar in left field of Victory Field. Team officials are talking to several potential replacements.

Colts already nearing sellout for all 2014 games

March 10, 2014
This off-season's Indianapolis Colts season ticket renewal rate will come in near 10 percentage points higher than it was just two years ago. Very few if any single-game tickets are expected to be available for the upcoming season.

As Big Ten tourney grows, bidding war for event could erupt

March 5, 2014
Just about every Big Ten men’s basketball team has struggled at one time or another this year. But as a whole—and financially speaking—the college conference has never been better.

Latest IndyCar driver hire easy to criticize

February 27, 2014
If the IndyCar Series as a whole doesn’t start looking at least a little further down the line, in a decade's time there aren’t going to be any gray beards left to bring back.

Pacers, Colts execs travel to Mexico to help jazz up water polo

February 26, 2014
International water polo leaders are counting on two top executives from the Pacers and Colts to bring a new level of show-time entertainment to one of the Olympics' oldest sports.

Glass stands as shatter-proof barrier between Crean and angry IU fans

February 19, 2014
IU Athletic Director Fred Glass has more power in Bloomington than most people realize. As long as Glass supports Tom Crean, the basketball coach's job is safe.

Ballard invites British royal couple to visit Indy's World Sports Park

February 17, 2014
Mayor Greg Ballard reached out through the British Consulate to invite Prince William and Kate Middleton to visit the Indianapolis World Sports Park this summer. He is promising to invite other international dignitaries.

IndyCar's Fisher, Newgarden show pushing forward can require U-turn

February 13, 2014
She may not be the first person that comes to mind when thinking of sports marketing, but I’ve always thought Sarah Fisher has a firmer grasp on connecting with fans than most in the IndyCar paddock.

Pacers' hard-earned success requires continued vigilance

February 12, 2014
The Pacers—and most especially the team’s young players—must remember the types of gains achieved by this team are hard earned and delicately maintained. Especially in a family oriented—some would say fickle—market like Indiana.

NY Super Bowl huge moneymaker, but can't top Indy for atmosphere

February 5, 2014
Two Indianapolis-based companies help NFL score record Super Bowl merchandise sales in New York. But one local business executive calls this year's big game massively expensive.

IndyCar boss optimistic he can land big-name sponsors

February 4, 2014
Mark Miles says he's very confident he can land a replacement for Izod as the IndyCar Series' title sponsor by March 30. Verizon is one of the companies Miles is talking to, motorsports sources said.

Dungy: This is not Manning's greatest season

January 30, 2014
As incredible as Peyton Manning's comeback in Denver has been, his former Colts coach said the all-pro quarterback was better in Indianapolis. But which season does Tony Dungy consider No. 18's greatest?

Will Super Bowl success in Denver affect Manning's HOF enshrinement?

January 29, 2014
Many Indianapolis Colts fans are sweating that if Peyton Manning wins a Super Bowl, or two, with Denver that he could choose to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame as a Bronco instead of a Colt.

Indy Eleven takes big gamble with stadium finance plan

January 27, 2014
By asking for tax money to help finance an $87 million, 18,500-seat venue, soccer team owner Ersal Ozdemir is gambling with one of his franchise's most valuable assets.

Crean still struggling to gain acceptance at IU

January 23, 2014
The memory of Bob Knight shouldn't be wiped away. He’s done far too much for IU and this state for that. But the endless comparisons of Knight to the man currently coaching the men’s team in Bloomington must stop. It’s destructive.

Players' desire to avoid playing for Colts head-scratching

January 22, 2014
Robert Griffin III is the most recent star who reportedly preferred to play in another market besides Indianapolis. With Colts' owner Jim Irsay's commitment to winning and his penchant for letting his guys do their jobs, you have to wonder why.

Local firms ready for record Super Bowl windfall

January 17, 2014
MainGate will operate 34 Super Bowl stores in New York and New Jersey around the clock, and Lids has brokered a deal with the NFL and Macy's to run the biggest Super Bowl store ever. League officials think merchandise sales at this year's Super Bowl could top $50 million.

Founder selling Bicycle Garage Indy

January 16, 2014
A dare to quit smoking and ride a bike to the 1980 World's Fair in Knoxville led Randy Clark to launch what would later become a central Indiana cycling and fitness institution. Now, Clark is phasing out his ownership.

Indy no soft market when it comes to Colts

January 15, 2014
This season, the Indianapolis Colts stuffed their home venue fuller than all but one NFL team, and the metro market's TV ratings for the team's games ranked seventh among 32 franchises.

Notre Dame No. 2 in ranking of football riches, IU tops Purdue

January 9, 2014
Florida State may be the BCS national champion, but when it comes to cash flow and valuation, the Seminoles can’t touch Texas and Notre Dame.

Eight Indiana race tracks join alliance led by former NASCAR promoter

January 8, 2014
H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler is at the wheel of an initiative to breathe new life—and money—into myriad auto racing tracks in Indiana and across the country.

Colts lead AFC, lag NFC in playoff ticket prices

December 31, 2013
Prices for club seats to Saturday's Colts home playoff game are climbing to near $2,000. But the Kansas City Chiefs aren't proving to be near the playoff draw at Lucas Oil Stadium the N.Y. Jets were in 2010.

F1 champ Jackie Stewart joins forces with local marketing firm

December 20, 2013
Just Marketing International continues diversification by signing deals this month to represent two of the biggest stars from the world of Formula One.

Indy fans don't yet bleed for Colts' Luck, Pacers' George

December 19, 2013
Neither Andrew Luck nor Paul George have yet earned the fan adoration of the star athletes they have supplanted on their respective rosters. It may take more than winning for the duo to rise to the level of Peyton Manning and Reggie Miller?

IndyCar-themed movie spinning off into cartoon series

December 18, 2013
Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials are hopeful Turbo Fast, which will race to TV screens in time for Christmas, will expose IndyCar racing to a new generation of fans.

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