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Star caterer Jack Bayt on upswing after tumble

August 23, 2014
Six years after having the area's largest catering business sold out from under him, Jack Bayt is back, leading a revamped Crystal Catering. But the new iteration is much smaller than in the days when Bayt and his partners wanted to become a regional or even national player.More.

Local Lotus dealership is one of only 42 in United StatesRestricted Content

August 30, 2014
Gator Motorsport opened in October as Indiana’s sole Lotus dealer. It’s owned by 41-year-old Young Kim, a first-generation Korean immigrant and Ball State University grad who fell in love with the British hand-built brand as a youngster growing up in Chicago.More.

Indianapolis homebuilder combines dashing design, prefabricated contructionRestricted Content

August 23, 2014
Ursula David hopes her first manufactured home will catch on at other infill lots close to downtown.More.

Builders Estridge and Davis rebound from bust, run own firms again

August 23, 2014
Brad Davis and Paul Estridge Jr. belong to a select fraternity. They’re prominent Indianapolis homebuilders whose companies faltered during the housing downturn, only to re-emerge in another incarnation.More.

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Veteran private investigator steps up cyber sleuthingRestricted Content

Overbearing spouses, disgruntled employees and corporate moles have a wide new path for spying, considering that nine in 10 adults own mobile phones. Aiding the hackers is protective software that’s thin at best.More.

Indiana office to promote startups, small business

Gov. Mike Pence has created the Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship that he says will focus on consulting, specialty programming, and integrating universities, private businesses and government agencies.More.

WOJTOWICZ: Lots to consider when weighing mortgage payoff

You certainly don’t want to keep paying a mortgage if it restricts your business in other areas. But you don’t want to cough up too much at once and have the same effect.More.

Marketer SmallBox helping clients improve their culturesRestricted Content

In mid-2011, the staff of local Web marketing firm SmallBox began a period of self-reflection that allowed the team to identify its “North Star,” the purpose, mission and vision that keeps a company headed in the right direction. It's now spreading the word.More.

Market owner: "Look into the future"Restricted Content

Georgetown Market has stayed in the health food game since 1973, in part because of owner Rick Montieth's ability to see down the road.More.

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  1. It's empowering for this niche community to know that they have an advocate on their side in case things go awry.

  2. a vendor to both of these builders I guess I have the right to comment. Davis closed his doors with integrity.He paid me every penny he owed me. Estridge,STILL owes me thousands and thousands of dollars. The last few years of my life have been spent working 2 jobs, paying off the suppliers I used to work on Estridge jobs and just struggling to survive. Shame on you Paul...and shame on you IBJ! Maybe you should have contacted the hundreds of vendors that Paul stiffed. I'm sure your "rises from the ashes" spin on reporting would have contained true stories of real people who have struggled to find work and pay of their debts (something that Paul didn't even attempt to do).

  3. Maybe the health department should regulate it just like the do don't have to be a liscensed cook....oh BTW I'm fairly sure companies with bad practices will go out of business and companies with good practices will be able to afford business insurance. Quit making dumb comparisons.