Bill would create one-stop website for business owners

January 21, 2014

A website billed as a one-stop shop for business owners would be created under a House bill that would combine information from three state agencies.

“It builds off of current legislation by making our businesses have a single point of contact with the state that's a lot more complete,” Rep. Kathleen Heuer, R- Columbia City, author of House Bill 1198 said.

Heuer said the bill specifies that the secretary of state’s office, and the departments of workforce development and revenue work together to develop and maintain the website.

An amendment to the bill by the Government and Regulatory Committee would allow a business to have only one tax identification number instead of three. Currently, a business would receive a different number from each of the three offices. The amendment also added a reinstatement process if a business has fallen out of compliance.

The bill passed 12-0 and now moves to the full House for consideration.

Davey Neal, chief of staff for the secretary of state’s office, and Adam Berry, regulatory policy director and special counsel to Gov. Mike Pence, testified in support of the bill. Barry said it was part of the governor’s agenda package and is the “future of doing business in the state.”

“I hope you are looking at this as not a mandate, but as a real collaborate way for these three departments to be able to begin working together and allowing a very cooperative situation, so that the people in the public, who are trying to file paperwork with the state will have and easier process to go through,” Heuer said.

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