IMPD suspends officer over golf cart incident

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has suspended and reassigned a supervisor on Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi's security detail who incorrectly reported that a fellow officer—and not Brizzi—was driving a golf cart that flipped at a 2008 political fundraiser.

An IMPD internal affairs investigation found that Brizzi was driving the cart that flipped on Oct. 10, 2008, injuring Detective Steven Buchanan, a member of Brizzi's security detail.

Sgt. Michael Thayer, the security detail supervisor who attended the golf outing while off-duty, filed reports showing Buchanan as the driver. IMPD said in a statement Tuesday that Thayer failed to correct the report a week later after he learned that Brizzi was driving the cart.

Thayer will be suspended for one day without pay and reassigned to an IMPD crime-reduction initiative. Meanwhile, IMPD officers assigned to Brizzi's security detail will no longer conduct grand jury or other investigations.

The inquiry into the golf cart incident, first reported on IBJ.com on Monday, began after the department received tips suggesting reports about the incident contained incorrect information.

Buchanan broke his wrist and bruised his knee after a golf cart carrying him and Brizzi flipped at the Ironwood Golf Club.

Police reports filed at the time says Buchanan was behind the wheel about 1 p.m. when "an unidentified white vehicle" backed out of a parking spot, causing him to swerve and flip the cart. The incident reports do not mention Brizzi.

The Republican prosecutor that day was hosting his fifth-annual "Putt with the Prosecutor" golf outing, which started at 8:30 a.m. and featured "St. Elmo shrimp cocktail on course" and a "Ruth's Chris Beverage Station."


  • Please....
    ...just don't arrest the cute gals at the dry cleaners. It's not their fault their boss needs an ethics lesson.
  • re
    You might want to call Dennis Halliden at the local FBI office, someone told me he is the FBI agent handling the Durham et al case.
  • Take Them Down
    Several of us know about the fake WME certification John engineered.
    Maybe we should all get together go to the FBI, State and IRS. Then we all go over to Capitol street and watch them all be arrested.....

    • Look at page 31 of this Bales document
      does not and will not represent 3rd parties?

      Okay, John. What the heck was Elkhart then?

      PS, Dontcha love the minority classification. He just thought of everything.

      • If you think
        If you actually think these guys are innocent, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you for a great priceâ?¦..
        Maybe John B or Wendy M will be the broker, oops forgot they will be in jailâ?¦.. Maybe I will see if Spectrum Management and Development, LLC can help with that. Or will they be in jail also for fraud and racketeering?
        Guilty till proven innocent with these foolsâ?¦..
        All involved get familiar with the color orange and try to learn the prison lingo. These tips will come in handy for your long stay in prison.
      • If you think
        If you actually think these guys are innocent, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you for a great priceâ?¦..
        Maybe John B or Wendy M will be the broker, oops forgot they will be in jailâ?¦.. Maybe I will see if Spectrum Management and Development, LLC can help with that. Or will they be in jail also for fraud and racketeering?
        Guilty till proven innocent with these foolsâ?¦..
        All involved get familiar with the color orange and try to learn the prison lingo. These tips will come in handy for your long stay in prison.
      • Resignation
        Brizzi is not allowed to resign until he helps Jack Cottey find Ross's ass.
      • What is the IMPD crime reduction initiative
        Does it take an initiative for the IMPD to want to reduce crime? What kind of special detail is it, anyway?
      • Hangers On?
        Let us look at your points: If you read correctly the 19-mos. refers to the ridiculous golf cart incident; the creation of companies, Llc's, corps., etc. is intelligent business; virtually all co.'s use PO boxes for remittance; you quote Brian Bash - hardly impartial and not a prosecutor a trustee; why would expect to hear anything from BD? They are a law firm not a PR machine; you say nothing will happen to Brizzi because of the idiocy of local laws, so work to change them, but they are the laws; you mention Durham lied to banks about his finances-is that what financial statements and credit reports are to show; and finally you use the terms "It appears..." and "It looks to me...", which may appear to be conjecture. All parties involved to whatever degree are still innocent...though continue to pay dearly without a charge being brought...or if brought, not proven? Some kids in Durham, NC (no pun intended) could probably better explain...
        • Question
          This document shows Carl Brizzi is still on the Board of Fair Finance.

          Those investigators have copies of the harddrives showing each email ever sent. This document suggests there wasn't one from Brizzi showing a resignation. I wonder if Brizzi will get charged with racqueeting by Ohio since no one in Indiana is ever going to do anything to him:

        • Scapegoating... Pure and Simple
          Carl's a great example. A paragon of virtue. If you'll notice, the allegation is not that Officer Thayer lied but that Brizzi didn't come clean and that Officer Thayer "supposedly" learned of it later but didn't go back and amend the report. If Brizzi told me tomorrow was Friday, I wouldn't believe it.
          • Witch hunt?
            Hangers-on, you are most amusing this morning. 19 months ago was when a witch hunt was started against Tim Durham? Recheck your dates. I believe the FBI raid of Fair Finance was less than 24 hours after someone hopped up to Goshen, Indiana to slap a purported BAB Equity mortgage against the infamous Elkhart property that Brizzi told WIBC he owns "at least 50% of," whose address of record, according to the IBJ, is a p.o. box leased by John Bales.

            If you do the math you can clearly see the FBI raid was not 19 months ago and actually less than seven months ago. But since you can't do math I can understand why you would believe the magic math wand Tim wants you to believe he was able to wave around and created hundreds of millions of dollars from trailer factories "running 24 hours a day," and not from the--as Trustee Brian Bash calls it--the looting of the life savings of Fair Finance's elderly investors.

            I find it interesting that no one from Baker Daniels is rushing to Tim or Carl's defense. Baker Daniels is the home of the trustee-appointed local attorney Jay Jaffe. I have a hunch he knows exactly what Durham and Brizzi are, and you know how hard it is to keep a secret at a law firm, especially when their files probably aren't under lock and key.

            As for no criminal charges I applaud not only the FBI but also the Ohio Attorney General for diligently dotting every "i" and crossing every "t" to ensure criminal charges are able to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Durham and Brizzi are lawyers. And maybe nothing will happen to Brizzi because of the idiocy of the way some of the local laws are written. Durham will not get out of criminal charges. Not only did he loot over $200M, it appears he committed state sales tax fraud on all those cars, bank fraud to the various banks like Shelby County Bank and Webster Bank and all the other banks he lied to about his real sources of money and who else had liens where.

            And, don't forget the IRS. EVEN IF these boys can get out of criminal charges don't forget the IRS. It looks to me like Brizzi may not have reported his true income to the IRS. I sure didn't see his true income listed in his divorce filings; go pull the Boone County divorce file of Brizzi and look for yourself. He either lied in Boone County or he lied to the IRS or he lied to both.
            • Logic laughable?
              OJ Simpson? And my logic is questioned? Though I risk the pitfalls of a battle of wits with an unarmed man, here you are Mr. Ponzi: You claim Mr. Brizzi and Mr. Bales are "scumbags", yet you have no proof that either did anything illegal (in the case of Mr. Bales who is not a public official, you may want to look up the definition of libel). Your rush to judgement (see Duke Lacrosse case), seems to be emotional rather than substantive. If the concept of innocent until proven guilty and judging someone by their job performance is illogical, I'll go to that side, it is better than letting those with an agenda or grudge think for me.
              (Note: things did not work out so well for the last guy with the name you are using, may want to consider changing it)
            • Pieman
              Give me a clue, who is the pieman in the riddle?
            • PieMan
              fraud fraud fraud spectrum management and develepement lcc and spectrum ventures llc
              • Loans
                Commerce capital --- Follow the money
              • OJ Simpson & Carl Brizzi Comparison
                FPB1's logic is laughable. Bales and Brizzi are scum bags. Yeah OJ Simpson had a great statistical feet in the NFL but he is still a criminal... FPB is a slow learner but then maybe he got a brown bag lunch from someone...
                • Hi John
                  Hi John Bales,
                  Thanks for the reply. I am behind you watching...
                  • Really?
                    The statute mentioned refers to golf carts on private property as much as it does your child on his scooter...Mr. Brizzi did not file or make a statement, the officer did and I doubt after the union gets ahold, it will stand-up (19-mos. later after the continued witch hunt for Mr. Durham - that continues to go nowhere, so they take off after Brizzi). Again, not sure why a "Business Journal" is interested in this story, but Mr. Schouten obviously got the "witch-hunt" beat at the IBJ. Have yet to see a prosecution record, number of cases tried, performance against budget, etc...If you have an issue with the Prosecutor's performance, print it...why holier-than-thou now and not 7.5 years ago when Mr. Brizzi was elected (or 3.5 years ago when he was re-elected)? Print some substance or go back to real news.
                    • Simple
                      Spectrum Management and Development, LLC Spectrum Ventures,LLC
                    • Online Petition for Brizzi's Resignation...

                    • Is it true?
                      There is a rumor that the MCPO is so desperate for deputies that Gillian DePrez has been rehired. She was a deputy before she was arrested for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident.
                      • Recourse against Brizzi?
                        Carl Brizzi is an absolute joke. He has entered that rare stratosphere where NOTHING you hear about him will surprise you. He has zero credibility and is killing the morale within the MCPO. Do we have ANY recourse to have him removed from office? Someone needs to organize something formal against this buffoon-- a recall, petition, rally-- whatever. Seriously, he's got to go...
                      • Read my post again
                        Seth is back in his old job and Mike Witte is the new boss. Its on the Indiana lawyer website.

                      • re
                        You sure about that? Ask Seth if in fact he said nothing will be done because Brizzi will be out of office at the end of the year.

                        You know, Seth--the guy that took Don's place. Call him yourself, want his direct #? It starts with 317-223-0 (last three numbers deleted for his privacy, since we wouldn't want him bombarded will calls about why Don did nothing last year and Seth will do nothing this year.)
                        • Wrong on Disc. Comm.
                          I know you are wrong. First of all, no one at the SC would even comment on the matter. I DO KNOW that Brizzi is in fact being investigated by the SC Disciplinary Commission (3 matters I know of personally), and further, they have just installed a new Executive Secretary, a very capable former Judge - Mike Witte. The Supreme Court is quite upset with my Brizzi and his antics. But don't argue with me, just let this thing take its course. They move slow, but they are not giving Carl a pass by any stretch of the imagination. If Carl is practicing law (meaning his license is suspended) this time next year, I will be amazed. I forsee a 180 day suspension with NO automatic reinstatement.

                          YMMV, but this is what i know.
                        • Consequences
                          So here's what should be happening to those involved:

                          Brizzi-strip his JD from him and bar him from practicing law. He will not get far in this town in business.

                          Bales-the State Licencing agency should revoke his broker's license and look into how he is involved in Spectrum Management.
                          Same with Page and whomever else is a taint to their professions. Be ready for complaints because there a plenty of people
                          out there who these crooks have lied and stolen from.
                          • Teflon Brizzi
                            I've been following these stories for a while now and am personally appalled at the conduct of Carl Brizzi. I am also appalled to know we have no recall statute on our books, so on a lawyer friend's advice I called the Disciplinary Committee at the Supreme Court and was told no, nothing will be done to Carl Brizzi and that no investigation will be conducted because he is leaving office anyway.

                            Leaving office with a full pension, by the way.

                            Once again, while the officer's conduct is wrong why is nothing being done to Brizzi who knowingly allowed, winked and high fived this false police report to be filed? If I or my wife or our neighbor did something like this I would be charged with no less than a Class B misdemeanor but I would be charged, and if there was an injury I might be charged with a felony.

                            I googled the statute and see below. Carl Brizzi was the driver of a moving vehicle that was in an accident that caused his deputy/bodyguard to break his hand/wrist, which has probably caused some permanent dismobility for that deputy. Carl Brizzi knowingly allowed a false report to be filed to avoid his role in this accident and my guess is because he was drunk. Carl Brizzi, by his own words when Tim Durham was first raided by the FBI, admitted he (Carl) should be held to a higher standard because he is the prosecutor. Yet none of this happens.

                            It is obvious to me, just a regular Joe, that Carl Brizzi is a criminal. Irresponsible. And has a big mouth, flew out to LA it looks like to confer with his friend TD who looks like he was also tipped off about the impending raid last fall. Looks to me like Brizzi traded on inside information on a large Indianapolis's purchase of an obscure Dallas company and a Vegas alleged mob boiler room stock. Looks to me like Brizzi had inside information about what was about to happen in Elkhart because who in their right mind would go locate a rodent invested derelect building in Elkhart for a commercial government office lease?

                            Yet nothing happens. We Hoosiers can be so proud of our Indianapolis Prosecutor. After all, we can't get him out of office and he is not quitting.

                            IC 9-26-1-1
                            Duties of driver of vehicle involved in accident resulting in injury or death
                            Sec. 1. The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident that results in the injury or death of a person shall do the following:
                            (1) Immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close to the accident as possible in a manner that does not obstruct traffic more than is necessary.
                            (2) Immediately return to and remain at the scene of the accident until the driver does the following:
                            (A) Gives the driver's name and address and the registration number of the vehicle the driver was driving.
                            (B) Upon request, exhibits the driver's license of the driver to the following:
                            (i) The person struck.
                            (ii) The driver or occupant of or person attending each vehicle involved in the accident.
                            (C) Determines the need for and renders reasonable assistance to each person injured in the accident, including the removal or the making of arrangements for the removal of each injured person to a physician or hospital for medical treatment.
                            (3) Immediately give notice of the accident by the quickest means of communication to one (1) of the following:
                            (A) The local police department if the accident occurs within a municipality.
                            (B) The office of the county sheriff or the nearest state police post if the accident occurs outside a municipality.
                            (4) Within ten (10) days after the accident, forward a written report of the accident to the:
                            (A) state police department, if the accident occurs before January 1, 2006; or
                            (B) bureau, if the accident occurs after December 31, 2005. As added by P.L.2-1991, SEC.14. Amended by P.L.210-2005, SEC.50.

                            • The Doom Generation
                              Yeah I have seen Carl driving that AMC Pacer around its all jacked up with those chrome wheels... he looks like a real swingin dude...
                            • City County Counsel
                              Just announced in a emergency session they are taking Brizzi's car, drivers away. He'll have to go and get that AMC PACER out of the garage and start driving his dorky self around to the strip clubs....
                              • Harry and Dizzy's
                                The food sucks there. Ate there once ay overpriced and way the hell too noisy....

                                Sign me up for the Capital Grille or Shulas..
                              • Fed Up
                                Please, give Brizzi a break. They did not teach him in law school that a DUI is a crime....RESIGN NOW BRIZZI, you are just sucking the taxpayers out of hard earned money... I will never eat at Harry and Izzys again (Brizzi 10% owner). I refuse to give any more money to this criminal.
                                • DUI no obstacle for Brizzi !
                                  AND... this just in.... Looks like in light of Brizzi's drunk driving of a golf cart, a former deputy prosecutor who got a DUI and resigned from the MCPO has been hired back.... WONDER WHO IT IS???? I wonder if ALL the for deputies who got DUIs will be hired back...???
                                  • Get Them
                                    Can the taxpayers reassign Brizzi? I say we reassign Brizzi, Bales, Page & Durham to prison.......Criminals always get caught isnâ??t that correct?
                                  • Really A Mistake?
                                    Your kidding me. This incident is minimized to Thayers "mistake" of not "knowing" in the initial report who was driving (of course he was the only attendee that day that did not know), and then a week later he finds out and does not correct the report... If he is that piss poor of a COP fire him. There are plenty of people out of work that would love to be trained by the taxpayers funding and replace him.

                                    Suspend him indefinitely and then the truth will come out - FALSE POLICE REPORT FILING.

                                    IMPD BRASS and DR. Straub are covering this up. What a bunch of poor leadership being shown at IMPD.

                                    I cannot beleive we get this PH'd (piled higher and deeper) and this one day suspension? These were Grand Jury Investigators... So being the public my perception is IMPD condones the filing of false police reports by its officers.
                                    • DR. DOOM
                                      Wow Brizzi's new nick name is Dr. Doom. Anyone near him has bad things happen to them... Wyser, Thayer... Bales, Page, Durham... Let me know if I am missing anyone...

                                      So the taxpayers pay for this Officers 2 weeks off with pay... Why does Brizzi's campaign reimburse the taxpayers. Incomprehensible, Grand Jury Investigators making "false reports" right alongside the Chief Prosecutor.

                                      I feel sorry for anyone that has been dispensed any justice under Brizzi's tenure. It is all tainted...

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                                      1. This is still my favorite Mexican restaurant in town. What I do love about the new version is it is much quieter than the most recent version. TV's were off, the music wasn't too loud, and the wait staff were not hyperactive like they had been the past few times I had been there. I just wish they would bring back the MOLE for the enchiladas!

                                      2. Not a bad paper. There is a need for local community news and city government issues. Don't really need the owner's constant national political rants. We all know where they stand by now.

                                      3. What nice people. Menard should've known better than to team up with the guy who robbed and drove Conseco to ashes. I'm surprised Timothy Durham isn't involved in this.

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                                      5. It is beyond me how anyone can think this was a "bad deal" for the state! If they could take the money back then, yes, but they can't! Protections were built in the agreement. Now, if they roll the roads up and take them away, I will agree that it was a bad deal. Otherwise, the only way to have paid for the infrastructure that was badly needed was for the state to issue bonds....that is a four letter synonym for debt folks!!