Snooty Fox restaurant closes after 29 years

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The venerable Snooty Fox restaurant on Indianapolis’ north side has closed despite efforts by a cable television show to revitalize the English-style pub.

Owner Tim Queisser shut down the restaurant on Monday after a 29-year run on East 86th Street in Nora.

The restaurant's dwindling business could be the result of a variety of reasons, including a recent menu change, bad pricing descisions or simply poor management, Queisser speculated.

“I can’t say it’s the economy, because there are too many restaurants doing well,” he said.

Queisser, 57, attempted to reverse a trend of declining sales the past few years by agreeing to a makeover by the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” show with TV chef Robert Irvine.

The show spent $10,000 in two days in May to improve the restaurant’s decor and menu.

The Snooty Fox couldn’t maintain the short-term boost it received from the show, which aired in early August.

“I went from doing great business until the last four weeks,” Queisser said. “It was like someone turned a light switch off.”

The restaurant’s traditional menu of soups, salads, steaks, seafood and sandwiches expanded after the show’s remake to include such appetizers as corned beef egg roll and cod cakes, as well as entrees such as bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie to better reflect the English atmosphere.

Queisser now is attempting to sell or lease the building that housed the restaurant he and his brother, Quentin, founded in 1983.
An Indianapolis native and Butler University graduate, Queisser said he and his brother followed their father into the restaurant business.

He hopes to land a job in the hospitality industry because “it’s what I know.”

Despite the closing, Queisser said he’s proud of the nearly three decades he operated in Indianapolis amid increasing competition from chain restaurants.

The Snooty Fox had 25 employees.


  • two years later
    Glad to know that all came out well for you. My dad, Hal, had a med practice on Knue Road, and he and my mom, Lois, used to eat at the Snooty Fox often. I was in Nora last night, visiting from my home out of town, and I saw the restaurant was closed. I'm sorry for all the troubles but, again, glad you're all okay.
  • Stupid Owner
    This episode reminded me of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (The Granary). That place ran a buffet for elderly people and even allowed them to get huge discounts with a voucher system. When Gordon determined they were losing money on every meal served, that owner said, "But I hate to lose the business." Idiot. His restaurant was as filthy as the Snooty Fox. The Snooty Fox got a total makeover, new menu, new chef...and like the Granary, quickly goes back to his old ways and shuts down. The Granary went down to an arson fire. I'm certain that both Gordon and Tim Irvine were both "gobsmacked", lol.
  • Response
    Carol, I have not responded back to any of the comments made about my business since we closed. Yes, we had issues but their is so much more to the story than you see up front. I ran the Snooty for 27 successful years and the last 3 yrs took a big toll on my family and me. The show was a big help but they don't tell you about your new menu till the day your open. How do you train a staff in less than 8 hours on not only a new menu but a new concept? Your suggestion I spend less time at that bar is great, but the only things is I have not had a drink in 15 years. The stress you go through this is unimaginable and pushed me to almost to a heart attack. Their is a lot more to the story than what is told but that is the price you pay. Anyway, I appreciated all the help, my customers but after 30 years, the Snooty rans it's course and I believe we contributed to the community in alot of ways. I am doing something different now and the stress is gone. I have my health back, my family and just starting to enjoylife again. So in the end, everything came out well.
    • Predictable Outcome
      Saw the show when it originally aired and also the rerun. Initial impression of Tim was he was a stubborn, inadequate owner & his wife was his enabler. A restaurant that filthy & she's saying he's poured himself into it? More like he poured too many at the bar when he should have been helping clean after restaurant closed every night! That place should have been shut down for the flagrant filth & Health Code violations! The new chef he fired was lucky, that place was beneath him & his abilities! Tim was a fool not to keep the new menu, use it, then reassess with the input of his Chef & staff! Possibly seasonal, weekly specials, allowing & encouraging a talented chef while keeping customers intrigued? Fools. Really, the only surprise is they were open so long with such a losing equation. Filth/lousy food/unqualified owner. Think Tim must have named the place cause he thought of himself as "snooty" & "above it all". It showed in the filth, the firing of the new, talented, up & coming Chef & his reverting to the old menu. Some people work damn hard at failing, and then are surprised they succeed.
      • clueless...
        @NoraLocal You're just as clueless as Tim was. That show has helped dozens of restaurants turn around their misfortunes. Admittedly, there are some that are too far gone to repair in 2 days, but that is on the owner. These restaurants get a $10,000 infusion of decor/equipment/cleaning and FREE labor. Not to mention free publicity and a full house for 2 straight evenings. How is it the show's fault? You are right about one thing, however -- you are no restauranteur, that's for sure.
      • Good riddance
        @liz: That "stupid restaurant makeover show" gave Tim plenty of answers. He just refused to listen. He went back to the old menu to cater to the clientele that were responsible for his lack of business. He was too comfortable serving tasteless fare to his regulars, no acknowledging that they weren't paying his bills.
      • Brandon, the Fox, and the Show...
        Wow... so sorry to hear they couldn't carry forward with those changes. That bar alone looked like it could save the place, and those two chefs who tried out? Either ONE of them would have been far more than that place deserved, as it was, and Brandon seemed like a miracle. I'm really surprised they lapsed back to the old ways. Maybe Tim was just too tired to begin anew. Brandon and Chris, both, I hope you're somewhere getting the chance to do great things... I've watched a few episodes of RI so far, and you guys both seem like serious pros... I'd go to any restaurant with either of you running the show.
      • Reply to your comment
        Meg, I don't think the show hurt their business. If anything from looking at the restaurant when RI got there, it could have only helped. The place was disgusting. Even in the credits at the end of the show it stated that they owner did not keep many of Robert's changes and reverted back to the old Snooty Fox that was losing money. You can't blame the show for that. I have been watching RI for quite some time and it appears that many establishments do the same thing. They are failing, call for help, get it, an then as soon as the show is over they revert right back to the ways that caused them to fail. No one's fault but their own.
      • Dirty Kitchen
        I just seen re-air, I would have eaten there after the cleanup. I really they would make it with the new chef Brandon and make a good go at it. Brandon they always looking for good chefs in St. Louis, Missouri. I wish you the best young man. Yo can't teach an old dog new tricks and exspect them to learn in 48 hours. I do wish them the best and I pray Tim cleanup his act , before he go to work for someone else. Believe me if I seen the show, I'm supposed employer's seen it also. It just didn't hunt Brandon career, it hunt all that, were involved. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. P
      • Re: Brandon Reynolds
        I am horrified to hear that the show hurt your career - I loved your cooking on the show and would never have thought you were the cause of it's downfall, not one bit. I would suggest if you can moving to a new city, one where there would be less history of that place and less prejudice against it. I think if people have only seen the show they would actually think well of you. You might also try reaching out to restaurant impossible to see if Robert Irvine would give you a letter of recommendation -he seemed to be happy with your skills and he should want the show to help not hurt good people's careers.
        • Brandon
          lmao, Brandon was so cute, omg. Where is he now?
        • 48 hours
          There was a complaint about them only giving 48 hours to the project etc. Plenty of other establishments have received the same 48 hour treatment and are now successful. You need to run with the boost and build on it. The Snooty went backwards and returned to old ways that had them in need of the shows assistance in the first place.
        • Poor Management
          While I'm sure that the owners are nice people who I'm sure felt gave it their all, they were clearly not prepared for the changes in what people are looking for when dining out, and not really wanting to change their attitude to fit today's dining interests. The disgustingness of the kitchen aside, the fact is that there is little interest in a stuffy pub with the same old menu that grandma enjoyed. Today's restaurants that are succeeding in this recession are new, fresh, and modern - from the decor to the menu. That's not to say that your favorite comfort foods aren't there, but they have been updated and made new again. If the owners were more open to change, and continued to work hard after Food Network gave them a "boost", they would have had better sucess. The show is just that "a boost". They make you a little cleaner, a little prettier, dust off your ratty menu and jazz it up - but they can't make you run it well after they leave.
        • Brandon
          I hope Brandon is doing well he seemed to be a creative chief im sure he will do fine.....is he married BTW lol
          • dugh
            I think it was the owners fault for being so small.minded and pig headed for not listening to a great chef like Robert
          • dugh
            I think it was the owners fault for being so small.minded and pig headed for not listening to a great chef like Robert
          • Hoping you found employment
            Brandon, I'm hoping that you found employment. I wouldn't want to work for an someone who can only focus on what happened at Snooty Fox. Obviously, the people who are interviewing you didn't see the show or read any comments about the owners not willing to change their ways.
          • Really?
            The restaurant was horrible. The smell was noticeable from the trails when I ran by it. Yes, they volunteered to go on a show and got yelled at. They also got a makeover, sound advice on how to run it, a new menu, and a new head chef who had the necessary skills. Other restaurants that have been on the show, and have done better after Chef Irvine and crew finished. You're complaint about 48 hours makes no sense when the owner had 29 YEARS to run their restaurant well. As far as making the Monon the focal point, they were limited with a budget of $10K. Even if the budget was 20 times that amount with 6 months, it is clear that Tim was not going to change his ways. Nothing would have saved that sinking ship. I wonder if you aren't related to Tim, or even may be him.
          • Follow Up?
            I was wondering after watching a rerun of this episode if Brandon got back on his feet. Hoping for the best.
          • Good riddens
            I'd say Food Network wasted their money and Robert Irvine wasted his talent on a restaurant that was never going to change. I think the owners just wanted a facelift thinking that would be enough. You can't ask for help from a top chef and ignore his food recommendations, menu options, fire a fantastic chef and mismanage your entire staff. I hate to say it but if you cant grow and change you will never make it in the restaurant business. Honestly I dont know how they survived 29 yrs. They are their own worst enemy.
          • Brandon
            I am so very sorry for Brandon. It was obvious he was a fine chef. I pray things get better for you.
          • I'm so sorry
            Wow. First off, to be blamed for something is not very fair. From watching the show, it seemed like everything was going to go well. That said, don't count yourself out and never give up.
          • Snooty Health Department
            Where was the Health Department, if this was this dirty it should have never passed an inspection. Yes it is the owners fault but that is why we have Health Departments role in keeping customers healthy.
          • Impossible Restaurant
            Robert Irvine is a true Renaissance man. Any restaurant lucky enough to garner his attention should consider itself fortunate. He is a creative and skillful chef, has amazing vision, and is in great shape to boot(not easy when you put in his work hours).
            To not follow his advice to a T is the height of folly.
            The tv show was excellent.... Too bad the restaurant was not also.
          • It was Tim's fault.
            It was not robbert who ended snooty fox, it was tim. Tim ignored what the guy said and stopped keeping the place clean, fired the new and wonderful chef, and went back to his tired and terrible menu. I came back sometime after the show aired and that familiar stale grease smell was back and the food was as bad as ever.
          • how can you question?
            Robert Irvine has a long resume and his motives should not be in question-the place was a sty and the owner should have been made to clean it himself-I have been in the restaurant business for almost 25 years and you would think someone who e-mails a tv show and gets a $10000 donation and someone to care and at least attempt to help someone out -one would think that the owner would TRY to clean it up a little before Robert Irvine got there --what a lazy owner!
          • I bet he closed it because.....
            He got a $10,000 advance from Food Network to clean the place and redecorate it? He'd have made more money with a fresh new decor and a clean restaurant than he would have trying to sell the old dump.
          • Sad, very sad
            I'm just now watching the show that featured the Snooty Fox Redo. I thought your menu ideas were great. I am a former restaurant manager and could never conceive letting a facility get as filthy as Robert Irvine found it. No excuses for this. As an owner, he should have gotten a scraper and gotten his hands dirty. Going back to the old menu was a waste of everyone's time,. What were they thinking? Good luck Brandon.
            At least I was spared seeing the filthy kitchen. Let's see: The food was mediocre to icky, the dining room air was greasy and smelly (usually indicates bad oil in use in the kitchen), the location was terrible, the service so-so, what was to like except the fox theme (wallpaper)? This is an old story: Someone starts a business and the next generation(s) drive it into the ground. Also, businessmen who refuse to take good advice have only themselves to blame. Good riddance to the Snooty Fox.
          • Saw the Re-Air
            Well that kitchen was disgusting! I hate that they had to close, but sometimes people are so proud that when they are told what they need to do they don't want to change. My brother works in the restaurant business so I'm pretty familiar with what it takes to run a successful and safe kitchen. People see shows like this and your worst nightmares come to life, and that's why you don't want to go out. Your kitchen should be cleaned everyday, come on now! Who was this guy paying off to pass him on his health inspections. I wonder what their rating was. I tell you if you go into a restaurant and they have a low "A" it's pretty sketchy, but anything under an "A" you shouldn't eat there! It's like the old saying goes, "Pride cometh before the fall"! By him going back to the old ways they were due to fail!
          • Dirty Can't be Blamed on Others
            Let's see: the place was filthy, the owner in denial, there was no chef, and someone called a cable show to come and help them. A TV show that put thousands of dollars and 48 straight hours into revamping the menu, finding a very inventive chef, cleaning the place up, and doing a complete remodel. I couldn't remodel my 1/2 bath in that time!
            Say what you will - it was a nasty place. It's been there most of my life, and I vaguely recall going when I was a child. I convinced my husband to try it last year - and we turned away as soon as we got a whiff of the place. A miasma of stale grease hung over the entire lot and the place just looked nasty. As I told my husband; "If the dining room looks this bad, what do you think the kitchen looks like?" I'm not a prude. I've eaten in 3rd world countries. I just expect more in Nora, Indiana.
          • Nerd
            How did you learn to be so dumb!
          • @Nora Local
            Did you not pay attention to what happened after the show? The owner fired the new chef, went back to his old menu, and stuck with his old, dirty ways whilst continuing to mismanage the staff and operations. That's why the restaurant failed, not because of Robert Irvine's makeover. He was even in denial himself, claiming that business was going great until the makeover. If business was so great, how come he had to apply as being in distress? He is right though, he can't blame it entirely on the economy. He is the culprit himself.
          • It's Not Over, Brandon

            You pulled through and gave them everything you could -- and from the look of it, everything they needed. Use it as a stepping stone. Seriously. ENCOURAGE employers to watch the show and show them what you can do on such short notice. Tell them that the problems were there before you started and that you tried to turn it around but were cut off by owners who weren't ready for real change. Regardless, you wish the the owners well (always, always present it in a positive light). Robert Irvine endorsed your cooking and even called it "exciting" or whatever word he used, and you're ready to bring your innovation to their kitchen. Play it up, man. It's soooo all in how you market it!!

            As a former Hoosier, I'm sad to see the Snooty Fox go, but don't go don't with it without a fight. Best of luck to the owners, and and best of luck to you!

          • RE-Aired
            Just watched the reair of the Snooty Fox episode, and I would say up to the time when RI walked into "Rascal's" this was in fact the dirtiest he had ever seen.

            I notice a "local" posted about how the "stupid" TV should have done more than "48 hours",.....obviously the OWNER should have done more in 29 years, don't you think?

            When you have an "English" pub, you expect "English" food,...so what did he expect when he changed the menu back. He ran off ANOTHER Chef, before the episode ever aired.

            You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink,.....unless you dround them in it, obviously his head wasn't held under the water long enough.
          • Don't give up, Brandon!

            This will come to pass. Please don't assume that your career has been killed. Snooty Fox ended because of bad operations, but it may as well have officially closed even before you entered the picture. You not getting a job, as of the date of your response, is more than likely the economy -- and cash-flow concerns with some restaurant operations.

            I wish you good things.
            Brandon, consider move to the Boise Idaho area. There are a great many restaurants here that would love a good chef like yourself. If you would like to reach me please friend me on Facebook...Hope to hear from you, and I wou be happy to host you while you get on your feet here!
            Dr. Darrell DeMotte
          • Huh ???
            The owner (Tim) says he will look for a job in the restaurant business. Huh ? What ? This guy runs a business ( His very own I might add ) in tot he ground after 29 years and doesn't follow the advice of an expert by reverting back to the old menu.....and he wants a restaurant to hire him to be the manager ? Wow ! This guy is delusional.
            • Change / No Change
              If you look at the social media reviews, it's very clear that Snooty Fox did NOT want to change and quickly reverted back to their old ways.

              You were told the menu, attitudes, commitment to quality were going to be one thing... and found another.

              You apparently left because you would not compromise quality. If you present your case in this way (especially with all of the evidence including the restaurant's closing), a good restaurant should be happy to have you as a chef.
            • i left months before they closed
              I`m the winning chef of The Restaurant Impossible show they did at The Snooty Fox. Me and Tim parted ways weeks before the show cause I saw there was going to be no change. But I`m here to bad mouth The Snooty or Tim. Since the show I`ve been black balled in the city. People think I`m part reason to why they closed. No one wants to hire me for a job. I get interviews but once they see if me from the show. That's all they want to talk about and then no job. Being on that show and having the Snooty close in so many ways killed my career.
              • sad
                While I am sad to see the Snooty Fox close I can understand why people did not continue to go to the Snooty Fox. They reverted back to the "old menu" and most could not get over the dirty kitchen. I grew up in the restaurant business and would never have allowed my chefs, cooks and backside employees let the kitchen area become filth.

                I have eaten at the Snooty Fox, but it would have been hard to eat there again.

                I was taught to be clean and serve great food, and to this day I still believe in this.

                I feel sorry for the owners but they could have made changes at any time........
              • Monon
                I too used to pass this place on the monon up until it closed. I knew it was a restaurant but was always unimpressed at the filth near the rear entrance and that fog-like grease smell that would drift over the monon like a fog. YUCK!
              • Sad
                We have only lived in the Indy area for 2 years but we went to the Snooty Fox for the lake perch at least a dozen times. The old menu was great and the food was very good most of the time. However, I could never bring myself to go back after seeing how filthy the kitchen was. No matter how bad off the owners were there was NO excuse for not cleaning the kitchen. How they ever passed any inspections by the Board of Health I will never know. Does the Board of Health inspect Indy restaurants? How did they miss this one? It is too bad. Does anybody know any other place in Indy where you can get lake perch?
              • no surprise here
                When I watched the show, at the end, it said that the owner did not keep the changed menu...and went back to the original menu. Don't go begging for help then not take the advice of a professional! I have never been there, but wouldn't have dreamed of it after reading they refused to follow Robert's advice. No sympathy here...sorry
              • Dirty
                My Uncle and I used to go there all the time ,But when I watched the show ,I could not belive how Dirty it was ,I used to own a bar and cleaned it every night ,Even when they made it over I would not eat there Thinking he would go back to his dirty ways ,Or will I eat anywhere he works at that he is over the food.
              • A big hole
                We watched the show when it was aired about the Snooty Fox. I used to run on the monon all the time and never knew that it was a restaurant. I always thought it was a banquet hall. Nevertheless, on the show they said they had borrowed a ridiculous amount of money to keep the place afloat and basically had no money for retirement. Sometimes when you make a financial mistake, there's just no going back and it can be very hard to recover from digging a hole that deep. Hopefully someone will open up a new and unique place to jazz up the Nora neighborhood.
                • BU 12
                  Always had a good meal there. Always had a great time. Wish we had fone there more often.
                  Thanks for your kindness and generosity throughout the years. A younger 12.
                • Thanks for the Memories!
                  As much joy, satisfaction and rewards the Snooty Fox has brought to you and your family...the same is true for all that the Snooty Fox has brought to so many of us over the years and me especially. You and Cathy's special touch, commitment, pleasing attitudes and that Queisser Hospitality, not to mention all of the hundreds of "Special Complimentary Events" that you guys did out of the kindness of your hearts have made the Snooty Fox a Northside Landmark.

                  Like you said, the Snooty Fox was more than a restaurant to many of us as well. From a place where groups gathered to conduct business and hold Holiday parties to sports teams that gathered to celebrate their seasons. Many deals brokered, ideas formed, problems solved and many GOOD TIMES had at the Snotty Fox!

                  And for all of this, I say, THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK to the Queisser Family!
                • sally
                  It is so sad how so many people are so quick to judge owners of restaurants and think that this is an easy business. The business is tough all the way around. Indianapolis residents are loyal to the chain restaurants and it is very sad so getting loyal customers is getting harder and harder. Let's talk about servers, good ones are hard to come by and you have to work hard at finding the right people and maintaining your staff. I wish people were not so quick to be so hateful. They just spent 29 yrs of their lives trying to make a good of a business that is very difficult. Quit being so judgemental and saying hateful and just wish these people the best.
                • Reap what you sow
                  Last time I was there the food was marginal, service was wanting, the only nice thing I could say it had excellent iced tea and coffee. But sad as it may, I decided not to return. A place needs to be on its toes constantly and never settle for the status quo.
                • It's Ok
                  He'll be ok. He owns and is the landlord for that entire lot
                • Dirty Fox part 2
                  We used to eat there for lunch on a regular basis until a couple years ago. The last time we were there our food was not cooked properly and they did not offer to do anything about it when we complained. We never returned...
                • Gonna Miss the Snooty
                  It's so sad to hear of the closing of this fine old Northside landmark.

                  We will miss the steaks, perch, soups, and all the other great stuff. Oh yeah, and I'll miss the smelt (complete with a side of Blue Cheese dressing thanks to that wacky Joe Bacon (RIP)). Honestly, we never had a bad meal there.

                  The place survived a fire and the widening of 86th Street. It was my grandmother's favorite place and she's been gone since '98, so I guess we thought it was immortal.

                  Not too worried about Tim -- he's got lots of talent and plenty of contacts. The older servers who had regulars may struggle though.

                  Best of luck to all -- we'll miss you guys!
                • Hoosier Legends-
                  How sad that great multi-generational Queissers who made history in food in Indiana didn't make it--those who remember multi Queissers (and the related legendary Durbins, related to Queissers)will recall how energetic sparkplug Ruth(Cain-Durbin) Queisser built a mountain of food achievements when she opened the tiny"Ruth's)and won awards at downtown corner Ill/Wash. And the legendary old Cozy on Penn--also Queisser achievement.And the legendary Durbin food that got national acclaim in tiny Rushville and later lst Marriott on E.Side (now sadly gone.) There was such a strong family "gene" of great food, absolute cleanliness,integrity,hard work that it is sad the final epitath of the Snooty Fox is its dirty kitchen and ill-advised TV undertaking.

                  Somewhere, soon perhaps, this family deserves a new location and a second chance...we ate at the "renovated"S.Fox recently--basic cooky cutter poorly engineered "re-do" was a sad contrast to the original Fox, and Henry 8th which preceded it. But if someone in this big family has still Aunt Ruth's simple recipes, the Cozy unforgettable food and Mother Durbin of Durbin Hotel down home recipes--they should make a new start on the solid century of gret food.
                • So, so sorry Tim and Cathy
                  Kudos to Tim and Cathy for trying to save their restaurant! Going on camera must have been quite hard for them and their efforts may have been a bit late. Too bad they had to self-fund their losses and hopefully they will be able to regain some of their retirement monies back. Snooty Fox will always be remembered as well as missed. I will miss their steaks, the staff and most of all the Queissers. Nora will never be the same. I wish Tim and Cathy the best of luck in their new endeavors!
                • Not an isolated situation
                  After the major fire the restaurant had in the late 90's, a cleaner from the restoration company spent hours using a putty knife to scrape the grease out of the bottom of the oven. When it reopened, it was in clean & pristine condition. Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I used to love the True Blue Sandwich, but never ate there after the comments from the cleaning crew about how filthy the place was. I was hoping to visit again after the TV re-do, but was horrified to hear the comments again about the filth. Too bad - hard enought to keep a good restaurant open in these times.
                • Too Many Chain Restaurants
                  Snooty Fox was a special place. It will be missed.

                • Too bad
                  A shallow and lame "reality" show was likely the final straw for the Snooty Fox. The host is an arrogant, egotistical fraud, has questionable "expertise", humiliated the owner on camera, made fun of clientele, and openly argued with his designer. It was a mockery. It is clear that the show, its host, and its producers have no real interest in the people actually invested in the businesses they have on the show. The "boost" in business was probably comparable to a "rubber neck" reaction from the general public, curious to witness the car crash first hand. If the show really wanted to help, they wouldn't give it a 48 hour quickie but instead thought of a creative way to make the Monon side the focal point. I understand that the ownership was in a tough spot financially but I really feel that they missed a great opportunity to make the Snooty Fox a valued and successful destination. The area is hurting for decent dining options and Huddles is the only place that really takes advantage of the traffic on the trail in that area. Then again, I'm no restauranteur, therefore, what do I know. Too bad either way. Thank you Snooty Fox. You'll be missed.
                  • Lesson Learned
                    If anything, this situation is one more example that "any PR is good PR" is not always true.

                    You have to be able to control the message and letting a comment about a "dirty kitchen" hit the airwaves is NOT good and would be tough to overcome - perception IS reality.
                  • Bummer
                    I attended a function at Snooty Fox several years ago and the seafood was wonderful. But it was unusually quiet then. I agree, the service has gone downhill but the owner was always a nice guy. As a small family business owner ourselves, it is sad to hear and see this happen. Wishing you well!
                  • Not surprised
                    I'm not surprised it's closing, the one time I went there, we had horrible service and the servers were very rude to us. If the service we had is any indication of how the restaurant was run, I'm amazed it lasted this long.
                  • Redevelopment
                    I'm sure this was beyond the scope of what the show could bring to the table in the form of redoing the restaurant, but I wonder if they could reconfigure the restaurant to be able to open up towards the Monon? Seems like a lost opportunity there...
                  • Sorry but not surprised
                    I'm sorry to see the Snooty Fox close after so many years, but it hasn't been able to attract new customers for at least a decade. Too bad that stupid restaurant makeover show didn't give the owners sound advice to really turn things around. Tim is a first-class guy, and I'm sure he'll be fine.
                  • Not good
                    It's got to be bad for business to go on a TV show where your kitchen is exposed as one of the "dirtiest he's ever seen" per the host. I can't see how a restaurant could recover from sanitation questions like that.

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                    1. why oh why does this state continue to elect these people....do you wonder how much was graft out of the 3.8 billion?

                    2. i too think this is a great idea. I think the vision and need is there as well. But also agree with Wendy that there may be better location in our city to fulfill this vision and help grow the sports of hockey and figure skating in Indy. Also to help further develop other parts of the city that seem often forgotten. Any of the other 6 townships out side of the three northernmost could benefit greatly from a facility and a vision like this. For a vision that sounds philanthropic, the location is appears more about the money. Would really like to see it elsewhere, but still wish the development the best of luck, as we can always use more ice in the city. As for the Ice growth when they return, if schedules can be coordinated with the Fuel, what could be better than to have high level hockey available to go see every weekend of the season? Good luck with the development and the return of the Ice.

                    3. How many parking spaces do they have at Ironworks? Will residents have reserved spaces or will they have to troll for a space among the people that are there at Ruth Chris & Sangiovese?

                    4. You do not get speeding ticket first time you speed and this is not first time Mr.Page has speed. One act should not define a man and this one act won't. He got off with a slap on the wrist. I agree with judge no person was injured by his actions. The state was robbed of money by paying too much rent for a building and that money could have been used for social services. The Page family maybe "generous" with their money but for most part all of it is dirty money that he obtained for sources that are not on the upright. Page is the kind of lawyer that gives lawyers a bad name. He paid off this judge like he has many other tine and walked away. Does he still have his license. I believe so. Hire him to get you confiscated drug money back. He will. It will cost you.

                    5. I remain amazed at the level of expertise of the average Internet Television Executive. Obviously they have all the answers and know the business inside and out.