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Indians, Pacers and Colts attendance is only part of story

July 29, 2010
There's a debate over which one of the city's professional sports teams delivers more bang for the buck in terms of economic impact.

Three issues that could derail Indy's 2012 Super Bowl

July 27, 2010
There are key issues not directly related to players' salaries that could derail negotiations between the NFL owners and players for a new collective bargaining agreement, and Indy's 2012 Super Bowl.

NASCAR insiders want Brickyard 400 under lights

July 26, 2010
NASCAR boss Brian France indicated Indy's July date could be shipped to Kentucky. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway CEO Jeff Belskus may have to consider dramatic changes to re-energize the Brickyard 400.

Sam Bradford's deal will hike Colts' pay to Peyton Manning

July 19, 2010
There's one man controlling the contracts of Colts' quarterback Peyton Manning and overall No. 1 draft choice Sam Bradford. And he'll use that leverage to squeeze as much cash as he can from the Colts and St. Louis Rams.

IndyCar chassis plan may lure multiple engine makers

July 15, 2010
IndyCar's new chassis could be the start of an open-wheel revolution. But it won't matter if the series' CEO can't transalte it into more money-spending fans.

IndyCar CEO must keep chassis choice from splintering series

July 14, 2010
Choosing a new chassis formula for the 2012 IndyCar Series season may be the least of new CEO Randy Bernard's challenges. The decision will be announced today at 12:30 p.m. and acrimony may follow.

Danica Patrick ad is just blowing smoke

July 12, 2010
IndyCar racer turned NASCAR Nationwide Series driver needs to lose the defiant tone in her ESPN ad and rev up a little humility until she starts winning.

Will LeBron hype pump up Pacer pride?

July 8, 2010
The spotlight has burned brighter and hotter on the NBA this summer than during any off-season in recent memory. But will all the free agent hype light a fire under local hoops fans or just plain burn them out?

IndyCar CEO ready to slay sacred cows

July 6, 2010
IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard is demanding more support from track partners in an all-out effort to strengthen the series in 2011 and beyond.

NBA lockout could leave city's CIB exposed

July 1, 2010
The agreement between NBA players and owners governing players' salaries expires one year from today. If a new deal doesn't get done, any money the city pays to operate Conseco Fieldhouse could have a diminished return.

IndyCar fans still waiting for Randy Bernard to work magic

June 29, 2010
After four months under the leadership of a new CEO, the IndyCar Series is still up against the wall. Series partners are demanding more results and fewer excuses.

Pacers' Paul George may be cornerstone rejected by others

June 28, 2010
It's stylish these days to critcize Pacers player personnel boss Larry Bird. But those observing closely can see that he's changing the culture within the Blue and Gold franchise. And his latest draft pick should accelerate the change.

Eric Gordon working to boost his NBA stock and strength

June 24, 2010
Former Indiana University hoops star Eric Gordon has hired away his alma mater's strength coach to help him avoid injury and improve his earning potential in the NBA.

Is new Westfield pro baseball team taking aim at Indians?

June 23, 2010
Principals of a proposed independent minor league baseball team think the club could draw fans from several counties and the new ballpark could become a destination.

Tony Kanaan, Danica Patrick feud could wreck IndyCar

June 22, 2010
Tony Kanaan took another jab at Andretti Autosport teammate Danica Patrick after his victory Sunday in Iowa. Regardless of who is justified, this isn't a fight either can win.

Hayward's rising stock presents Bird with difficult dilemma

June 21, 2010
Gordon Hayward's NBA draft stock is soaring. But it will take guts for Larry Bird to draft the Butler product, even if he thinks he's the best player when the Pacers pick at No. 10.

Watching Artest win title painful for Pacers fans

June 18, 2010
Ron Artest's 20-point performance that helped the L.A. Lakers beat the Boston Celtics for the NBA title has Indiana Pacers fans asking two questions. What might have been? Is there no justice?

Colts dodged bullet with Marvin Harrison

June 17, 2010
The Indianapolis Colts could have seen their pristine image ripped apart if Marvin Harrison's troubles hit him a bit earlier in his life. Now the team must be careful how they honor one of the team's all-time great receivers in the future.

Big Ten isn't done growing

June 16, 2010
The Big Ten remains ready to expand its ranks with the right partners. The Big 12 remains ripe to implode. And Notre Dame still has a lot to ponder as this game of conference musical chairs is a long way from over.

NBA union boss says owners' loss claims are "baloney"

June 15, 2010
As the city's Capital Improvement Board negotiates a lease deal with the Indiana Pacers, NBA Players Association chief Billy Hunter claims league owners are being less than forthright about their financial status.

Big Ten athletic directors face difficult balancing act

June 14, 2010
IU's Fred Glass and Purdue's Morgan Burke face serious challenges about where to allocate the money coming in from the expansion of the Big Ten Conference and its TV network.

Falling dominoes could send Crean to MSU, Stevens to IU

June 11, 2010
If the Cleveland Cavaliers hire Tom Izzo, MSU will target IU Coach Tom Crean as a replacement, and Butler's Brad Stevens could be headed for Bloomington. And it could all unfold within 10 days.

IU chases Purdue in football ticket sales

June 10, 2010
IU is tracking "far ahead" of last year's football season ticket sales as it prepares to unleash its summer marketing campaign.But Purdue is still the gold standard.

Differences drove wedge between Knight and Wooden

June 8, 2010
While you won't hear former IU coach Bob Knight heaping praises on the late John Wooden, some surprising similarities will tie these two hoops titans together forever.

Danica Patrick's tirade at Indy may have saved her season

June 7, 2010
Danica Patrick and Ryan Briscoe revived their IndyCar careers Saturday in Texas. Meanwhile, the series' saftey crews get a failing grade after taking far too long to put out Simona de Silvestro's car fire.

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  1. How can any company that has the cash and other assets be allowed to simply foreclose and not pay the debt? Simon, pay the debt and sell the property yourself. Don't just stiff the bank with the loan and require them to find a buyer.

  2. If you only knew....

  3. The proposal is structured in such a way that a private company (who has competitors in the marketplace) has struck a deal to get "financing" through utility ratepayers via IPL. Competitors to BlueIndy are at disadvantage now. The story isn't "how green can we be" but how creative "financing" through captive ratepayers benefits a company whose proposal should sink or float in the competitive marketplace without customer funding. If it was a great idea there would be financing available. IBJ needs to be doing a story on the utility ratemaking piece of this (which is pretty complicated) but instead it suggests that folks are whining about paying for being green.

  4. The facts contained in your post make your position so much more credible than those based on sheer emotion. Thanks for enlightening us.

  5. Please consider a couple of economic realities: First, retail is more consolidated now than it was when malls like this were built. There used to be many department stores. Now, in essence, there is one--Macy's. Right off, you've eliminated the need for multiple anchor stores in malls. And in-line retailers have consolidated or folded or have stopped building new stores because so much of their business is now online. The Limited, for example, Next, malls are closing all over the country, even some of the former gems are now derelict.Times change. And finally, as the income level of any particular area declines, so do the retail offerings. Sad, but true.