IndyCar expected to sign Verizon as much-needed title sponsor

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Verizon Wireless is set to sign a deal to become the title sponsor of the IndyCar Series beginning this season, sources familiar with the deal said Friday afternoon.

The sponsorship is a five-year deal worth $10 million a year with an option to extend the pact another five years, sources said.

IndyCar Series officials did not immediately return calls seeking comment Friday, but Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles, in an interview with IBJ, promised in late January to have a much-needed replacement for apparel brand Izod as the title sponsor by the time the green flag dropped on the series’ first race March 30.

Izod first joined the IndyCar Series in 2008 as the official apparel provider and became the title sponsor with a splashy announcement in 2010. After a management change in 2012, Izod became increasingly less active as title sponsor and announced late last year it would depart the series after the 2013 season.

“[Sponsors’] ability to help us grow the sport, project the brand and enhance our fan experience is the highest priority,” Miles told IBJ. “The rights fee is secondary to that.”

The source close to the deal said the sponsorship is not officially signed yet, “but it will be.”

Verizon has been an active IndyCar Series sponsor since 2009, when it began a relationship with Team Penske. Even before the title deal, Verizon was one of the most high-profile sponsors in the open-wheel series.

Miles acknowledged the series has not made a profit since its formation in 1996.



  • A Blast from the Past
    How'd this work out?? Kellogg's rolls out IndyCar-branded cereal nationwide Direct-to-consumer marketing of star drivers could be just what the series needs to boost interest, TV ratings.
  • They'll get their doors blown off
    LOL, how'd that turn out? It was one of the greatest days in IRL history!
  • Remember HOw TOney said
    the IRL would be the opened wheeled version of NAScAr and all them chicken bucket chunking NAScaR fans would be IRl fans in no time at all? Well, here they are 20 years layter egspecting the same thing to happen. John Paul Montana's "success" in NAscar is egspected to increase the IRl fanbase. hahaha he didn't have no success in NAScar and that's egzactly how many new fans the IRl will get. None.
  • March 1994
    It was in this month 20 years ago that Anton (Tony) George announced he would form a new series, the Indy Racing League. How'd that turn out? What's happening?
  • Smacked Called
    And they want you back Chief. They feel that you have strayed too far from the reservation.
  • LOL
    Why are TV ratings 0.18's? Why has Indy's TV rating dropped to the lowest level ever? Why are the cars the most un appealing in at least 40 years? Why are grandstands being removed at a rapid pace at IMS? Why does IMS allow the rust and infrastructure rot with cracks in the sewer pipes and un filled pot holes in the museum parking lots? Why are they saving 'our' track by paving the road course? Why doesn't the series promote itself? Why can't any of you adults answer these questions? What is the ROI for Izods involvement? What was net benefit to the series from facebook's CarTown? What did a Turbo really do for Indy? Can someone please answer these questions?
  • Truth
    Uh...Chief, you are regularly the only 'person' who deflects. Let's talk about the word popular. In what context? Measured against what? Let's also discuss the word failing. Neither IndyCar nor IMS falls under that category. Both are ongoing entities with reliable revenue streams that are increasing, not decreasing. Failure adequately describes what happened to breakaway groups that attempted to place themselves into the same category but they did not make it. Twice. Profitable? Probably not. Sustainable? Obviously. Hundreds of thousands watch on television, millions on network, and over a million show up every year. The only 'people' who scoff at the car are a disenfranchised, obsessed minority. Tell me again how this Verizon sponsorship is a bad thing? Rational thinking adults just do not see it your way.
  • wrong again bro
    You target me, not what I'm saying because you are trying to deflect from addressing the issues with the series. Whatever. Why is the series not popular? WHY with all the greatest racing in the history of the sport happening in the past 2 years, why is it failing? It's not profitable, no one watches, race people scoff at the car. WHY? I contend IMS has been trying everything but the obvious. But, you'd rather suggest I should get back to cooking the fries. LOL, yeah that'll fix everything. Bwahhahahhaha!
  • Chief is wrong though
    Chief - you only say to fire the HGF and thats all you say about a way to imrpove the product. Never any more. Chief You can give your opinion all you want. But in the business world (and INDYCAR is a business) to do things the same and expect change is the definition of insane. Most people who are not satisfied with a product either quit using that product or try to improve it. So – which are you doing with this brand of the product you like??? The answer is NEITHER – you are simply a town crier…. That is why I am giving you rebuttal to your non productive blogs. So – if you think you’re being attacked you are – but I / we make sense when replying to your rhetoric. You just like to hear yourself complain and not offer a way to make something better. Not once have you offered an opinion on how to improve the product that you say to like…… I think that INDYCAR has more money / sponsors now then they did a week ago and it’s something to build on. I know they still need more sponsorship as well as some competitiveness internally to make their product better. But I also see they are moving forward and trying.. You see the cup eternally half empty no matter what.
  • Bring it
    Attack all ya want...it won't change my opinions. Ever. The IRL destroyed AOW racing and the current day IRL is everything the original IRL didn't want to be and can never be. But it's still the IRL. With the ugliest cars, sucky engines and their leases too. No promotion, no money, nothing. IMS has pimped every last bit of the legacy and heritage to the lowest bidder in exchange for pocket change. They hit a single and think they have a grand slam. I loved that great article by Stephen Cox today, did you Indy lubbers read it? No...ok here it is...bring it! This guy is right on the money. http://sopwithmotorsports.com/blog/indycar/item/251-indycar-even-the-chosen-few-are-priced-out.html
    • Chief Concerned
      So, Chief, let me get this straight. You are concerned about being attacked here yet you and a host of other do just that to people over at Smacked?
    • Striving for Excellence
      Chief, as is your obsessed style, you not only make assumptions sans benefit of actual facts, but jump to grandiose conclusions based solely on your twisted fantasies. You are incapable of answering any direct question and prefer obfuscation to dialog. In short, you remain a blight on these comment pages. IndyCar has had one series of problems or another from 1909. The problems of today are not being ignored. To pronounce the series as 'going nowhere' displays colossal, seemingly willful ignorance. We understood a long time ago that you dislike the appearance of the DW12. You also seem hung up on 12+ overnight estimates and attempt to position them as if IndyCar and the 500 is the only entity with that particular issue. That is also laughable. You have also never even come close to quantifying this supposed loss of 900 million. Have you ever considered the concept of income or where the real number actually nets out? Did not think so. Do you know anything about Verizon and the marketing clout that brand brings? Of any/all corporate entities that could be sponsors would Verizon not rank at the top? It is definitely a step up from IZOD, and they are getting a bargain. One of the more intelligent contributors earlier asked what was better: 10 million dollars or 0 dollars? My group just made travel plans to be at the track most of Mary from the 9th forward. It has not lost anything for actual racing fans whose expectations are anything but low. You might consider commentary relevant to the topic and forego vulgar cackling about the same handful of meaningless taunts for a change. You might be taken more seriously by the adults.
    • Advocate?
      I applaud your enthusiasm, but you don't see too many advocates that continually tear down the sport they supposedly like. Who cares what NASCAR does (unless you follow NASCAR)or how much their sponsor pays? I agree that TG and the IRL was awful for the sport, and my interest waned during the IRL years, but I've seen a lot of great, close racing in the last two seasons - more than I've seen in two decades.
    • Nope
      Not John Barnes wife, LOL. I'm just a fan of AOW racing and an advocate for the sport. I offer my opinion as to what can be done to improve the sport through observations of it and through commentary based on articles Anthony writes. You just want to attack me for my opinions and observations while ignoring the obvious problems that exist. That's cool, you are the reasons IMS just plods along going nowhere.Just like the ugly horribly designed DW12 that is an ICONIC failure. Or the TV ratings, lowest in the 500's tenure on TV, or the 0.18 tv ratings, also lowest ever. Nothing ever happens, nothing ever gets done. I don't want the status quo...the rusting dilapidated speed plant or the boring spec racing that is an albatross for the sport. They can throw $900MILLION plus more at it and it won't change anything. So, the Verizon deal is truely meaningless except for putting a new face on the pig. Why are you all so complacent about it? Even in a business sense, you think sinking another $1 Billion in it all could actually make it better? What low standards you all set for yourselves with your remarks.
      • Math is about right
        At this point in time, a $10-$15 million a year title sponsor is probably about right, given the number of races, attendance and TV ratings (if you compare it to Sprint's $75 million/year for NASCAR). But, I'd be interested in where all the hatred and bitterness stems from - are you an ex-employee? Did you have a business deal with the IMS go wrong? Or, what I imagine, you're John Barnes wife and just realized he's going to have to sell all the jewelry and cars he bought you with the National Guard money to stay afloat.
      • Chief does know regular or super size
        ChiEf . Your being too hard on yourself . You know how to supersize an order . But the other math your doing is easy. Miles said they didn't profit since 96, but they are still around . And it obvious no tfanks to you. So why do you bicker, complain and moan so much? What did the INDYCAR series take from you? Should they just fold? They do employ Hoosiers, and I assume most of them like their jobs and work hard. But maybe you can take the stage here and lay out your plan! Maybe why you get your break today! Can't wait to see it!!
      • Not a math wiz, sorry
        But I do know that $0 profit = $900MILLIONS plus spent. So yeah, good on em for getting something. It's not $2.5 billions like NASCAR or $100s of millions like SPRINT NEXTEL but IMS is small potatoes anyway you slice em.
        • How ironic
          How ironic that you'd be the first to respond! Since you appear to be a whiz with numbers, here's a tougher one for you - which is larger, $10 million or $0?
        • Which is larger $11M or $10M?
          I beg to differ, scoop. Much credit goes to IMS for nearing the landing of a sponsor. I also applaud IMS for accepting 10% LESS for Verizon versus the Izod contract. Now thats how you do great business! And, its wonderful IMS does not advertise the series anywhere on TV because that smart business sense by allowing the IMS to save money! So, no whining or moaning here, just pure awesomeness every waking moment here at Hulam Racing! Woot!
          • Whine & moan
            I guess some people aren't happy unless they have something to bitch and moan about. The same people who slammed the series for not having a title sponsor now slam it for signing a sponsor. And if the series were to go away they'd complain about no longer having a series.
          • Hey Where's that VROOOOOM!
            Cereal..hahaha Kellog's made a killing on that one. Oh wait,,,that lost money too. On the clearance shelves soon after introduction. The IRL...(I was going to say the more things change) but nothing ever changes.
          • laughable
            You are defending the fact the IRL series doesn't promote itself. THAT is hilarious. You represent everything thats wrong with the IRL series, since 1996. Ignoring problems with the hopes they'll just go away. What is it now, several years later on this blog that we have been discussing the same things about the series (like promotion), yet nothing ever gets done. Why is that? With the sport under one roof IMS was supposed to be able to be *NIMBLE* when reacting to the problems of the series. Nothing has or is getting done. I just saw an advertisement for THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL on CBS. Football season doesn't start for 7 months. F! being promoted on NBC for broadcasts on NBCSN. Nothing on ABC or NBCSN or ESPN for the hapless IRL series though...is IMS that poor or just totally clueless with regard to marketing? My guess of both poor and clueless has got to be right on.
          • Rudimentary Thought for The Challenged
            Why would NBC promote IndyCar races being broadcast on ABC? IndyCar's contract with NBCSN contains NBCSN, NBC OTA and affiliated cable networks. They actually did a commendable job last year. Why not keep your quaint angst in check until an NBCSN race actually approaches? With the addition of Verizon as title sponsor I suspect we will see a higher quality of promotion as well. We shall see. I am not nearly ready for veins in my head to begin popping yet. Calm down kid.
          • Oh yeah
            The IRL is NBCSN's red headed stepchild. I never seen ANY promotions for the IRLs season opener. Or the 500. F1 races once in this country and they advertise. What is the IRLs problem? They cheap? Poor? Dumb? Is it any wonder there are no fans, no tv ratings , nothing, no profit?
          • Verizon + IndyCar = Potentially Great
            I would think F-1 might need the promotion here in the US because their ratings are lower than those of IndyCar. It is good that NBC steps up for their motorsports partners. No one knows what the Verizon deal entails yet because it has not been officially announced. I know that does not stop the obsessed from continuing inane, vulgar, barely literate commentary ad nauseum, but I am taking a conservative wait and see approach.
          • I saw MAJOR TV Network Advertisement
            It's true! Spring is here! Formula One being advertised on NBC for their broadcasts on NBCSN. Will the IRL use the Verizon pocket change or the $100 million tax payer sales tax ripoff to fund some advertising? Bwahahahaha WAIT, I already know the answer! Not. If you add up all the $$$ the IRL rakes in, yet They never made a profit in 18 year...what makes you think Verizon will change anything?
          • Isn't 2012 when the h/g clan's
            boy wonder said they'd shut it down if it wasn't profitable? Says right in the article here, that it's never turned a profit. But, how could it? It was created to destroy AOWR and it's done the job well. :lol:
          • Chieftrodamus
            I recall years ago when Chief swore Indycar wouldn't last through 2012 haha. By all means, pay very close attention to everything that guy says...
            • Reality
              The reality is this is a good deal on both sides. Good exposure for Indycar and a seamless partnership for Verizon. Unless, of course, you are still bitter about some bad decisions made almost 20 years ago haha. The real winner is irony because all these rubes waste time commenting on something they "claim" can't stand haha. Love it!
            • Nobody
              has ever seen value in the IRL. Hahaha the last bunch didn't bother to show for the last year(s) of its contract. Wasted money. That's the IRL. Hey where's Mike Kelley and his 350% ROI.
            • Chiefs off
              ChiEf Are you off work this weekend?
            • Futile
              Folks should never allow any lack of literacy or basic intelligence to stand in the way of an internet flame. Although it would be nice to find someone, anyone, with whom to converse intelligently. Meanwhile, back on topic, kudos are well deserved by IMS for putting together a series sponsorship package with a quality, blue chip partner. The more it drives the obsessed nutty the better it probably is. Can't wait until May! The blue envelopes have arrived. This is #50 for me.
            • Not Relevant
              Why should I care if other entities TV ratings fall? My only interest is in the IRL's steady precipitous decline into unwatchable oblivion. I smell the TREND card getting ready to be played....LOL. It's a good deal for Verizon because it will get cheap exposure for peanuts. The IRL, well, have been overexposed and no one is biting. That's a trend that sez ugly soec cars with 6 cylinder flatulence making leased engines aren't cutting it with the AOW racing fan. I know, pesky facts are only useable when they support YOUR inane claims. So sure, $10 million income versus $900+ Millions spent for 0.18's and 3.4's is (I guess) a phyrric win for the speedway. Remember, NEVER made a profit...sez so in Anthony's last line. 18 years of LOSSES bro...in the several hundred millions. Yet, you have virtually nothing to show for it. That's great work, well done Mark miles and Hulman family.
              • Out of pocket?
                I wonder what the actual Verizon payment will be, after all of the performance clauses are counted. It usually works out that they will pay the "$10 mill" the first year, then get close to a free ride for the rest of the contract. I'm guessing $2 mil max, if that. Then add in the Penske tax. Yep, everything's coming up roses!
              • It's a smart move.
                10 Million is nothing to Verizon. Pocket change. Considering many of the low brow viewers of motorsports probably use cheaper brands like Sprint, T Mobile, or some prepaid variety, getting their top shelf brand out there to fans to maybe reconsider Verizon's top notch 4G network, which now has lower prices than ever, thanks to competition, seems smart. Also, Verizon is hugely profitable right now. So small sponsorship deals are unlikely to affect shareholders much at all. It's 100% win win.
              • Probing Questions
                Nonsense cart/irl taunting aside, is it your belief that IndyCar stands alone on the island of lowest television ratings ever? Or that ratings would still be what they were in 1995 had you know what not happened? It will be curious to see how the thought impaired answer. Also, from a picture point of view, is a good deal for Verizon not also a good deal for IndyCar, particularly if profit is a goal?
              • Cherrypicking series
                This is a great deal...for Verizon. It's a drop in the bucket for the IRL LLC. The exposure from IZOD's involvement was negligible...series might have been exposed more but saw TV ratings sink to lowest levels EVER. There's your net result. So in essence, Verizon will gain much...the IRL Series virtually nothing. just like all the previous title sponsors have done for the series...NEVER MADE A PROFIT. This deal is GREAT! Jacques is just cheerypicking like all the exCARTer do in retirement...live off the generosity of the Hulman family for save the sport from Tony George's failed IRL AOW plan. You people should pray to the good lord CART killed itself twice so you could have all this. 0.18TV ratings, ugly slow spec cars, and willing sponsor like Verizon to take advantage of it all. Skys the limit...bwahahhahhahhahaha!!! LOL Once Kanaan was gifted the 500 last year all old CARTers knew it was time to line up again.
              • A Grounding in Actual Reality
                Additional adult and thought provoking contributions for the kids: IMS does have rapidly spreading urban decay on three sides, 38th Street is a Detroit-like shell, and it is not the infrastructure at IMS that is crumbling, it is parking lots, plumbing and upkeep. Hopefully enough beans have been counted there to prevent further melding of it into three of the sides that surround it. Television ratings? Those of us who actually understand how that business works can easily prove the numbers matter, both practically and in the context of the television landscape today. Such analysis is probably not something you are capable of or prepared to understand much less comprehend, however. You have a problem with foreign ride buyers? Why? It harkens back to the 'glory days' we are always hearing about. IMS may be diluting the brand, but it is no longer the 1960s. Also as you are fond of pointing out IMS seems utterly destitute to you. Is creation of new revenue streams not prudent considering their perceived poverty? If the car is junk why are so many, including Jacques Villeneuve, so enamored of its ability to race? And if fans have quit caring why are so many of you still so obsessed enough to comment ad nauseum? IZOD fulfilled the terms of its deal, and had there not been a change in executive level management of PVH it may well have been renewed. The people there who inked the deal still praise it effusively. I shop at Macys and several other mass merchandisers that carry IZOD merchandise and no IndyCar branded merchandise of any kind has been available for quite some time. Not on clearance racks, not online, not anywhere. I know that is a favorite taunt, but it, like many other of your cutesy epithets, remains entirely fictional. If you happen to find any of this merchandise being given away, please direct me to it so I can shop. It would also be nice if you had even a kindergarten-level understanding of the difference between a taxpayer funded bailout and an interest bearing loan using tax proceeds they generate. Finally, and back to the actual topic, superficial understanding of the sponsorship deal might go a long way toward orienting yourself in a world of actual reality. It is rather humorous to hear for months there is no chance for such a sponsorship, then when it occurs we are subjected to how bad a deal $10 million dollars a year and the activation clout of a 'stupid' blue chip company like Verizon is. Enjoy every moment of the season kid. Based on your contributions you are actually its most rabid (in a poisonous, foaming at the mouth way) fan.
              • They owe it all to ChiEF
                They credit ChieF for putting this togather ;)
              • IZod
                Bwahahahaha...the IZod contract was $11 million a year. Too funny...even the IRL sponsorship has devalued since Izods involvement. mark Miles runs a fire sale like Macys sells IZod IRL t-shirts. They essentially give them away. LOL.
              • Great deal
                Verizon is getting a great deal. NASCAR got $750 million from Sprint Nextel PLUS $2.5 billion for TV rights. IMS loves to sell sponsorships for next to nothing. Great for Verizon, pathetic for IMS. Think about it, Chief is right, the Panther lawsuit is about a $12 million National Guard sponsorship for one year. Doesn't this expose the series for how devalued it really is?
              • Liar
                You said it was a "three sided ghetto". You said the infrastructure at IMS was crumbling. Indy is removing grandstands. TV ratings don't even matter they are so low. Foreign ride buyers dominate the scene. IMS has diluted its own brand by trying to fill the Month of May with fluff. The car is junk. Fans have long since quit caring. IZod may have fulfilled most of its contract, but precipitously cut back its sponsorship EACH year it was a sponsor. The taxpayer $100 million sales tax bailout is a pathetic coverup of the inept poorly run business practices at IMS. And so, another $10 million a year by Verizon going to save the sport? The sport that has blown several hundred million on all of it AND has never turned a profit? I can't wait for all the publicity Verizon stands to gain when when the next car that doesn't fly tosses a Verizon sponsored section of catch fence into the laps of fans because in reality that's the only way they are going to recoup their investment. By comparison, $12 Million a year went to Rahal from National Guard. $10 million a year for title sponsorship is peanuts and a joke. IMS is desperate.
              • This is a good move
                I agree with Mike, "As long as they (Verizon) see value in marketing their brand what do they care if the series loses money?" More importantly, to IndyCar,Verizon could be the perfect partner if you'll consider what they already do and the success they have in other sports marketing and promotions, particularly via mobile platforms. IndyCar needs to extend and grow its brand particularly outside the U.S. in the countries of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico. Pay close attention to what happens via social media and mobile in these countries during this year's World Cup in Brazil and the 2016 Summer Olympics also in Brazil. Again, is a very good move by IndyCar because it indicates a strategic partner, not just a paying sponsor. Verizon, frankly, got a helluva deal.
              • There Are Too Few Adults Commenting Here
                Memo to squatting, obsessed Einsteins lurking here: Many of you lack the intelligence (and obviously the maturity) to comment coherently about a truly remarkable development for a series you have incorrectly (100% of the time) been pronouncing dead for eighteen years. I admire your futile persistence, but sooner or later a few of your synapses will have to fire. Button Ghost, it is obvious the folks at Verizon are not 'idiots.' One look at their growth trajectory and corporate value confirms that. Jacob Barlow, stop living on your own little quaint flat earth and join the rest of evolved society in 2014. Jim, despite a struggle to wade through a stunning amount of borderline illiteracy, the folks who made the IZOD deal remain happy with its results even today. Their ‘problem’ was not IndyCar, it was executive-level turnover. Most importantly, IZOD fulfilled terms of the deal. A reminder also to Jay about what century and year in which the rest of society dwells: It is 2014. 'IRL' is an acronym put to bed a long time ago. Pep Boys? Northern Lights? If you are going to attempt an argument you are going to need add concise relevance and not obtuse obfuscation using relic slamming from a previous century. As a property owner in Speedway I applaud all gentrification efforts, many of which seem to be working. I also applaud IndyCar and IMS for a job well done in adding a blue chip corporate partner. At the end of the day, I remain comforted the direction and sponsorship of the sport is being managed by adults and not by basement dwelling keyboard flamers on the Internet.
              • what comeback?
                >>The town of Speedway and the IMS leadership has made great strides the past few months<< I think you mean 'have made' since you have a plural subject, I'm assuming you were not in the accelerated program at SHS. Please define 'great strides'. Does this include the Marsh grocery closing down? A decrease in the property tax rates because of increased business on Main street? Sharon Zishka's departure? That might be a blessing since the town might get a clean bill of health from the state Board of Accounts now that she's gone. The SRC's consultant told them there would be 1900 full time workers on Main street by 2014, where are they going to park? Sharon Zishka's departure? That might be a blessing since the town might get a clean bill of health from the state Board of Accounts now that she's gone. If you start out with a million dollars and piss it all away, then find a ten dollar bill, is that a great stride? I never got a check from the IMS with my share of the millions of dollars everyone claims the race brings to the town, would you mind telling us your share? Do you think Sprint paid $10 million a year for the title sponsor rights to NASCAR? We're 3 weeks away from the first race of the season and the IRL still doesn't have a sponsor, do you think the MLB or NBA has that kind of problem? Why did the Pep Boys back out? Northern Lights?
              • The comeback continues
                The town of Speedway and the IMS leadership has made great strides the past few months. As an Indy 500 fan and a business owner in Speedway,it is great to see support, momentum, and progress.
              • Let's look at the isod deal for perspective
                As reported here: http://www.ibj.com/the-score/2009/11/06/izod-signs-deal-despite-tony-georges-dismissal/PARAMS/post/11019 [quote]Izod officials may be a little off-the-wall, but they’re not crazy enough to sign a contract that isn’t loaded with out-clauses. Sources familiar with the deal said if certain metrics concerning number of races held annually, TV ratings, attendance and car count among other things aren’t met, there are triggers in the contract that will allow Izod to decrease its financial pay-out or opt out of the contract all together. So now the real work begins. And from the looks of the piles of leftover Izod-IndyCar Series apparel at Carson Pirie Scott in downtown Indy this week—long-sleeve shirts marked down from $60 to less than $5—I’d say both sides have their work cut out for them.[/quote] So, ratings and attendance has dropped big since death race 2011, irl couldn't keep its end of the bargain with isod, but verison is just gonna straight up give the h/g clan 10mil because they are superfantastic??? This aint gonna amount to jack even if it does happen. Just like isod didn't amount to jack. I predict epic fail...
              • Spicoli's Wife
                Since Barnes filed in Superior Court does that mean Spicoli's wife has to recuse herself from this case?
              • 50 million for this garbage?!?
                Seriously?!? Does Verizon not see the years of "valueless" sponsorship the PVH/Izod company wasted on this chronically money losing series? This just looks like another revenue source for Roger Peniski with spillover for the IRHell!! I'm dying over here in Terre Haute, wondering why all this had to be fixed back in 1996, by that spoiled rich kid that never learned the history or value of the, once grand and famous, speedway his grandfather worked so hard to preserve! I now live less than 8 miles from "The Track" and could careless about "The Race" anymore. Dear Verizon... Just so you know, it's all to little to late and I've switched to your biggest competitor... Thanks for nothing! Jacob Barlow Former "500" fan.
              • Why does it matter?
                Why does it matter to a title sponsor that the series doesn't turn a profit? As long as they see value in marketing their brand what do they care if the series loses money?
              • Interesting factoid
                I see in the article Mr. Schoettle wrote that no profit has been turned since the inception of the racing series. How is this possible? Why would Verizon want to invest in a proven 18 year money loser? Boggles the mind, what are the Verizon management, idiots?
                • Waiting
                  I can barely contain my excitement waiting for the rock-throwers to jump in and try to lambaste IRL, IMS, and Miles for this positive development. (chuckle) Another humorous read ahead from the people who probably find fault that the Speedway is am oval rather than a square,

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                  1. Here are a few candidates for this new group, "ripped from the headlines." First up, that bizzaro State Senator Brent Waltz; secondly, the unethical Todd Huston, and his contractual arrangements scheme; Finally, but not least of all, the dishonorable Eric Turner. What sayeth you Greg Zoeller?

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                  4. The question is, where could they build a new stadium? It seems in the past year, all the prime spots have been spoken for with potential projects. Maybe in the industrial wasteland area a block past Lucas Oil? I think it needs to be close to the core, if a new stadium is built.

                  5. Aldi is generally a great shopping experience. Still, I'm sure YOU wouldn't want to shop there, which I consider a positive.