Kennedy misunderstands conservative Republicans

May 26, 2012

For the life of me, I don’t get Sheila Suess Kennedy [May 21] at all and, of course, she doesn’t get me. She apparently believes in no child left un-aborted and believes that is somehow a compassionate view. The idea that the human fetus is not a human life worth preserving is anathema.

She supports “gay marriage” and, I must confess that I don’t really care if a man marries a horse. However, I have three concerns with gay marriage: don’t make me watch, don’t make my church sanction it against their moral beliefs and, lastly, don’t make me pay for it. Otherwise, we have freedom of association in this country.

Kennedy also slanders Republicans for “denying women access to contraception.” Most of us just don’t want to have to pay for your contraception, your Viagra, the dinner, the movie, the hotel room.

We are being scammed by an ever-growing, ever-controlling, ever-corrupt national government that confiscates even more of our national income. It then throws that money away, fails to solve the problems ostensibly for which the money was spent and then it asks for more because people just aren’t paying “their fair share.” You should vote for President Obama and his corrupt government that only takes a bad situation and makes it worse. But don’t slam those whose only sin is trying to preserve individual freedom and responsibility. You consider that “radical.”


John L. Sorg

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