Tea Partiers blamed for doing right thing

August 20, 2011

I would suggest that letter writer Terry L. Monday (re: “Young’s debt vote cost Hoosiers dearly”) do a little more brushing up before slinging arrows at congressman Young or the Tea Party. In fact, he might start with the (Aug. 15) issue in which his letter was published.

Point one is the editorial by IBJ Publisher Greg Morris, to wit: “Every time he [Obama] opens his mouth, I feel as if business and investors run for cover as they give up on any chance for growth until he is out of office.” This is in regard to the stock market declining in the wake of the president’s speech (in real time). Tea Party you say?

Point two is the column by Mike Hicks of Ball State University, in which he said, “Last week’s downgrading of U.S. securities by Standard & Poor’s was a political message directed primarily at President Obama.” Hicks does point out that there was an implied swipe at the Tea Party, though unnamed. However, Hicks also points out that, “The message was to get serious about closing budget deficits and reducing the debt.”

It continues to confound me as to how people such as Monday can blame the Tea Party for trying to do exactly what the downgrade was all about—closing the budget deficits.


Jim Alerding

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