Pacers revenue sharing will be less than reported

December 1, 2012

The Indiana Pacers are pleased that the NBA revenue sharing plan reached almost one year ago includes significant changes to the sharing among all 30 NBA teams. As was pointed out in the Nov. 26 IBJ, the Pacers’ amount will likely increase, beginning in 2013; however, the increase in 2013 will be dramatically lower than what IBJ reported.

At this point, all amounts that have been discussed are very preliminary projections. The formula adopted by the NBA is complex and dependent on many factors including league and teams’ overall financial performance. Further, the IBJ story correctly stated that the Pacers have experienced significant losses and that the dollars from revenue sharing are no panacea.

While we welcome the changes that have been made, all revenue sharing amounts discussed at this point are merely projections.

The Pacers will continue to work hard to ensure that this community enjoys a competitive franchise on the court, and one that continues to support the community as we have done since our inception.

W.F. Rick Fuson
chief operating officer, Pacers Sports & Entertainment

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