House bill would cut barber licensing requirement

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Barbers and cosmetologists would no longer need to be licensed under a bill being considered in the Indiana General Assembly.

House Bill 1006, introduced by Rep. David Wolkins, R-Kosciusko, is set to be heard by the Employment Labor and Pensions Committee at 10:30 a.m. on Friday.

The bill also exempts dieticians, hearing aid dealers, private investigators and security guards from licensing requirements.

Wolkins, who is sponsoring the bill, said the move to eliminate the requirements sprung from the General Assembly’s creation of the Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee. Lawmakers established it to assess all licenses, and the bill is the committee’s recommendation. The committee is chaired by John Graham, dean of Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

“Regulations are killing small business,” Wolkins said.

Wolkins said changes to the bill likely will be recommended. In the cosmetology industry, for instance, about 25 different licenses are available. Instead of eliminating licensing altogether, the number may be narrowed, he said.

Every state but Alabama requires barbers and cosmetologists to be licensed. Alabama lets individual counties make the decision, according to the National Association of Barber Boards of America in Arkadelphia, Ark.

The cosmetology industry is speaking out loudly against the Indiana proposal and has launched an online petition opposing it, citing safety and health issues that may arise without regulation.

Greg Kenny Sr., who operates Kenny’s Academy of Barbering in Indianapolis, said the bill would put him out of business because there no longer would be a need for beauty and barbering schools.

“You’re using razors and sharp instruments,” he said. “With all the noise about health and safety, it’s crazy that anybody could open a barber shop and disseminate diseases throughout the community.”

Barbers and beauticians currently need 1,500 hours of training before they can take an exam to be licensed. At Kenny’s Academy, the cost of schooling runs about $6,950. The academy graduates between 60 and 80 students annually.

Licenses, which cost $40 on top of a $50 application fee, need to be renewed every four years. Renewals also run $40. Opponents of the bill argue that regulation doesn’t cost the state money because it operates from the fees.

The industry is regulated by the State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners within the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. The agency licenses 43 professions, from dentists to hypnotists to manufactured home installers.

A spokeswoman for the State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners declined to answer questions about the bill and referred inquiries to a government services liaison.

Brenda Barrett, who operates Jack’s Barber Shop on the second floor of City Market, has been cutting hair for 27 years. She said she’d be surprised if the bill passed but is concerned nonetheless.

Instead of less regulation, she thinks the profession needs even more. A state inspector has been to her shop just once since she opened it five years ago, Barrett said.

“It would be a public safety issue,” she said, if the bill passes. “It would create more harm than anything.”


  • this is dumb comment
    Maybe the health department should regulate it just like the do restaurants....you don't have to be a liscensed cook....oh BTW I'm fairly sure companies with bad practices will go out of business and companies with good practices will be able to afford business insurance. Quit making dumb comparisons.
  • License to work
    Why do you say Alabama doesn't have to be licensed!! I beg you pardon!!! I cannot work in a professional salon without a license. Of course there is always somewhere that doesn't require it. But as soon as State Board walks in the door you could be closed down or possibly fired!!
    In Europe there are schools for hairdressing but you don't get a license afterwards but you are required to assist in turkey and Italy its 7 years in japan it's 10 years England 2 so these people who assist know how to do hair their not just anybody and if your an owner and you hire someone with no experience then ur an idiot I've known stylist from different countries with no license but they are professional clean and safe they have no license but they have experience a license doesn't mean anything look at all the bad hairdressers in the world that have fried peoples hair okay but they have a license doesn't make them a professional at their job I think they should get rid of it because stateboard robs stylist and owners and they fine you for the dumbest f***ing things oh ur license isn't displayed 100$ oh ur wearing open toe shoes fine, oh there's ONE HAIR IN UR BRUSH that's a fine it's like really? So I think they need to go or ease up on their regulations because their too strict
  • This is not competitive.
    Brandligh or whatever ur name is. It's not about competition. I've looked into moving and depending on how long u have ur Licenise determines what u will have to do to get licensing. In that state. Maybe ur technical skills and knowledge of what ur doing aren't And ALSO I DARE QNY ONE OF U PEOE THINKING COSMO SCHOOL ISNT IMPORTANT LET UR FRIENDLY WANNA BE A STYLIST NEIGHBOOR LIGHTENING UR HAIR ONLY TO TURN IT ORANGE THEN WOUT USING GOOGLE OR ASKING AT THE BEAUTY STORE FOR HELP FIGURE OUT WHICH TONER TO USE (if they even know what that is) TO CANCEL THAT HIDIOUS COLOR SO MANY "home jobs" WALK AROUND W. There is so much more to oh I'm just gna grab a pair of what they wld call sicsors. Um they r shears. And do u even know what degree or elevation these non educated people r cutting at?! Why pay some unlicensed person who doesn't know crap the same as some one who has went through chemicals, coloring, hair texture services, sanitation. And so on. I agree w the person who won't hire non licensed people.
  • Have license, also can't have a job if I leave CA
    I have a license for Esthetics in California but if I want to move uk NYC I'm or anywhere I'm screwed. I'm all for this bill. Cosmologists and beauty workers against it are really just worried about competition. The regulations and insane hoops that are required are ridiculous if you want to cut hair or glue some eyelashes on someone.
      I have been a Barber for over 15 years now and I honestly believe that it's unfair for each state to have their own separate laws about hair cutting, isn't hair the same everywhere? Why can I move from state to state and not have to take a road test again to transfer my driver's licence? Because obviously traffic laws are the same all over the country so how different is cutting someone's hair from state to state? Am I going to give someone a disease just by cutting their hair or shaving them? HIV cannot be given to someone unless both parties have a cut and theirs direct contact, so learn about sanitation and stop talking crap, I think it's BS and I feel like instead of paying to renew our licence that money should be used to create a union for barber's and cosmetologists, this country was built by hard working men and women like us and unfortunately we are the ones being taken advantage of but nobody is doing anything about it, law makers are just taking our hard earned money and buying multimillion dollar homes in the Hamptons while we get harassed for not having a Barber licence from the state your living in, its a shame how blind and deaf the American people are because they hear and don't listen and they look but don't see. Yes I said it I am a Dominican American natural born citizen but sometimes I see my parent's country of Dominican Republic and ask myself why did they ever leave? Money is not going to make us happy when Our freedoms are being taken away I rather live in a 3rd word country poor but FREE!
    • Ridiculous
      You have to have a license to cut hair but any Joe Schmoe can be a mechanic working on 800-80,000lb vehicles with absolutely zero training requirements. Cut somebody with dirty scissors? Worst case, they get an infection. Change tires on a bus and a wheel falls off going down the highway? Dozens of people could die. If you want government regulation you need to regulate EVERYTHING. Otherwise the government needs to stay out of our lives!
    • Have liscence can't travell
      If you have a license in Texas you can't practice in California. I think if you have a license in one state you should be able to use it in all states. This practice should be abolished. People have to be more mobile now because of the economy. My husband got a job out of state, and I will not be able to work if I go with him. God help you if you let your Cosmetology lapse more than 3 yrs, in CA you'll have to back to beauty school after 25 years experience.
    • it will not pass i pray
      I have been a barber for more than 10 years and have owned my own shop nowfor 5 bu thisbill should not pass no way no how what about all he people that went to school this is a profesion not a do it if you want but there are so may things that you you need to know with health and safety issuses an as a country that is already in debt how will you tax at are doing it without lisinces atlest those w work in salon ans n shops have to and are required license atlest at my shop they will to show so no this bill should not pass and one more thing barbering and cosmotolgy is a multi million dollar industry what will happen to all the small bussinus owners lik me who know I have instructor license to teach if anyone can just pick up clippers and razors to cut hair there is a right wat and a wrong way to cut hair so how do you know what things to put on a client and not to put on such a chemicals if you don't learn thanks I pray that it will not happen AMEN
    • Im all for this bill to pass.
      Like most of the people saying ish in here the fact of the matter is at the end of the i Dont think a licence should be needed for barbering , only for cosmotoligy . but i think all barbers should have to pass a sanitation course at least showing that they properly know how to clean their instruments after every use. I think its crazy I went to educators of beauty pivot point beauty school just to get a license to cut hair, not do ladies hair, so I go threw all the class work nd testing to learn stuff about the female side of the business and we finally get to the point I signed up for the ish in the first place mans hair cuts . Its only to my disappointment that the section out lined for mans cutting again at EOB is only like a couple hours long and I didn't learn ish smh, IM a African American man and most of my clients are African American I feel like the material covered in the cosmetology school was a waist of time for me I learned nothing, but I did learn about debt pretty fast after leaving smh I feel that barbering is a God given Gift and talent as a consumer we are not going to barber shops seeing or asking who is licenses we want to see who cuts the best and makes you feel right at home while their in your hair, that's why alot of small businesses are failing right know because you can go right down the street from a barber shop to Joe shmoo house who does not have a license but cuts better and makes you feel better about your self when you leave . I say cut the license ish for barbers and just require health and human body care and sanitation degrees or something like that, but as far as cosmetology keep that as is because its alot to learn and know I think that's worth a 1500 hour course not cutting hair.I just put it like this if I can go to the family dollors or Wal-mart and buy some Wale chippers or ever a beauty supply store and no license is needed to grab what license barbers are using to cut hair why not learn the craft for my self and get out their and hustle some heads? It's sad to say this but cutting hair is just like saleing drugs if you cut the best and your price is better then the competition then you winning. God Bless Us All.
    • better idea
      Why don't they leave things the way they are and fix the issue of regulating licenses in all 50 states. Make it easier for professionals that have a license to transfer a license from state to state in all 50 states. I moved from one state that allows you to be licensed by the apprenticeship law and then moved 8 years later to a state that does not allow me to transfer it because different states and counties govern them self and charge differently. schools charge differently and states charge differently... WHY??? If there is a movement for that let me know!!! I'll support that all day!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • barbering laws
      i think there should be an exam but no school for 9 month for 6,000 dollar i have five kids and how do i afford something like that its crazy ive been doing barbering for 8 years now i beliave everything should be the same for health propose but not ao expensive and so long maybe like three month course for 1000 agould afforadlbale to me
    • I Agree
      I've been licensed since 1990, I have worked with hundreds of fellow LICENSED Cosmetologist that do not practice the sanitation required by current law. Let the company / business regulate sanitation, etc. Individuals should still have to attend school/training, pass the exam, receive their license/certificate. Then be able to work anywhere in the USA. That's it !!!
    • Close minded
      I'm really appalled by what a lot of people even make up when it comes to less fortunate people try to do thing how Mitch @ the beginning said all those thing would come from a person not obtaining a license, couldn't the same thing come from a person who has the money to pay for the course?
    • It will cost more
      To eliminate licensing will cost much more in clean up and law enforcement. This is an invitation for trouble in several forms. Barbering will be the front cover for unlawful acts. Drugs, porn, money laundering, bookies, prostitution are possibilities.
      • In school now!
        I am currently attending Paul Mitchell The School. I don't believe this law should fully pass. You do need to be educated to work as a stylist or for clients to even trust you. But through school it is a lot of money and I do believe the students should get some money from the services we do. Yes we do get tips but most times we don't. Right now in my school people think since it is a learning environment we don't deserve a tip. I truly think we should get a percentage of the service we put our heart into our work and get nothing sometimes, and people even say Paul Mitchell doesn't know what they are doing. Honestly I think they are jealous. But I think we should get something from the service prices so the school doesn't get the all the money from our hard work!
      • IsaacC
        If These Laws Pass I will have no Problem Denying the Hiring of an unlicensed individual at my salon.... There is no way that I am going to let the value of my business suffer b.c. Im just letting anyone work there!! I love the comment above that states, "My License is My Badge of Honor." I earned that badge and am very proud of it.. Don't take it away... Here we are again Discussing how A business (Cosmetology Schools) are getting rich, so lets make sure that they don't get too wealthy by doing our part to keep them down and miserable with us.... this all is just absolutely absurd!!!! Out of approximately 30 students that I attended school with maybe 10 are actually pursuing their careers in HAIR... everyone of them had to pay out of pocket.. The others were all government issued grants... like buying your first car or having it given to you.. who is going to take care of it the most...!
      • license what for?
        I've done hair since1983.. Went to school for it! Passed, received my diploma! So why must i have a license as well? You don't need a license in Engla to cut hair or many other counties.. I agree in Education, in the field! a license doesn't show you can actually cut or color hair. I've had plenty of poor cuts, and colors by people who proclaim to know their craft. Its a way for states to make money!? Why must i have a license in every state i move to? Why isn't their a universal license for the whole US? Do away with it! Show your diploma as proof you have been educated, Maybe have mandatory classes in diseases etc
        • Kill The Bill
          I have been a hair artist for 12 years and I know the prices for schooling are high but it's there for a reason. We have to learn a lot about the human body; mostly what nurse have to know. We already have enough people think that a monkey could do our jobs. Lets not let those who think their better than us take our jobs. We have all worked hard to get where we are with our careers. I studied really hard and still take classes. My licenses is my badge of honor. It shouldn't be easy for some one who didn't study and practice for long hours and build a clientele. We all need to think clearly before small businesses forever!
        • let it drop
          You may be able to run it in Indiana but you still would have issues with the rest of the country ... Now back to your garage hair ....
        • don't discriminate
          If people are going to put part blame of the cost of the schooling for beauty professionals as to why they would eliminate licensing , then all profesions should eliminate licenses. Most education programs make huge financial gains, they also have huge drop out rates. I am a licenced cosmetologist for 8 years now and had my student loans paid off after 3 years, yes that is just me but I take my education seriously and make a lot of money because of that. I challenge any who think this profesion should not be licensed to let an uneducated person cut, color, perm and relax your hair. Let them wax your face or do a chemical peel. You would not let them touch you again. They would not return to that buisness therefor that would hurt the buisness financially. That would kill small businesses!
        • We need change
          I understand that the State needs to ensure that people in this industry need to know the health and safety issues involved with this profession. However, it boggles the mind that anyone would require 1500 hours of training to accomplish this task. The Red Cross spends less time training to handle blood. It is more likely that people in the industry have crept in to seats of power and raised the bar in order to protect their investments. I find it appalling that we have schools in this state with tuition fees commonly double that of Pell grants knowing a good number of students will never finish for lack of funds or because attendance policies are so restrictive. The owners of the schools must walk away with a small fortune from the grant money. How else could someone explain how some states tech colleges can offer barbering courses for as little as $2000.00 well below the $10,000 or even $14,000 here. I give kudos to those who could afford school and had the will to see it through the way things are nowadays. But like so many other things I purchase, if I want quality products or service, I look for the union label. I say lower the bar so that talented individuals have a chance to make it... and for those clients not willing to take the risk of walking out of a shop like they haven't had a V8 this morning, go to a union barber.
            Barber Licensing should be mandatory everywhere . Barbershops are dealing with 1000s of different people . They are using the same tools with each customer, who has no relation to the next customer. Bleedin happens sometimes. Even the smallest nick. Some people have dirty hair. The Barber needs to know how to protect himself from infection and also protect other customers from infection. Barbering must require that a person dealing with the public should exercise proper sanitation and have documentation proving that they have been educated on sanitation. And as far as who is a good Barber and who isn't.......... That's the same as saying which carryout has the best cheesesteak lol. As a matter of fact, they should stop having the Health Department regulate restaurants, cuz anyone can cook lol
            • License regulation,
              As a prefessional business owner I agree a license is required but I'm from Western NY and it's very difficult to obtain a license, # 1: very expensive (school),# 2: over 50 miles to obtain info and temp. License . I would agree if we were thought for alot cheaper (10,000.00) and state would invest more money for stylist to obtain a license and educate others how diseases pass with out proper knowledge.
            • Pass it
              No doubt this houldhave been passed. I've worked in my own watched YouTube videos and turned out be a sick barber, but even though I already know why they are going to teach me I have I pay them to pretty much watch me it hair. I don't need any help with schooling. In taking customers from A-1 and royal cuts (indianapolis)
            • really?!?
              You know ask those barbers again when 4 shops appear within a block from their shop's door. All those "who think they can do it better for less" opening their shops for unlicensed barbers for example. Dropping prices like crazy, prices your shop may not be able to match long term for whatever the reason maybe, and we all know there are abunch. Especially, when working with the seasoned barber. Those too good to take that cut in price or that claim they don't need any new customers. Yeah, we all know them...the wrench in the team! In my shop, we as individual self employed barbers are responsible for sanitizing. With all that said, even tho we know the customers in the community divulge everything except vital info such as "hey i have hep C, or untreated ringworm (ever heard oh no that's not contagious anymore? It's already been treated...bahaha) can the unlicensed identify correctly save the customer an embarrassing moment, protect future customers and themselves? Or how about the customer who is immunosuppressed? Any of you supporters out there, probably not tho, cut someones hair with cancer, bone marrow transplant, leukemia, etc? Ever ask them what you can do to protect them as much as you possibly can? Hmmm. Wth? You all act like sanitizing was a minor role. Do you even do it yourselves? Bet you hope hotels and restaurants paid closer attention to this subject
            • Get rid the license requirements
              I am all for your response! I have been cutting hair for 15 years and I have been to hair schools and all you learn is the disinfecting of utensils. I have been doing this for the longest and these schools are only in it for the money. People are already having problems finding jobs and with all these regulations, its keeping us from paying bills and feeding our families. Its necessary for this bill to pass!
              • all for it!!!
                i am all for the bill to pass. ive been to a few schools (kenny's & kays) and they dont teach u anything that youtube or an experienced person could do. i could understand not passing to bill for cosmetology because of the chemical process that may be needed but for barbering i feel you either have it or you dont. most of these school just want the money and you 1500 hours and dont care a bout the craft. ive been cutting hair for 13 years and have seen barbers with no licensing cut beutifuly. so i say get rid of it so people out of work could find some thing to put food on the table and pay taxes. in the end everyone wins
                • schools just want your money
                  I am in support missed have paid I full. It is the biggest. Edward of my time.They don't teach I don't get many cuts daily. Over more cut at my house and learn more at home studying. The book on my on. I say still require a test to get your licences. But don't make it mandatory to pay for nothing. Study on your on or under a license. Barber until you are ready to take the test. Just my two cents.
                • Do your research people.
                  "darius404February 3, 2012 7:03 AM
                  I would if they were any good. Are people too stupid to figure out who can cut hair well? What documented cases are there of people seriously INJURING someone because they didn't know how to cut hair? Little to none, probably. My mom used to cut my hair and my brother's just fine, and SHE never had a license.

                  Besides, it's the buyer's (read: YOUR) responsibility, not the state's, to make sure the person cutting your hair is someone you WANT cutting your hair. "

                  Actually if you were well educated about the Hair/beauty industry you would know that there of plenty of cases where you can seriously injure someone while providing services to their hair or nails.

                  Hairstylists work with a lot of chemicals, a lot of strong chemicals which can be extremely dangerous if you don't use them properly. You can burn someones hair off and/ or burn their scalp by doing color, perms, relaxers, and permanent straighteners. Being a hairstylist is not just about cutting someones hair, when your a little kid and your mom uses clippers from the store and buzzes your hair that's a completely different story. Barbers use straight razors and harp tools and nail techs also use sharp tools which need to be thrown out or properly sanitized so they don't spread disease. ( like how a hospital or doctor office has to properly sanitize their tools.) You wouldn't go to some quack doctor so why would you go to an unliscensed hair stylist for a professional service?
                  To be completely honest hairstyling is not only learned in school (rules, regulations, sanitation, anatomy, diseases, chemistry, etc.) it's also a talent that you either have or don't. You can go to school all you want and still be horrible and doing hair. It's hard enough to find a great stylist who is licensed. I couldn't imagine trying to find one if they didn't even need to be licensed. That would be a complete nightmare, I would go to another state to get my hair done. Your hair is huge part if your appearance why would you want to risk screwing up the way you look?
                • Say NO to license
                  I've been licensed in Florida for over 16 years. Worked with
                  licensed and unlicensed stylist. Salon owners hire anyone who has booth rent. I worked at Smart Style for 3 months.....
                  they paid me $6.67 an hour in 2007, I quit i was promised..
                  40/60 it never happen. State Board only regulates licensed individuals. They only fine us. The ones without license either just walk out of the salon when the inspector comes in ........if they see them in time. Or if caught the inspector simply gives them a warning. A long time ago there was money to make now it's just simply chump change........whay to many people. Oh....Super Cuts called me and offered me a job $7.30 an hour. THIS FIELD SHOULD NOT NEED A LICENSE...so many people are doing hair at home.! I stopped renewing my license like a lot of other stylist and nail techs I know. hahahahahahahahahahahha........lmao
                  • I like my hair
                    I want a licensed professional to cut, perm or color my hair. I have had my hair destroyed by "friends" that promised me they could do a good job cutting or coloring my hair. NO MORE, I want to see a license.

                    I also want my CPA, Medical Doctor, Contractor, Dentist, Chiropractor and other professionals to have proof that they are competent.
                  • stupid
                    I am glad the law didnt pass you may think you can cut hair or do whatever but it takes more than what people realize to do hair.
                  • ???
                    I think this would be crazy to cut Licensing out b/c you need to know proper procedure for anything that you say you are going to be "professional" with. you wouldnt call some one who has never dealt with electricity over to your house to fix a faulty wire or someone that has never dealt with fiberglass to fix your boat. no you wouldnt you would call a professional you dont want your house to burn down or your boat to sink when you go out for a day on the water i know i wouldnt! and i know i wouldnt want someone to who has not been to school or had ALL the proper training to put their hands in my hair!!!! i have to work/wear this everyday!
                  • Alabama Salon Owners Perspective
                    First of all, I agree with a comment posted earlier about student loan forgiveness if passed. Secondly,my salon institutes an intensive training program wether the stylist has graduated cosmetology school or doing an apprenticeship. Also, I agree with the comment that ultimately it is the salon owners responsibility to make sure implements are being sterilized along with other Vital components to a successful and safe salon. If my salon were to receive a fine or a point deduction during inspection I would be forced to blame myself. Not my employees. As long as it was made extremely public that licensing had changed and salons were required to inform clients then I have no problem with it whatsoever. Being a hair stylist comes with great responsibility, licenses or no licenses. I've seen time after time salons running lazily and however they want and when state board inspector comes to town they call and warn each other and quickly mask all violations, clean implements, send unlicensed employees home, just to deceive the inspector. Time after time it's worked. I love my business and will hold it to MY standards which are far higher than any state board and hire whomever I deem appropriate for the position... Regulations or no regulations.
                  • reply to Liz
                    Odd, my last comment was supposed to be a reply to Liz. Oh well.
                  • poor argument
                    I would if they were any good. Are people too stupid to figure out who can cut hair well? What documented cases are there of people seriously INJURING someone because they didn't know how to cut hair? Little to none, probably. My mom used to cut my hair and my brother's just fine, and SHE never had a license.

                    Besides, it's the buyer's (read: YOUR) responsibility, not the state's, to make sure the person cutting your hair is someone you WANT cutting your hair.

                    Furthermore, examples like Kenny's "Academy" simply drive the point home: if Kenny was providing a valuable service people wanted (barbering instruction), his business WOULD survive. That it WOULDN'T shows that people only go there because they are forced to in order to do business. The state needs to cease helping people like Kenny extort would-be barbers into paying their ridiculous fees in order to do something they don't ACTUALLY need to go to school for. Again, it's cutting hair, not brain surgery.
                    • Lets keep it optional!
                      I went to a barber school and for some reason my financial aid got denied..An unafortunetly i cant afford to pay outta pocket..You can ask any one in my home town im pretty good for some one with out a license..Like its been said in previous comments it is a gift either u got it or you dont!...I do think u should have to take classes on sanitation and health just for the safety of your business. How about lets just keep it optional that way if you have your own shop you can choose if you want your employees to be licensed or not!
                      • pass it
                        well I think if should be passed, and it would be up to the salon owners to make sure sanitation and their stylists are up to part, its really up to the clients, because they going to go to who ever they think is good with they hair anyway, lisense or not. The Africans been coming here for years opening up shops and doing hair without license and having no one stopped them, its all in the talent and the gift that god gave you is what makes you a good stalists.
                      • Here's a thought
                        Here's a thought...I think whoever supports this bill should have someone without proper training do their hair. I'm sure they would change their mind real fast!
                      • Um, hellooo.
                        I'm an esthetician and I worked my ass off in school. 700 hours of studying anatomy, chemistry, pressure points, and much more. We need the education or someone is going to get hurt. We do chemical peels if someone who lacks the education does one they can leave burns and scars on someones face. Not to mention they won't be able to point out infections and will problaby spread it to others.
                        • Dumb Bill
                          This is stupid, how many will get diseases and head lice from this if it passes. The Rep who put this up, is the same man who said Semi's would still drive 55, if we got the speed limit raised, how many do you see driving 55 now.

                          Another Stupid Bill
                        • ..... And education speaks?
                          Trade school is not the equivalent to going the distance for 4 years, it's an early break just as getting a GED. It's astonishing how these owners and teachers praise the ideas of keeping society where it is, when it is not moving in a positive direction. It's not a matter of people "waking up" it's more so pride that is consuming the world we live in, and people wanting it all for themselves. You own a shop, so what, no one chooses who you hire but you. Talent is talent, skill is seen in this industry, and most of these trade school graduates can't do what they have been trained to do anyway. It all comes down to the love of the craft...
                          • Wakeup!!
                            I don't think everyone realizes the affect it would have if it passed (not that I think it's going to). It might not impact things immediately. I own a salon and of course I would laugh in the face of anyone who walks into my shop uncertified and tried to get a job. But over time no one would be certified because no one will want to pay for something they don't have to. I would be forced to hire people who are uncertified. Apprenticship? I don't have time to train someone!!! I'm sure as hell not going to pay someone to learn what I've learned just so they can work at my shop for 3 months and then take it somewhere else. I love how they say "It's killing small business". What they're actually saying is "It's killing lame, lazy people who didn't have the drive to finish beauty school who want a title for nothing". My small business is just fine...regulations and all. I don't look forward to being a laughing stock when I say I'm a hairstylist (as if I'm taken that seriously anyway). People will instantly assume I'm a highschool drop out. (And yes you have to prove you graduated highschool or got a GED before you go to beauty school.) The only people who want this deregulated are people who (for whatever excuse they could come up with) couldn't finish beauty school or "less government" people who will be the first one's bitching when they can't find a place to get a decent hair cut because the industry became so saturated with wanna be stylists. It's already overflowing as it is. Then people say "survival of the fittest". I'd say I'm the fittest because I survived beauty school. People who dropped out OBVIOUSLY lacked. Boo hoo I couldn't finish beauty school cause my dad lost his leg and my dog died, and I got food poisoning from a NY strip...yayaya. I doubt this will go through. I think somebody in the house had a stupid granddaughter who couldn't get the job done so "Grandpa make this pesky beauty school go away". I'll go ahead and let all the losers who couldn't finish beauty school dream for a little longer. This will be over soon and we can all get back to our lives. Go back to beauty school and finish it out. If you're still whining and crying about how you can't do it go back to Burger King where you belong. Leave hair to the people who got it done.
                          • Wakeup!!
                            I don't think everyone realizes the affect it would have if it passed (not that I think it's going to). It might not impact things immediately. I own a salon and of course I would laugh in the face of anyone who walks into my shop uncertified and tried to get a job. But over time no one would be certified because no one will want to pay for something they don't have to. I would be forced to hire people who are uncertified. Apprenticship? I don't have time to train someone!!! I'm sure as hell not going to pay someone to learn what I've learned just so they can work at my shop for 3 months and then take it somewhere else. I love how they say "It's killing small business". What they're actually saying is "It's killing lame, lazy people who didn't have the drive to finish beauty school who want a title for nothing". My small business is just fine...regulations and all. I don't look forward to being a laughing stock when I say I'm a hairstylist (as if I'm taken that seriously anyway). People will instantly assume I'm a highschool drop out. (And yes you have to prove you graduated highschool or got a GED before you go to beauty school.) The only people who want this deregulated are people who (for whatever excuse they could come up with) couldn't finish beauty school or "less government" people who will be the first one's bitching when they can't find a place to get a decent hair cut because the industry became so saturated with wanna be stylists. It's already overflowing as it is. Then people say "survival of the fittest". I'd say I'm the fittest because I survived beauty school. People who dropped out OBVIOUSLY lacked. Boo hoo I couldn't finish beauty school cause my dad lost his leg and my dog died, and I got food poisoning from a NY strip...yayaya. I doubt this will go through. I think somebody in the house had a stupid granddaughter who couldn't get the job done so "Grandpa make this pesky beauty school go away". I'll go ahead and let all the losers who couldn't finish beauty school dream for a little longer. This will be over soon and we can all get back to our lives. Go back to beauty school and finish it out. If you're still whining and crying about how you can't do it go back to Burger King where you belong. Leave hair to the people who got it done.
                            • Needed
                              The barber and beauty world are two very controversial industries, the problem with the two are talent. I have been too many places and I have seen barbers and beauticians from the best to the worst. I happen to be a barber myself, and let me state this clearly, you either have "it" or you don't. No matter what school you go to, that talent is gained from self determination. I have been cutting hair for almost 5 years, and I know for a fact that there are barbers that can't do what I do after training and 10+ years of experience. When it comes down to it, the people will come to who they feel are good, no great at what they do, we all appreciate our appearance... Regulations on cleaning should still be around, but people know when someone is not worth the visits. The so called Barber tycoons don't want this bill passed simply out of greed, especially barber school owners... Let the people perform that have the skill to, the rest will do what they have always done.
                            • Wake up
                              I have been to a lot of licensed people to have my hair done and some were great others were really bad, either you have a talent for this or not and no License and schooling is going to change that schooling and getting certified is enough.

                              Open your eyes america we have young school girls behinde the pharmacy counter with pharmacy tech bages on filling your medicine for you, if anyone needs schooing and to be licensed its them I would think we should be more upset and yelling about that and those in eye doctors offices doing some of your eye test yeah not schooled certified nothing we should be more upset about that.
                            • Stupid a$$ Bill
                              I am a cosmotologist and i hope this bill does not pass it is a slap in the face to our industry. or how about if this bill passes anyone that owes student loans shouldnt have to pay them back since we went to school for nothing its crazy you need a license to sell liquor but not to use chemicals or cut someones hair why dnt they cut the licenses that have no meaning like selling tobacco or liquor or hell even for a candy store are they really serious with this one
                              • Licensing
                                All I can foresee if this is passed is a huge amount of trouble for both the "client" and the one giving the service! It seems obvious those who are perpitrating and pushing for this bill are ill informed as to the knowledge these people need and learn. I was a beautician years ago and remember that some of the things I needed to know went far beyond cutting. curling, coloring etc. We had to take classes similar to basic classes a person studying and preparing for the medical field would take. Just a passing thought, are the guys pushing this bill baldys?
                              • Licensing
                                I have been a patron a non-licensed Barber. He was as thorough & sanitary as any other [professional]. As with anything I think there should regulations regarding any profession especially when serving the public. Tattoo artist aren't schooled yet they're allowed to LEGALLY opertate in a shop. Allow barbers to participate in an apprenticeship 7 require they take a public health class. Regulate their them keeping that current. I support any & every small business I can by keeping my money in MY NEIGHBORHOOD. Let these talented people get to work doing what they're passionate about without the stipulations!
                              • Licensed and For It!!
                                Just because you have a license does not mean you are good at it. I have seen many bad hair dressers out there. To those worried about chemicals and such they sell the same chemicals and scissors and just about everything we use at Sally to the public. I have been doing hair for 10 years. I know some girls that have the talent and can not go to school for different reasons. I would love to have them apprentice and make money doing what they love. Why should the state hold them back? It would make the business a lot more competitive. And what about tattoo shops? You don't go to tattoo school. You apprentice and take a public saftey/health class. And they have way more health issues to handle then hair dressers do.
                              • owner and hairdresser
                                You are so right!! How in the world do they think this will lower and help our budget!!!We need sanitation rules as much as knowing what your doing...We have earned the right to have license and be professional at the same time.I've been in this business for 48 yrs.I've never been off even over 4 months in my career. I can't believe this is happening for all the money I have brought in to this state.
                              • What are you thinking?
                                How in the world could you think this is a good idea? I could see this benefiting anybody else besides Americans. As a cosmotologist for 35 years and a salon owner for 10 years I have worked very hard to get where I'm at professionally. It's a SLAP in the face to our whole industry! You have no idea what your talking about. You can truly see that this is some kind of brain fart with no thought process at all. There are all kinds of people, stylist,whatever that cut hair in their garages, kitchens wherever? Regulation is a good thing,so is education. Back in the day, Barbers were also the surgeons! How about you coming over to my Parlor and I give you a BRAIN!
                              • Please read the bill
                                Has anyone even thought to look at this from a positive light? Every year thousands of students with thousands of dollars in loans go on to work at great clips or another large chain for at or slightly above minimum wage. salons are free to take on assistants that they see talent in and shape them into a stylist of there standards and the untalented will continue to work at Greatclips/ fantastic sam's/ Supercuts/ ect.. for minimum wage but without the thousands in debt. Who does this bill really hurt? The schools who charge supercut prices, dont pay there students/stylist, and charge thousands in tuition. Great salons will train great apprentices just like in the old days and people who want a great cut will pay for it. Your skill is your measure of success not a piece of paper in a back room that says you know how to keep the shop clean for the customer. The bill basically states that there is no need to regulate health conditions anymore because ultimately the client has legal recourse. Will you say to your client "bill 1006 passed and we no longer have licenses so Im lowering my prices." or " Bill 1006 passed and Im no longer licensed making me worth less." because if you or your shop do I want to see it. This bill hurts schools not salons!
                              • Madness!
                                This bill is reckless, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never had a salon service done. As someone who is ill and on medication, I need a trained stylist who knows the implications of the chemicals they use on my hair so that I don't end up bald or worse. Sanitation is even more important to me so that I don't get sick or pass something on to someone else. These things have to be taught, they have to be learned, and there has to be not only certification or licensing process, but there has to be consequences for people who attempt salon services without the proper education. As a Republican I support deregulation, but not to the point of madness. Keep state cosmetology regulations in place, and deregulate in areas where you won't kill or maim anyone!
                              • health and safty
                                it is not just cosmetologist and barbers that are concerned, at yesterdays hearing well educated doctors and health care administrators voiced there concerens about the proper sanitation practices that are involved in this professional licensing debate. That is a large percentage of the 1500 hours of training and testing procedures.
                              • jakhari
                                Evrybody that got a liscense cant even give a quality haircut but barbering is more than just cutting hair. Sanitation is very important and alot of undergradguate barbers lack that knowledge. Alot of us do know it tho. Maybe just a state administered test or requirement on safety issues would be nice.
                              • At least Apprentiships.
                                Half of the people commenting need to go to school forever then... Because they still messing people up. They greed talking... Fear that the talented can rise from poverty... If you had talent, school only informed you of how to pass the test. If you were liked talented or not you were passed right threw. All about the money that is not fixing all these jacked up licensed hairdos. You work should speak for itself. I made national news with mine and can't buy a license in Indiana with my life. 20 years I been trying!!! I got people around the world that love my cuts. I'm always at the crossroad. Help my family now by saving for school later. Then sent back to save for another mission by some hater. I was about to leave this state to get my life straight (certified and recognized for what I do best) I will wait to see if they vote it away, I been praying for a way out of this messed up nightmare. Just think I have to cut hair to pay for gas,food, tuition, supplies, then take care of home all with the same haircut money. I got to climb a mountain just to get in the door to school. All of hair.... Wow. Gimme my papers I bet everybody be happy (Even my baby's mommas.)
                                • error in statement
                                  Alabama does require licensure by exam after having attended a state approved school for 1500 hours or completing an apprenticeship of 3000 hours.
                                • Get real
                                  I'm in cosmetology school. I'm going to school to be colorist and to sculpt hair (cut hair). Its not about losing money, its about the general public's health and safety. If you want a burned sensitive scalp, or your hair to be combed with the same molding comb that was used on someone who has lice, then be my guest. Go to someone who has never even been to school for this. If i wasn't even in school, i would oppose. They make Licensing for this type of PROFESSION for a REASON. Would you get surgery from a blind person? No you wouldn't.
                                  • Not just the salon owner
                                    I disagree that it is just school owners and salon owners who are concerned. My STAFF brought this bill to my attention and signed the petition before I knew anything about it. YES, we do stand to loose if we have compettion, but consumers stand to loose a whole lot more...hair, skin, nails etc.
                                  • actually...
                                    I worked really hard to get my Cosmetologist licence, however I work full time in a factory. I neither own a salon nor work in one. I completely oppose this bill because of the safety issues. If you havent been licenced or gone to school you don't have the slightest clue how to properly clean and sanitize your impliments... If this bill gets passed, im sure the number of diseases and disorders being spread will skyrocket. Along with the fact that chemical services are extrememly dangerous when you don't know how they work or how much to use. You can cause real damage to the skin with burns and abrasions when you don't know what you are doing.
                                  • what does David know?
                                    Rep. David Wolkins' professionally taken photos prove he has no idea about professional barbers, etc.
                                  • MoniqueB.
                                    I'd like you to go get a Microcurrent facial from someone who has not been trained and licensed to administer one. Or, go ahead and get a straight razor shave on your neck from someone with zero experience. Go on. While you're at it... go get a chemical service performed on your head and let's see if you come out with any hair left. Let's get real here. Use your brain.
                                  • Dangerous
                                    It's not only professionals that are against it. Imagine getting a chemical service done on your HEAD from someone who has had no training. It could be disastrous!!! And yes, those of us that spent 1500 hours and thousands of dollars would like to keep it mandatory to have a license.
                                  • one sided opposition
                                    It's enlightening to see who opposes this bill. So far, the only people they can find who oppose it are people who own schools or salons who stand to lose financially with more competition.

                                    Thankfully, you don't make laws to protect people from competition.
                                    • Not Quite
                                      Restaurants must be licensed by the State Board of Health which does come and make visits on a regular basis and will close a restaurant down for even the smallest of violations.

                                      Regulation when it comes to peoples safety is where regulation needs to be. Requiring a hair stylist to use barbecide on combs and scissors so lice and other things aren't spread is just a minor part of this. Hepatitis, Menengitis, and HIV should only be a few of the concerns people have. Those are pretty big concerns.
                                    • SUPPORT this Bill
                                      Freedom - I completely agree. The key is self-regulation. Support this bill in order to deregulate and bring about self-regulation.
                                    • Finally
                                      I have always wanted to be a private detective. If I can get my concealed weapon permit, I will hang my business shingle for all to see. "We Cut Hair and Investigative Costs to the Bone".
                                    • Nonsense
                                      To think that because the government will stop handing out pieces of paper, all safety and sanitation practices will go out the window is absurd. Restaurants don't have to license their cooks or food prep employees, who have way more opportunity to damage public health. Yet all restaurants have standards of practice because guess what, if they make a mistake people will stop going there and they will likely be hearing from the health department. Eliminating the licensing requirement, while I am sure feels like those who have licenses have been wronged in some way, will give more people who can't afford beauty school a chance at a career, and open up more jobs. If you think having a license is essential to your profession, open a salon and hire only licensed people, advertise that way, criticize the ones that don't, and be proud of it.
                                      • ridiculous
                                        Do our reps and political officials have nothing better to do than this! As a cosmetologist of 18 years, I have never heard anything so ridiculous. What is next....eliminating dentist and nursing license???? We are in a profession where we have went to school and have to know chemistry(how chemical procedures change the hair structure and the impact is has on different hair types and what can be used and not depending on hair types), anatomy(the study of the bones of the face,head and hands and feet etc.),health and safety...everything from recognizing everything from lice, skin conditions to fungal conditions etc.) electricity(how it works and using safety precautions)Sanitation within the salon and the list goes on. Not only is hairdressing an art that not just ANYONE can do, but our clients depend on us to be trained, informed on the latest and have clean and sanitary salons to go to. I really hope this bill is not passed for everyone's sake and safety.
                                        • Deskilling Workers
                                          Wake up people! This is just another way to "deskill" workers....translated that means PAY LESS!! Has nothing to do with unions....deskilling and underpaying affects EVERYONE!! Wake up America or go begging!! The goal seems to be have everyone WORK but qualify for government aid!!
                                        • huh???
                                          Unions are not mentioned anywhere here. Why are you bringing them into this thread?????????????????
                                        • Really?
                                          Maybe someone should find out if Wolkins or his associates plan on starting up a privatized licensing agency to handle the "licensing" of these professions. It appears as though the Republican element of this and other states are looking at ways to privatize a variety of governmental functions...I'll bet that you'll find them jumping in to make a profit off it after such legislation passes.
                                        • Huh?
                                          Regulation of this type is a good thing. But unions have no business in this industry, or many others, for that matter. This is not a union issue!
                                          • duh
                                            I am a stylist in Indiana.We need regulation,it protects both the client and stylist.On the other hand the state will be out of a ton of money.No license means they dont know who is working and this is a no brainer...if they dont know you are working do they think you are gonna report that income.They are trying to 'save'money this is not the way....
                                          • understood but...
                                            This agency is the same agency that licenses your Indiana teachers and doctors we all send our licensing application to the same place. would it be different if it was the safety of your children? Because lice hepatitis merca...from an unsanitized untensil...because they have no one making sure they had an education to teach them otherwise....that should be your concern as well. The jobs it takes away and buisnesses will depleted...indianas cosmetologists nails techs estheticians....really? You don't go to these professionals ever? If u do ...I guarantee u will ask for a license....these jobs bring Indiana a huge revenue. U should ne ashamed..r u an Indiana resident? Clearly not...because u just agreed its ok to take away jobs? I sure hope u have a secure job.
                                          • think twice sir...
                                            I assume these officials making these decisions understand the harm this can do. Before your wife or daughter has a chemical process on their hair I hope they have a licensed cosmetologist because the burns can be gruesome. I hope they don't contract lice since their new cosmetologist has no clue about sanitation. And for the officials that like that clean shave...I hope for u they know how to clean that straight razor correctly. Hepatitis is not fun.
                                          • Worried...
                                            What I have to be more concerned with is the proposal to drop licensing for security guards and private investigators. Without a licensing requirement - which includes insurance and bond requirements - there are all sorts of dangers. Just one example; UNLICENSED, UNINSURED, NON-BONDED "SECURITY GUARD" "protecting" a hospital or warehouse full of drugs? Get real!
                                          • disappointed
                                            I think the government officials in Indiana need something better to with their time! I am so disappointed in them right now. Trying to pass a law that you do not have to have a license to be a barber or a cosmetologist! I would be scared knowing that someone was using chemicals,razors and scissors near my head with NO training! No matter if you are cosmetologist or not, no matter if you are from indiana or not, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to keep this bill from passing!

                                            Someone should ask Rep. David Wolkins how he would feel if someone he loves got hurt or cut by some untrained, unlicensed "stylist"
                                          • .
                                            Don't worry Jim. You can come to me, I am licensed! LOL!
                                          • We The People
                                            Just wondering if the citizens of Indiana should be allowed to have a say in this before it's just decided by some guy in a suit.
                                            It would be great if the beauty industry could "regulate" itself, but this change is supposed to take place by July 2012. There is no way that adjustment can be made that quickly.
                                          • Employment
                                            This law gives Hoosiers another chance to be more like our friends in Alabama, not trained, not skilled, not licensed and not union. Indiana lawmakers are focused on foreign people taking our jobs for a cheap wage and WE THE PEOPLE are accepting this and turning our heads away.
                                          • Capitalism
                                            The government has no business licensing these professions. Let the free market do its job. This will open the door for private licensing organizations. It will be more efficient. Consumers will be the ones deciding on if they wish to use an unlicensed barber or one licensed by a private certification company.

                                            The idea that you would only go see one of these people if some government agency said it was OK is beyond abusrd.

                                            A step forward for freedom and less regulation.
                                            • Seriously!!!!
                                              As a Cosmetology student this bill is certainly one of the most ridiculous and horrendous things I have ever heard of...Not only endangering are publics safety but those of the person without the training in any of these areas this bill proposes!! This would close down my school and leave all of the students including myself out of money and wasted time and energy...I with everyone I would not want my haircut by someone without the proper training, what about the hearing aid specialist seriously...this is outrageous!!!!!!!!
                                            • What Absurdity is Next?
                                              In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Realtor who is also licensed by the State of Indiana.
                                              I am appalled that I could be receiving a haircut by someone with no training or license required. That I could be getting a hearing aid from someone with no training or license required. What chance would citizens have for a redress of grievances. I have had two complaints against me with the Attorney General's office during my 22 years of practicing real estate. While the complaints were dismissed and I was inconvenienced, I would hate to think that people who thought they had been wronged, for whatever reason, did not have the threat of a license revocation or lesser penalty against any holder of a license from the state. There could be improvements in the training to get licenses as well as what is required to get a license, but a license to enter these professions is absolutely necessary.
                                            • Callous Disregard for Consumers
                                              What, pray tell, is the evidence that "regulations are killing small business" in these fields? It certainly isn't evident to me that this is the case. I believe that the interests of consumers and the professionals in these fields are being blatantly disregarded and disrespected here. As a consumer, I want a quick way to identify who has met the requirements to hang out their shingle, and certification is how I can currently do that. I don't want to have to search around to find out which dietitian or hearing aid specialist, etc. has had serious complaints against them, etc., and true professionals are proud to get educated in their field and then have the proof that they have attained a prescribed standard. We are told that it's about jobs, jobs, jobs, yet we get bills like this one and the one that will regulate how the national anthem can be sung. I shake my head at the lack of integrity I see displayed. If this bill passes, every scam artist around will head for the Hoosier state and set up shop.
                                            • Unlicensed does not equal untrained!
                                              Why does everyone automatically assume that if licensing goes away it automatically means that people are no longer going to be trained? There are many “professionals” that require as much or more training and they aren’t required to have a license. If I am a salon owner, would I hire someone who hasn’t gone to beauty school? Not if I wanted to keep customers. Most beauticians drive their business through referrals anyway. The industry can regulate itself without the need for the government to step in.

                                              The point I want to make is that not every profession needs to be licensed.

                                              Shoot, maybe everybody should have to be licensed so the government can protect us from ourselves. Anyone think that parents should be licensed?
                                              • BH1006
                                                There are to many reasons why this bill shouldn't pass. And as a 20 year tax paying beautician I understand what my education ment to me..and that can't be replaced.I would hate to have it all thrown away just from a loss of votes.It took more than that to get it& I'm still learning. As a consumer..I would not put trust in any one that isn't licenced to put their hands in my hair due to fungus & bacteria. Anyone that touches you puts you in danger of disease. I have heard of people dieing from massages and facials...I've seen people go bald due to infections..even parralized from massages..and we as consumers should trust these people with our health? It seems like a plot to remove the middle class!
                                                • What is the reps point?
                                                  This is where the rest of us are ok with the dems walking out. What are the Republicans thinking. When the public cries out for less regulation or laws they mean to stop dreaming up some of this garbage. This is a nonsense bill. Sorry barbers most people will not call the state house on this one, but rest assured if it passes i will only go to someone who is licensed. Someone ask Wolkins if he had to pass somethin besides a popularity contest to to do what he does.
                                                • Really??
                                                  Is the licensing requirement REALLY killing the cosmetology industry? Really? There is a barber or haircut place on every corner and more are opening up every day. Beauty schools are full. If anything, businesses are closing because there is a glut of them. Do you really think there will be a groundswell of home haircut businesses if the licensing requirement is abolished, and will this really and truly help our economy? And just think of the health issues of unlicensed, unregulated beauticians, and dieticians as well.

                                                  And security guards...is the licensing requirement to be a security guard really stopping people from getting jobs?
                                                  I certainly don't want just any uneducated yahoo with a gun guarding our warehouses, office buildings and the like. Who knows what might happen.

                                                  This is worse than a frivolous bill--it is downright dangerous to Hoosiers' health and safety.
                                                • Please say this is a joke
                                                  I have a VERY hard time believing that this is the way in which our legislators are spending their time.

                                                  Cosmetolgists, dieticians and security guards all have the public's health and well-being in their hands. If this bill should pass (which would be asinine), I will be learning how to give myself spa pedicures and manicures. Additionally, I will be seeking training in how to cut my own hair as well as that of my daughter. I REFUSE to put my trust in someone when I have no way of knowing if that person has been properly trained.
                                                  What's next? Why not make certified public accountants exempt too? Speaking as one, I think that would be beyond stupid, but then again...
                                                  These are professions and people in these professions should be treated as professionals, which means there is regulation. Licensure seems like the easiest way to track this.
                                                • Snip the bill
                                                  How stupid can our elected officials be to consider this? Im guessing the fine Rep thinks cutting hair is easy, thats because he is sitting in front of a person who has gone through school, is a PROFESSIONAL, has a license, understands how to cut hair, understands how to prevent him from desease, infections and lice, understands how to prevent skin from chemical burns, nails from fungus, facials that dont scar and makes it all look easy while talking to him about sports. Well bucko there is a reason we go to school and its to keep you and your family safe while visiting us in the salon.

                                                  This is a STUPID bill that needs to be cut!

                                                • Licensing
                                                  Maybe the rep flunked the state exam. What a bunch of crop. Seriously wanted some drug addict cutting my hair or tinting a female only to use wrong chemicals are scarring them or even worse? I want to consult people about the diets and tell them anything I can to make lots of $$ with no recourse? Public schools are bad enought without some idiot thinking no schooling is needed. This guy may have immunity from lawsuits but be ready for the flood wieh the first wave of injured people surface. Nice move Goober.

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