Letters to the Editor

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No alarm over Indiana pensions

Concern about the Indiana Public Retirement System investment results [March 16] arises from a revolution in institutional investing that started in the 1960s.
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Armbands for bigots

I loved Mickey Maurer’s [March 16] column, “If religion dictates, be prejudiced and proud.” I have an additional suggestion.
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Common construction wage debate marred

Indiana’s common construction wage statute is being vilified in recent media releases using information that is almost laughably inaccurate. The releases espouse that public works projects such as schools, libraries, hospitals and the like can achieve savings of 20 percent by eliminating the common construction wage.
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IndyCar deal with USA Today Sports is ethical

The deal between USA Today Sports and IndyCar [March 16 IBJ] is a marketing relationship that makes USA Today Sports and its affiliated properties a preferred marketing partner of the racing circuit in the United States.
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IBJ spilled on its shirt

Lou Harry’s [March 9] wink-wink-nudge-nudge review of Twin Peaks isn’t a moral outrage. It’s not demeaning to women (who certainly don’t need a man’s help to defend themselves). It’s just laughable.
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Pence development fund deserves another look

Indy Chamber knows that affordability and ease of doing business are important economic development assets. But we also know that we live in a talent-driven economy—and our strategy for growth and jobs must adapt.
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