Ridership won’t cover cost of mass transit

April 27, 2013

Responding to the [April 15] millennial view Jordan Updike has of transit, I appreciate his passion for mass transit, and I would echo that passion in the negative. I have read the claims he touts, but as an observer cannot accept the premise that these costs can be covered by ridership.

It is nice that he has been able to lead a car-free lifestyle and put $8,000 in the bank to boot. But I have to ask, how many of my tax dollars does your windfall represent? The Metro system is not profitable and gasoline taxes pay for the streets your bus must navigate.

If the state wants my vote, then leave my taxes out of it and privatize this endeavor. That mass transit system would earn my vote. Quality-of-life issues go both ways, and me paying for yours is not a good idea.


Mike Hutson, Arcadia

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