Pence advised to keep Bible in his pocket

November 24, 2012

Nice work, Mickey, reminding the governor-elect [Nov. 12] to govern as he campaigned, with economics and education as the promised focus. He’d better keep his Bible in his pocket. We need tolerance, not intolerance. Republicans already reelected an incompetent guy president and lost a shot at the Senate from expressing narrow-minded thinking. After four losing seasons, the contract would otherwise not have been extended.

The small-government, conservative approach is choice. Choice on guns, choice on abortion, choice on marriage, choice on religion, choice on schools, choice on doctors. I am happy to teach science students about creationism, the flat earth and spontaneous generation of fruit flies—and the fact that there is not a thread of evidence for any of the three. It’s God’s will that we accept nature as revealed to us by data. That clearly is her intent. Over time we will learn even more.

Pete Kissinger
West Lafayette


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