WRTV replaces Wallace as evening newscast anchor

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WRTV-TV Channel 6 has decided not to renew news anchor Todd Wallace’s contract and has hired a replacement from New York, Todd Connor.

In addition, on August 30, WRTV will expand its 5 p.m. newscast from 30 minutes to an hour, giving it two hours of early-evening news programming.

Wallace, 45, came to Indianapolis in September 2007 from Dallas, where he was a weekend anchor for the NBC affiliate station. He started the same day as co-anchor Trisha Shepherd, who came from Des Moines, Iowa.

WRTV, an ABC affiliate, dubbed its two new anchors “Todd and Trisha” in a prominent marketing campaign. The duo had a joint blog at toddandtrisha.com. And Wallace got some attention on Facebook via a fan-created page called “Todd Wallace’s Mustache.”

But the new anchors didn’t change the ratings picture for WRTV. Its newscasts are competitive at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., but are still in third place behind WISH-TV Channel 8 and WTHR-TV Channel 13.

WRTV’s 7 p.m. newscast, which was launched when Wallace and Shepherd arrived, trails all other network programming at that time. And its 11 p.m. newscast audience isn’t close to the one drawn by WISH and WTHR.

“The market has not fallen in love with them,” said veteran Indianapolis media buyer Bill Perkins, president of Perkins Nichols Media. “They were running third then and they’re running third now.”

Don Lundy, general manager for WRTV, said the ratings were not there for Wallace and Shepherd, and that Wallace didn't “click” with the local audience.

“There really wasn’t anything he did wrong,” Lundy said. “Sometimes things click, and sometimes they don’t.”

Wallace’s last newscast was July 27, although his contract runs until the end of August. Reached at his home in Fishers, Wallace said he understands the change is "just part of the business."

"I've done nothing wrong. I tried to show up to work every day with my A game," Wallace said, adding, "I have no hard feelings. I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life."

Wallace said he has been contacted by stations in other markets, but he is also considering options that would keep him in the Indianapolis area.

Todd Connor started at WRTV at the end of July. He is anchoring weekday newscasts at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Shepherd is staying on, anchoring the 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Ericka Flye, who filled in for Shepherd while she was recently on maternity leave, is co-anchoring the 5 p.m. newscast.

Lundy praised Connor, 44, who has spent the past 13 years working for Fox News and ABC News.

“He’s got experience at the national level,” Lundy said. “He’s been exposed to a lot of issues, and the culture I think you bring in after being at an organization like Fox News. That’s really what attracted us to him, was his ability as a reporter.”

The biography of Connor on WRTV’s website also plays up his Midwestern roots. He grew up in Illinois and, before going to New York, did stints at television stations in Terre Haute, South Bend and Louisville.

Perkins, the media buyer, said Connor’s Indiana experience might give him a better emotional connection with central Indiana viewers, compared with out-of-towners Wallace and Shepherd.

“They’re looking for better ratings and thinking maybe they’ll get a better show with this other guy,” Perkins said.


  • WRTV6 Lead Story
    Who picks your news stories, especially your lead story at 6PM? Yesterday we just had the worst hail storm I can ever remember, encompassing the entire Northside of Indy, and thousands of people and you lead with a one man attack on a Bloomington Planned Parenthood Clinic? Wow! No wonder you are having problems. You wouldn't recognize a big story if it fell from the sky and hit you on the head. Not to worry, one click and I watched real news on channel 11.
  • What News?
    You know I used to be a 6 viewer back in the days when McClain swooped across the weather maps. Of course I stopped watching when Poteet got the ax. Here is a serious question I want to ask the owners of 6 News, why even have news at all. Stay with the National in the mornings and evenings but drop all local news broadcasts altogether. Channel 6 News' bright light went out a long time ago never to be seen ever again. You will never have the local news programs which rival WTHR-13, WISH-8, or FOX-59. Stop trying to compete in an already saturated local news tug-of-war and do something different. Get out of the news business and create something different that the other local stations don't have. What I don't know, just something different. You had your hayday and now it's gone. Double up the morning and early evening news with the National Network and fill the 12p, 7p and 10p time slots with something else. Just leave the news reporting to the other three stations because between them, they've got it covered.
  • WRTV Changes
    My personal opinion is that things went sour when they let Martha Weaver get away. She is as personable of an anchor as you could want.
  • WRTV's H/R Dept.
    They have managed to take a station that was great when Howard Caldwell was there to a station that has it's ratings in the toilet. The morning team tries way too hard. It's sickning. They don't renew Crystal's contract and replace her with someone that has half of her skills. Someone needs to show some leadership over there and have a HUGE nmakeover in the H/R dept before the look as bad as FOX.
  • Channel Who?
    I deleted channel 6 from my t.v. when the "new Todd" was switched for the "old Todd". I don't like the snarky comments the "new Todd" has to make after each news story, I can figure out what sarcastic things to think about current events for myself, thank you very much "new Todd". I am better than those of you who are stooping to using race as an issue. That is wrong. Dr.King said "A man will be judged by the content of his heart and not the color of his skin." He said it, I heard it, NOW YOU TRY AND LIVE IT! As for the t.v. thing if you don't like 6, don't watch it, their ratings are in the toilet anyway. You can loose watchers, or watch loosers, or just change the channel.
  • WRTV
    wrtv,i will only watch morning news!! just because of GRACE TRAYAN!!once she is gone im DONE.. PAUL POTEET, ERIC WEISFELD was also great with GRACE! 13 news in the evening!! 13 ROCKS!! GOOD LUCK TO GRACE TRAYAN!!!
  • Who Cares
    I DO...I've been wondering what happened to Todd Wallace & Dan Spehler and finally decided to Google it and here we go...COME ON RTV get a clue! I LOVED Todd, he is professional and gave it straight. Not everyone has to be funny or witty. Sometimes you just want straight news reporting and boy did he deliver! He is a good looking man too, dressed up your newscast, unlike Trisha.

    Bring Dan to the anchor desk, he has a flawless delivery and I'm personally impressed with his voluteerism to the Pike Sports Media Department. Very Good Man!
  • Todd Wallace
    Channel6 You made a big mistake!

    Tood Wallace was very professional and engaging! You are biased by some prejudice not because of his performance!
    Good Luck Todd Wallace you will be a successfull black anchor!
  • Wake up, 6!!
    I, too, usted to get up early and laugh with the 5 AM news team...the Paul and Tom Show was a great lift to your spirits! WRTV was ahead of the rest! Now....Boring! Yes, we love Grace. And glad to see Joni Michaels, too. But the funny comments are just not there anymore. Come on, Channel 6, FIX what you broke, or adios!
  • Kevin's the Best
    Kevin Gregory is the best weather person in Indy. Has great qualifications. He did not get the job because of his father. Channel 13 would have been thrilled to have him follow daddy if they could have signed him. How do you feel about Peyton Manning? Riding on daddy's coattails?
  • Why Keep Trisha
    I am a lifelong resident of Indy and have watched WRTV for many years. Why did you even hire Trisha? Did you think she would "click" because she would appeal to your white audience? Trisha may be a blond, but her hair looks like straw, is so artifical looking, but it matches her dull personality.
    WRTV if you are concerned about ratings, perhaps you should notice that your competition WISH, has Black anchors and,

  • Why Keep Trisha
    I am a lifelong resident of Indy and have watched WRTV for many years. Why did you even hire Trisha? Did you think she would "click" because she would appeal to your white audience? Trisha may be a blond, but her hair looks like straw, is so artifical looking, but it matches her dull personality.
    WRTV if you are concerned about ratings, perhaps you should notice that your competition WISH, has Black anchors and,

  • Miss you
    I miss both Paul and Todd. Paul and Grace had great chemistry, and he was extremely funny. Todd was very professional in a great way.
  • Fox 59! Lovin' It!
    Quit watching 6 evening news when they let Martha and Ray go. Still watched mornings for Paul Poteet and Tom Davis! Then Paul got the axe. Switched to Fox 59 for everything. Guess what! There's Ray! There's Jim O'Brien from 13. Love it. Great news teams, morning and nite! Who needs 6!
  • Can't watch anymore
    I used to wake up with the early morning news on WRTV. Now that they have take everyone off once or twice (except Grace, love her) I have switched channels. Why do they break up such a great team. Now what they have done is lost more audience and their polls can you imagine will not improve they will fall farther behind...good luck to all of you that have been let go and I hope to see you on another station that will appreciate your talent...
  • I disagree with the others
    I love the Un-Watched Dogs at WRTV! Please keep asking the Tough Questions! And don't ever answer them from your ex-viewers. Yay Channel 6!
    Yes it is their loss. Reading through this article they said he did not click with the local audience. Who is to say that his co anchor clicked? NOT!
  • WRTV's problem
    The biggest problem with WRTV and also with WISH is that they are so "bottom line" driven by their corporate owners, McGraw-Hill and LIN Broadcasting respectively. They are to try and do things on the "cheap" as much as possible. WTHR is not saddled with such a problem as they are owned by the Wolfe family over in Columbus, OH and for all practical purposes, if WTHR needs something to help keep their newscast #1, then they spend the money. And it really shows in their telecast. WISH's news has really gone down hill lately with "shoddy" production such as "upcutting" talent's mics,
    and either bad or misspelled graphics. They made a lot of their people who had been there for years either take early retirement or take a buyout. It's obvious they are trying to televise their newscasts with as few production people and engineers as possible. I grew up in this market and for years, WFBM/WRTV was the "gold" standard for local news and I can also remember when WLWI/WTHR ran a poor third. Amazing how when you treat your people right and spend your money wisely, you can produce a good newscast like WTHR does now.
  • Channel 6 is still on the air?
    Every time I hear/see a reference to 6, I wonder to myself, "6 is still on the air?" I watch a *lot* of TV -- for a strange reason. I don't remember the last time (other than now) I had 6 on my TV screen.

    As to the article in IBJ, I'm not certain how they (6) can claim that all of the jumbling of on-air staff they are still just a smidgen behind the competition. You can't have it both ways:

    is the staff shuffle hurting the ratings, as expected; or are they (actually) close, regardless of the changes?

  • Channel 6 is still on the air?
    Every time I hear/see a reference to 6, I wonder to myself, "6 is still on the air?" I watch a *lot* of TV -- for a strange reason. I don't remember the last time (other than now) I had 6 on my TV screen.

    As to the article in IBJ, I'm not certain how they (6) can claim that all of the jumbling of on-air staff they are still just a smidgen behind the competition. You can't have it both ways:

    is the staff shuffle hurting the ratings, as expected; or are they (actually) close, regardless of the changes?



  • Channel 6 needs to realize how many "watchers" feel
    I no longer watch Channel 6 news at all. I watched faithfully for many years. I miss Paul Poteet, Tom Davis, and now Todd Wallace. Why don't you fire the H.R. department, who is making these horrible decisions?? Do you want to continue losing "watchers" or what?? Look at the comments and make a decision to stop this madness!
  • All thes changes...
    I don't miss Todd Wallace, I thought he looked very "plastic". But, I'd rather watch Channel 13 instead of the new Todd and Trisha. Channel 6 should stop letting all the interesting news people go (but I do like Grace.) I've not watched the morning program since they let Paul Poteet go. Channel 6, WAKE UP! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
    • Todd Fan
      Hey RTV6 are you reading the comments posted by your ex-viewers which is my household too . You keep making the wrong moves ! Your not" on our side"
    • boring
      I havent watched channel 6 evening news in years and stopped watching the morning news when Paul Poteet was let go. The merry go round of anchors is boring and stupid and who wants to watch a newscast with someone new every other week! Channel 8 has is right, I can always count on Debbie to be there. And Randy in the morning!
    • Todd Wallace
      I have not watched Channel 6 News broadcasts since Todd Wallace was let go. Based on the reasoning that I've read, then Trisha should be gone too though I have nothing against her either. This is a move by WRTV that in my opinion will backfire. I certainly wish the best for The Wallace Family and hope that they're able to stay in our area.
    • Manager should go !!
      I agree, the manager should go !!
    • Should have kept Ray
      Isn't that the truth !!!
    • keep it a fair playin field
      sheperd should go too and gregory is flat.
    • New guy
      Todd Wallace was boring and so is the new guy, you should have kept Ray Cortapassi
      • Frustrated!
        For YEARS we woke up with Paul Poteet, Grace Trahan and then Tom. They were the only thing that made getting up at the crack of dawn fun. Watching Grace Trahan deliver the news so flawlessly, Paul deliver the weather with witty word play that had me laughing before my first cup of coffee,and Tom making the morning commute less stressful, were the PERFECT mix. We've tried to hang in there with the recent changes. Todd Wallace and Crystal Wicker were good too. The one who needs to go is the Channel 6 Manager who is making all these changes!!
        • job loss at channel 6
          I too am very disappointed in management at Ch. 6. There is NO job security at your station. That is the main reason I do not watch your channel. I would be terrified to be employed there. You had a GREAT morning show months ago with Paul and Tom. I really looked forward to their "chats". And now, they are BOTH gone. I started noticing a MESS when the weatherman "Swoop" was shoved out. Management has created this MESS, NOT staff!!! GOODBYE...........
        • losses lose me
          I sit here this morning watching Channel 8 news and weather due to the recent loss of Crystal and Tom...I'm sure Grace will be next and I can't bear to witness that...loss of a great news family!
        • FedUp
          What about Eric Weisfeld,Paul Poteet and the rest - I will no longer be watching!!!!
        • Oldschool
          Bring back the team of Caldwell& Beckly I grew up with those guys. The news has not been the same with out them.
        • WRTV's Strategy
          Looks like Channel 6 is throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. Paul Poteet had a strong personality AND he was funny. I found Crystal Wicker very appealing as well.
          My advice: get rid of the corny Kevin Gregory. He has absolutely the worst delivery of any Meteorologist on T.V. Gregory tries to be funny too, but he always falls flat. I think he got his position by virtue of his Father's reputation. Now his Dad had genuine charisma. My 2 cents.
        • I'm leaving RTV6 too...
          I've watched the parade of talent leave RTV6 over the past 6 years, and now it's my turn. Ray C., Paul P., Martha, and now Tom Davis... I'm switching to WISH-TV.
        • Careful
          Be careful that stick you are leaning on at your LEFT side doesn't break.
        • Whats going on?
          I so agree with you. What is going on? It all started with Paul Poteet leaving. Then Todd, Crystal, the other morning guy, and now Tom the traffic guy. He and Paul were so funny together. I don't the "powers that be" realize what they are doing. I hate to have to look for another news team. Bummer!
        • WRTV 6 - What?
          I cannot believe the contract of Crystal Wicker did not get renewed. The management of Channel 6 is out of touch with the viewers. The news and weather department has gone down hill ever since
          Paul Poteet left. I will no longer watch channel 6 news or weather. Best of luck Crystal! I looked forward each morning to getting my weather over breakfast with you at the helm. I hope you pop up somewhere else soon. Channel 6 will slide into 4th spot behind 59 or channel 4.
          • Bewitched
            It reminds me of when Bewitched switched Darrens. Did they think we wouldn't notice they switched Todds?
          • New Dream Line Up!!
            Jo anna Massey and Kara Kenney at 5 530 6 7.
          • Channel 6 Personnel Changes
            I have always watched Channel 6 news because I felt that your team relayed the daily news honestly without lowering your standards to the type of media hype that plays on victims emotions, pain and suffering, such as asking incentative questions after a loved one's death "how do you feel"!!! When the news is broadcasted honestly with the facts, your viewer's already know how the vcitim feels. Individual's such as Ray Cortopassi, Paul Poteet and Todd Wallace was a perfect fit and added their own unique personalities to better enhance your stations news broadcast. To be honest, watching the news can be most depressing, but when you consider the broadcasting team as one big family, it makes it a little more bearable to hear all of the bad news. Plus, having and showing smiles and a little humor changes your team more than "BEARER's OF BAD NEW's" it shows that they are normal everyday people like the rest of us, just trying to survive and relate to one another as family member's - Now switching to Channel 13. Good Luck in the future, you're going to need it!!!
          • ABC Watcher
            I have contacted WRTV6 each time they have let someone go, Eric Weisfeld,Ray C., Paul Poteet,moving Dan Spehler to a street reporter, and Todd Wallace. WRTV6 I am completely over the way your station is run and will definitely be switching to another station. You think your ratings were bad,wait until everyone moves to another station. Good luck Todd!
            • Brrrrppppp
              Bring back Martha and Ray.,
              Todd and Trisha were ok, but I will never in my lifetime watch anyone who in anyway ever worked for fox news " the fair and balanced news" Ha and double ha.
            • TODD WALLACE
            • Todd & Trish
              I totally agree that Todd & Trish were professional and seemed to work well together. I like Trish but the new guy - milquetoast; which equates to being boring! I understand ratings allow stations to charge more for advertising and in that regard, this is a business move; however, it's difficult to understand how the station could differentiate the public's reaction to Todd over Trish. What measurement was used to quantify this conclusion? Canning Todd and Paul Poteet - goodbye WRTV.
            • Bring Todd back!
              I really liked Todd Wallace!
            • Moron!
              Peace to LISAAugust 11, 2010 12:22 AM
              Todd said "it's just part of the business". He's not crying racist,so why are you? Friendly advise:learn upper case and lower case, and spelling. God bless you!

              uh it is advice not "advise" brainiac.
            • Todd Wallace?
              My husband and I are very disappointed in Channel 6 for letting Todd go with out any goodbye's or mention of him leaving.I think it was very inconsiderate of you. Not to mention unprofessional not to tell your viewers that someone is leaving. We have now switched to WTHR channel 13. The new guy is so boring and is much worse is no better. Whoever made the decision needs to be let go for not making wise decisions. Your ratings we're down before he came, now you want to blame the black guy for not improving the ratings. You should have let Trisha go as well.
            • Todd Wallace
              I miss Todd Wallace he was a great news anchor and I loved his personality. The new Todd is dull,very dry and boring.
              Why is Trisha Shepherd still there, she needs to go!!!!
            • Todd Wallace
              I really liked him and thought that him and Trisha did a good job together. I was sad to see him go. The real problem with the station is not who reporting the evening news. They are slow to report anything. They always seem to be last to find things out, last to report it, and overall do not care for the staff. Why would anyone of quality want to work there?
            • Too bad
              I really liked Todd Wallace. I thought he was professional, yet funny. He seemed to fit in with me. But then again, what do I know, I'm a Paul Poteet fan.....lol
            • comment
              When you let Ray Cortopassi go a few years back it TOTALLY hurt your news broadcast. People STOPPED watched your evening news broadcasts. It was that simple! He was THE best WRTV ever had. Your made the WRONG decision when you let an excellent broadcast journalist like Ray leave channel 6 for a gimmick like "Todd and Trisha".
            • Todd W
              And he left with no notice or comment from the station. I called the station and the staff was very mysterious.... I figured thery were gagged. The one who answered offered to transfer my call to someone who could answer "Why??". I was transferred to someone whose answering maching said leave a message and #. I did and never heard a thing.
              I thought it was really bush league to jst let him disapear with no comment.
              We liked him AND Trish....
              That weather girl is a DISH !!!
            • I am disappointed in TV6
              I am disappointed that you replaced Todd. He always had a smile on and seemed to be right on top of the game. I was not aware that TV6 news was in third place - I guess I must be the only one watching it every evening and morning. You would think you could at least remove his name from the broadcast every night.
            • ?
              I was wondering what happened to Todd. I thought he was a good fit there and he seemed to really enjoy his job. Channel 6 should bring him back.
            • Comment
              Yes I agree there is no spunk in his voice at all!! VERY DRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            • Todd Wallace
              By the way if Todd does get a job with a competitor, I will probably check him out. Big mistake on your part!!!
            • Todd Wallace
              I really liked Todd Wallace. I thought maybe he was on vacation. I really am not liking the new guy, don't care if he came from New York. Bring back Todd!!! You are really going the wrong way!!!
              • Todd Wallace
                I really liked Todd Wallace and was surprised when I tuned in and the new person was there. I hadn't heard his last broadcast so I didn't know if he had mentioned his leaving. I'm sorry he is off the air and hope he gets a job with a competitor so he and his family can stay in Indy.
              • Another one bites the dust
                Holy Smokes! I like Todd Wallace!
                & the new todd is as dry as crackers...
                Although Todd W may have been corny I could identify.. Usually I don't look to see where the new folks disappeared too.. But this was an exception
                I liked Paul P but he just disappeared from the morning news Well.. I'm going back to Wish 8 or 59 @ 10:00... Good luck Trisha
                You're next...the evening news on WRTV is a total bore! The new Todd puts me to sleep.
                • todd and trisha
                  I have to agree with other comments that if Todd was made to leave, Trisha should be next. Not impressed with her at all and unfortunately that is one reason we are watching WTHR. I was upset once Paul Poteet was pushed out. That sent me to WTHR in the mornings. Now I am also there in the evenings. Thanks WRTV for nothing!
                • WRTV's ratings
                  Randy Schiffman (CBS Ft Wayne)was the best in Indiana at what he did! Enthusiastic, energetic and well prepared! He retired from public news for a while- Go out and get him to boost your ratings! You can't go wrong! He moved to Wausaw, WISC to regroup-
                • Good Ridence
                  Todd Wallace was an overbearing pain in the butt to everyone. His air basketball was sickening and his little stupid jokes were nauseating, along with having to always be a part of the Weather forecast and stand in front of the weather screen as Kevin would say "If Todd would move now we could see the radar" Good ridence and I agree with some of you that Trisha should be gone too. They were disgusting from the start.
                  Now Todd tell us ONE MORE time about your coverage of The Historical Election for crying out loud.
                • adios
                  good bye and good move channel 6! todd was always tripping over his own tongue and blundering through his prompts! trisha is way better- new guy ok so far, but needs a haircut
                • Replacing Todd
                  Replacing Todd Wallace without Replacing Trisha sends the wrong message. They were about equal. The NEW GUY is so Dry and irritating I couldn't watch it if I tried. Copy WISHTV method and you might have something. Your News is Boring..If NOT for Erica Flye WRTV 6 would be a complete 0. OH and YOUR MORNING SHOW...weak: the guys who does the Traffic needs to be Fired.
                • Here we go again..!
                  While Todd Wallace was not a perfect anchor, (who is?), he brought and air of professionalism that's been lacking for quite sometime at WRTV. He's light years ahead of this new Todd, who always puts me to sleep like Valerian root. Totally bring and a total mismatch fore this market. They did not get this one right. Good Luck Todd W.
                • Will Miss You, Todd
                  Wow ... I am saddened to learn that Todd Wallace will not be returning. I always enjoyed his broadcasts and thought he was very professional. I have nothing against the new guy, but Todd Wallace made the show more interesting for me. The ratings probably have a lot more to do with the show's format than the anchors. I hope Todd Wallace is able to find work here locally. If ratings were the only criterion for the decision, it is WRTV's loss and bad judgment call.
                • replacing TODD WALLACE
                • Todd Wallace
                  I am very sorry to see Todd Wallace go. If he didn't click with the audience, how is Trisha clicking. For goodness sake, Todd held the news together while Trisha was on maternity leave. I will not miss Todd because after almost 30 years of living here in Indianapolis, for the most part, I've watched WRTV. That tenure ends, effectively immediately. First Paul Poteet who brought humor not that Crystal isn't ok, but there wasn't anything wrong with Paul. I will always watch Good Morning America, but never the news at channel six again. Like one of the other writers, Grace's voice is so irritating and please, although I will not watch it again, someone bring Grace into 2010 and help her with that horrible hair style.
                • Corporate Greed
                  Here's a thought....I am no fan of WRTV6, but if they were racist, they would not have hired him to begin with. Plenty of others have been shown the door over the years, and no mention of sexism, older white man discrimination, etc. so that old excuse is lame and shallow. Channel 13 is the most professional station, overall, in the market; Indy market does not need 4 local stations. None get it that all they have to do is have an identity, a branding, a uniqueness that the others don't have and that station would be number one consistently. None of them have figured that out. Wouldn't cost them a dime to do it. Too busy chasing the window dressing rather than developing substance.
                • New GM
                  WRTV's current station manager, Don Lundy is supposedly "retiring" on January 1st 2011. This will be a good change for the entire station. WRTV really needs some strong leadership.
                • Todd was the ultimate professional
                  I only started watching WRTV when Tood Wallace came aboard. He was great. Blame it on ratings? Bullcrap! There were underlying circumstances. The new Todd will not improve ratings. He will help turn away some of the 500 people who currently watch WRTV now. Watching him is like watching paint dry. Don't kid yourselves WRTV, ratings will continue to plummet. I will start watching WTHR again. I'm coming back John and Andrea.
                • WRTV6 LISTEN TO THE VIEWERS
                  I am not originally from Indy but moved here approximately 10-11 years ago. I used to like watching WRTV6's evening and morning news until I began to notice a pattern. They were constantly removing anchors without warning. It was on both the morning and evening shows. While I did not agree with their choice for Todd and Trisha, I think if they were going to remove one, they should have removed both. WRTV6 must have had some legal obligations to Trisha because of her recent maternity leave. However, she is not better than Todd. Also, I think it is a disgrace to Todd Wallace to replace him with another Todd. The WRTV management is pathetic. I guess they did this just so they could keep their Todd & Trisha marketing material and Facebook page. I cannot believe they hired another Todd -- what a slap in the face!! I will only watch WRTV6 for the national shows -- nothing else. I have tried to stick with WRTV6, but they have COMPLETELY lost me and my household. Please note that this is not about one firing but about the lack of respect and lack of courtesy extended towards their viewers. I agree with the others -- fire the producers and the other decision makers. They should look in the mirror, it is their lack of skill and talent assessment that has caused them to be so out of touch with the viewers. WRTV, ONE QUESTION -- if you are constantly hiring and firing people who, according to you, do not connect with the viewers, then whose fault is that?
                • Sad to see Todd go...
                  I watched Clyde Lee and Diane Willis for years. When they announced they were leaving, I started watching Jack Martin, Anne Ryder, Rhory Johnston and Andrea Morehead at WTHR. When Todd and Trisha came, I switched back to WRTV6. Now I do not watch local news, except in the morning with Grace Trahan. The new Todd Connor has great camera presence. He is very dry, but would have more impact doing the news segment by himself. He and Eryka do not vibe. She has too much energy for him. Trisha Shepard adds nothing to the newscast without Todd Wallace balancing her delivery out. They came together and should have gone together. None of the local stations have an award-winning newscast. Lindsey Davis was the best up and coming anchor this city has seen since Jane Pauley and they lost her to ABC News in New York. Good luck Todd W. You will be missed on local TV.
                • Todd Walllace
                  I really miss seeing Todd Wallace on the evening news. I thought they were a great team and the new anchor doesn't bring more to the team. The new anchor is dry. I do believe wrtv needs to keep and support the anchors they have instead keep changing the staff and maybe they need new producers and not the anchors. But now I am looking to switch to the other stations as well. Todd Wallace was a great asset to wrtv. Hope the best for Todd Wallace.
                • Todd Wallace
                  Didn't click? Well, maybe it's Trisha who doesn't click. This new Todd is boring to say to least. I will watch another station.
                • Miss Todd WALLACE
                  I switched to WRTV when another network messed with my sport's guy, Wil Hampton. Then WRTV dropped Wil, dropped Paul Poteet in the morning, and now dropped Todd Wallace. Sorry, but I'm switching back to the other network. This is ridiculous and I don't support it. Bye, WRTV.
                • Sad departure
                  I am a faithful RTV6 viewer and I liked Todd. I will likely not watch 6 at 7 anymore but still watch them for the late news. This was not a good move. WISH doesn't "click" with me and the folks at WTHR are just too...I can't put my finger on it. Andrea's makeup is distracting for one thing. Anyway, I will miss you Todd!
                • true
                  I agree, I really liked Todd Wallace,sad that he's gone
                • WHAT!!
                  I like Todd Wallace. I do not know what Channel 6 is thinking. Paul first now Tood. The changes will not make the news cast better.
                  • i'm done with your changes
                    over the years, the management of wrtv 6 has invited viewers to get to know and bond with their newscasters only to yank them out from under us. i watched clyde and dion, bob mcclain, ray cortopassi, paul poteet and now todd wallace removed from my tv set. i will now move to another station and not look back - too bad for kevin gregory that he is at such a horrible station.
                  • totally agree!
                    I totally agree with the commenter. Todd W was a bit too fake and self-monitoring. He needed to be more himself and less corny.
                  • Todd & Trisha , Great Team
                    I looked forward to the 7pm newscast with Todd & Trisha. They were an entertaining and professional team that Indy should be proud of. Hopefully another station will realize this and pick them both up. Hang in there Todd. You did a great job, and I know the Lord will open other oportunities for you.
                  • The New Todd Is Much Better
                    The problem with Todd Wallace was that he just seemed a little goofy. His reactions were always way over the top: laughing too much, forced joking, etc. The new Todd seems to take his job a bit more seriously, and I like that a lot. Todd Wallace gave an interview about being replaced by Ch. 6 on the Amos Brown show, and he sounded much more professional in that interview than he ever did on 6 News.

                    • todd
                      I agree. He gave a youth full look. I was beginning to watch new I will turn to another news cast. good by channel 6.
                    • Racism?
                      Todd said "it's just part of the business". He's not crying racist,so why are you? Friendly advise:learn upper case and lower case, and spelling. God bless you!
                      • Miss Todd
                        I miss Todd Wallace. He "clicked" with me. I don't like "new guy." I was hoping he was just filling in for Todd. I am a faithful Channel 6 watcher. Now I don't know.
                        • A Blessing for Todd in Disguise
                          My family and I will never watch channel 6 news ever again! Todd, you're very much admired for your professionalism/knowledge in our household, we'll miss u but God has a better assignment planned out for u! Just keep the faith.
                        • retired
                          Maybe somebody should drop the ball on Lundy. Maybe that's where the problem lies!!! todd Wallace was doing a good job and a good repore with the other members of wrtv 6. The one you should of considered was Trish. It gets old you make changes all the time. Just like a bad sports team with a cheap owner always blaming the manager and constantly making changes. Swoop ,Ray Cortopassi, Todd Wallace it never changes. I've watched wrtv 6 for years but enough is enough!!!!!
                        • More of the same
                          In recent years WRTV has gained a reputation for its mistreatment of both its on-air talent and its viewers. Don Lundy is arguably the most shortsighted, utterly heartless general manager working today, and he has no respect whatsoever tradition or the well-being of others. Just in the last decade, WRTV forced veteran weatherman Bob McLain off the job, abruptly fired Eric Weisfeld, publicly humiliated Ray Cortopassi, and shamelessly threw Paul Poteet to the curb. The behavior of station management has gone far beyond what's normal for a competitive market, and has crossed the line into being pathologically cruel. It does viewers no good to get used to anything on on WRTV, because Don will take it away without warning. I can only say that anyone who gets hired by Don Lundy had better plan to rent an apartment by the month.
                        • FOR THE LOVE OF THE LORD
                        • FOR YOUR INFO
                        • hidden racism
                        • WHO'S THAT
                        • Question
                          Who is Erika Frye?
                          • Todd got a fair chance
                            Upper case,, lower case in ANY case, Todd was not rehired because he was black, anymore then he was hired because he was black. I'm sure Todd would agree. Todd and Trisha were not hired as a team.
                            • Todd got a fair chance
                              Upper case,, lower case in ANY case, Todd was not rehired because he was black, anymore then he was hired because he was black. I'm sure Todd would agree. Todd and Trisha were not hired as a team.
                            • Missed
                              I wondered what happened to Todd. I really liked him. He clicked just fine in my home. Maybe if they leave people on the news cast long enough to get familiar with the locals people would tune in. Why keep giving you a chance to find the right anchors. Done with 6 news. Todd if you read here my family will miss you! Good luck to you and your family.
                            • TO SHANE
                              • 6 GM pain in the side
                                3 emails to 6news general manager asking about Todd's absence? Got zero response. Duh! you're in the communication business. Good luck Don Lundy in your next job. ps also miss Paul Poteet.
                              • Disappointed with WRTV 6 decisions
                                I thought Todd W as open to the Indy area and seemed very professional. When WRTV6 let Clyde, Diane, Ed, Ray, Martha and Paul go that is when management should have been fired. Their idea of changing personnel all the time is terrible. I don't think Todd W was given much of a chance. This new Todd has the personality of a fish he doesn't simle and seems very boring. Paul was always great of a morning couldn't wait to hear what he had to say about the weather. Crystal just doesn't get it. I have always been a true die hard WRTV 6 watcher but not sure about thier ability of leaving a team together for the best of the watchers.
                              • new start
                                Glad to see the changes. I never cared for Todd Wallace...his smiled always seemed fake with a mysterious mustache. But I'll give the new Todd Connor a chance. He seems professional and we've always liked Trisha, so hopefully it will be a good pairing. We also like Grace Trayan in the mornings.
                                • Too many changes
                                  WRTV is making some bad calls when it comes to casting, in my opinion. First of all, when they replaced the wonderful acerbic wit of Paul Poteet with the chippee with the HORRIBLE TV voice (not to mention the inability to correctly pronounce simple words, especially Indiana [no "h" in the word, sweetie!]) and then changing Todds midstream, was just too much. I flipped by the other day and was like, "who's this?!" The new Todd seems very professional, but doesn't come across as too open and friendly so far. Bring back Paul and leave things alone for a while. I like GMA, but cannot stand to listen to her voice in the morning. Awful!!!
                                • DEEPER PROBLEMS
                                  I worked briefly for RTV6 news a few years ago. The day of my first interview, the news director and e.p. stood me up at a restaurant. We rescheduled the next day and I was hired a couple of days later, only to find out the same day the news director hired me, he quit a couple of hours later - and of course I had to read about it online.

                                  While I was there, the executive producer became the temporary de-facto news director and her producer husband began unofficially managing the newsroom like a little tyrant.

                                  I continually got the runaround from human resources and never got my health insurance card, all the while trying to learn my place in the newsroom from people who weren't my bosses.

                                  I left in total disgust within weeks. They make me sick.
                                • RTV6 is the worst
                                  RTV6 is the most irrational news team in town and their broadcasts resemble something out of Lafayette, IN, circa 1995.

                                  They did Todd a favor.
                                • WRTV is on the air!

                                  I figured they'd shut down a couple of years ago. I happened to be scanning to find something worth watching and I saw WRTV had a listing. I don't remember the last time I actually watched something on that station, local or national.

                                  (I'm serious - this is not a troll.)

                                  They might want to look relatively close to the Indy market. Take a gander at something in South Bend or Ft. Wayne. But I doubt you can break up the brother/sister ( Maureen & Terry McFadden) at WNDU (16/NBC). Take out a 3rd mortgage on the office building, put together a nice package, and bring them to Indy. They might give the other news teams a run for their money.

                                  Otherwise, WRTV is buying 2nd- or 3rd-rate talent in their world, let alone nationally, and committing themselves to mediocrity. Without a good foundation ...

                                  If they're not careful, they might not be able to get Katie Couric after she finishes her crash & burn at CBS. Predictable.

                                  I'd hazard a guess (that) local FOX is doing better than WRTV in the news reporting.

                                  To start to close up, it's interesting how WISH people can leave the station, migrate to WTHR and keep the station doing well. What does this say?

                                  The means to defy (and beat) WISH & WTHR are pretty straightforward if you pay attention.

                                  (I'm serious about this.)
                                • ??
                                  Who really cares? Move on people, get over it. Pretty silly how you people should be badly affected by this. Aren't there other issues more worthy of discussion? Slow news day? Or just pathetic?
                                  • Good luck to Todd and his Family!
                                    I hope you are tremendously successful in the future!.
                                  • Too bad
                                    This is sad news. Todd was great and will be missed.
                                  • Change
                                    Wrtv 6. too many changes. You lost me when you lost Ray and Martha. I decided to give Todd and Trish a chance, then you change again. For years, six was my favorite for news with Clyde and Diane. Something must be more wrong than just the anchors
                                  • Norm Cox or Todd?
                                    Todd was fired because Channel 6 must apparently have racist tenancies? He was a great aanchor... and I am white..

                                    Channel 6 is out of touch...
                                  • wrtv
                                    why cant they if it is supposed to be there when its a matter of why it happened
                                  • Lost for good
                                    I grew up watching 6 news with Clyde Lee and D. Willis...wow i have been a fan all my life as of today with the lost of Todd i will never turn to ch 6 again ...wow you lost a life long viewer i hate 6 news at 5,6,7 and 11 ...I can not understand why you would keep Trisha
                                    • Todd and Trisha
                                      Both of them should have been fired. She adds nothing to the news, and Todd always acted like he had never seen his scripts til he actually read them on air. My daughter is a news producer in a larger market than Indy and always complained about how bad Todd and Trisha were when she visited.
                                    • Rant
                                      Why does the weather person get camera time 4 times in a half hour? I've live 68 years and can look out the door and tell what the weathers like. Why are told 'for more information go to our website and click on links? Expand and gives us all the NEWS..that's why I turned it on.
                                    • It should have been Trisha.
                                      Too bad about Todd. I would much rather have seen Trisha sent packing. I lost all respect for her when I saw her singing at the Circle of Lights show. Maybe WRTV's ratings would improve if they employed journalists as anchors rather than entertainers.
                                    • I agree
                                      I agree completely with NewsJunkie1. By inserting the entertainment show at 5:30 I never tuned in to Ch. 6 until The Nightly News at 6:30 and then I hung around for the 7pm broadcast. I think it was more aprogramming fault than Todd "not clicking" with the audience.
                                    • Channel 6
                                      It's not Todd W.'s fault. Just the curse of channel 6. 8 and 13 are the Ford and Chevy of the market byut 6 is the Dodge Brand (59 is Toyota LOL )
                                    • Nice Job Mr. Wallace
                                      I was happy with the [original] Todd and Trisha pairing, but could never understand why WRTV stuck an entertainment show in the 5:30 time slot. I often switched channels at that time since I didn't care to hear/see gossip about the latest "shocking" things our nation's celebrities are doing. Can't help but wonder whether straight news from 5pm - 7:30 would improve the ratings.
                                      • WRTV's loss
                                        Sorry to see Todd leave WRTV. He is a class act and a media pro. He will be missed.

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