Speedway's May 'Grand Prix' requires road track overhaul

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway is giving open-wheel racing a boost this May.

On Tuesday, track officials said they would add days of on-track activity to this year's schedule before running the inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis on May 10 and holding the biggest event of the IndyCar season, the Indianapolis 500, as scheduled May 25. It's Indy's answer to speed week.

"That's really the first time I've heard that term," speedway president Doug Boles said shortly after Roger Penske used the term during a news conference. "For us, it's the beginning of May and this is the way we're going to elevate the month of May, with a brand new event that tells the story of what our drivers do for half the year — run on ovals."

Clearly, help is needed.

The series has been dealing with dwindling attendance, sagging television ratings and now the loss of its title sponsor. It's biggest American drawing card, Danica Patrick, left for NASCAR after the 2012 season.

Not surprisingly, the speedway is trying to provide the jump start.

Last week, the board of directors at Hulman & Co., the parent company of the IndyCar Series, overwhelmingly voted in favor of breaking with tradition and holding a second May race at Indianapolis. Tuesday's ceremony at the track unveiled details of what will be changing, including a major overhaul of the track's road course.

The new 14-turn, 2.434-mile course will be run the opposite direction of the 500 on a newly resurfaced track that will be wider, have longer straightaways and three new passing zones. Drivers believe the combination will make it the fastest road course on the series' schedule and will make for entertaining racing. The plan also calls for taller, bigger mounds—and more of them—around the infield to give fans better viewpoints. The race also will be televised live by ABC and will not be blacked out in Indianapolis as has traditionally been the case with the 500.

Organizers expect 22 to 26 cars to start the race, which will last approximately 80 laps. Hulman and Co. CEO Mark Miles is searching for a title sponsor.

"I don't see why it wouldn't work," reigning 500 champion Tony Kanaan said. "When I ran Grand-Am here [in July], there were a few places to pass and I think there will be three more places to pass here this time."

A second road course configuration also could be added for the MotoGP race that is usually run in August. The motorcycle riders have often complained about a slick, bumpy surface that is not good for racing. Boles said MotoGP officials were included in the redesign, which will make the race more conducive to what motorcycle riders want.

MotoGP already has agreed to come back in 2014 and negotiations are underway to keep them here long-term. When asked if a new contract with MotoGP had been reached, given that it will cost $5 million to complete the entire project, Miles said, "there will be by the time we invest."

Track officials hope to finish the resurfacing by Dec. 1, in time to addi curbing and a signature chicane to the course and, hopefully, hold testing in the spring.

Miles said the family-owned company would ask the Indiana Motorsports Commission to pay for the project out of the $100 million improvement fund approved earlier this year by the state government. And the versatility could put more races on Indy's future schedules.

"We could bring even more people out here with the addition of other sports-car racing, whether it's a big event or a vintage event," Miles said.

The immediate goal is to regenerate interest in May's events at the speedway, which was Indianapolis' largest spring gathering place for decades.

Track officials believe the new look and new schedule could increase overall annual attendance at the track by 50 percent by the end of the 2018 season. Estimates put Indy's current annual attendance figures at about 400,000.

Some of the details, such as qualifying procedures and whether the same pace car will be used for both races, are still being determined. Another possibility is adding an extra award for any driver who wins both Indy races or possibly both races and a pole.

Still, there will be some obstacles.

The inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis will be going head-to-head with all three days of the NFL draft, and it's possible the NBA's Indiana Pacers could be hosting playoff games that weekend, too, though that has happened in the past.

Speedway officials aren't worried.

"I don't know that's a concern for us," Boles said. "Having a points race here at that time, I think will help."

The start of Indy 500 practice will now be held Sunday, one day later than usual, and less than 24 hours after track workers convert the track from a road course to the traditional 2.5-mile oval. But the long-term goal is to shine a brighter spotlight on the IndyCar Series—and the month of May.

"As we see our sport changing and road races coming in, there is no question this combination and the utilization of what's here is we need," Penske said. "I've always wanted to run on the road course here, but, obviously, we couldn't do that in Formula One.

"People talk about the history here, but we've got the Brickyard [400] and I think this will help the schedule and I think this will help get people out here."


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    has 3 whole posts about last weekend's festival of carbon fiber. And the other 13 posts are about Dario almost getting Wheldoned
  • Mey Mike
    Hey mike, if you can't handle reading the truth maybe better stick to TF where it's all good all the time. As long as the family is in charge Miles will have no more positive effect than Randy or anyone else. The Hulmans will continually shoot themselves in the foot and the irl will lose a few more fans every year. We await the wedding reception sized crowd at Fontana. Thanks for saving the sport Anton.
  • Dang Chief
    Everbody was at Opie's movie.
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    This just in....there are still some tickets available for Fontana! Bbbbbbwwwwwwwaaaaahhhaaaaa!!!!! And, hey, Go Sooners!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dead Zone Cometh
    The dead zone produced a 0.1 on Saturday at Houston..and even lesser folks watched on Sunday. A statistical 0.09. MARK MILES, this is great work you are doing. THIS is why GoDaddy and IZOD have bolted from the IRL series. Oh, that and the ugly dangerous clown cars you race. Did MARK sign an SLA? If so, how low could the expectations have been to have Hulman Racing accept 0.09 TV ratings? SELL the speedway and get over this self-importance all you inheritors. You are killing the sport of AOW racing. Isn't it plain to see???
  • Dario injured
    The DW12 did it's job...looks like Dario will only be out 1 season. That's ICONIC.
  • So Tired...
    I've been away too long from these comment threads, but guess what!? It's the SAME broken record!! I have no idea except for Burl what you guys are going to do after the last race.(BTW, its Oklahoma Football for Burl, sorry it's stuck in my head from day one). It tires me out to no end. Agree to disagree and go argue about something else like hospital cost, ACA, Bigfoot or something!! Good Day!
  • Helio Champroneves
    MArio, Helio will be chumpion because that is the deal that was struck, no doubt. Roger is the go-to guy for play along. The HUlmanCar Series can count on Roger to do what is required in exchange for preferential treatment. HulanCar is advertising the Fonatan race as the IndyCar World Championships. They cannot very well be that had Helio secured the title in Houston, which he was in very good position to do so. He couldn't even get close without it being a possibility, should something happen to Dixon, not in on the scam I think. No. No. No. Helio, completing all 2,000-plus laps to that point, suddenly develops trouble. Both races! Bwwwwwwaaaahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Unless he himself screws the proverbial pooch through ineptitude or Takuma Sato crashing into him, for which Taku will never, ever be allowed close to an Indy Car again, the track at Fontana is paved for Helio's expedient trip to the Chumpionship that only a few thousand people on EARTH even care about. But it is what it is. Dixon is the innocent bystander in all this, I think. Poor Kiwi. But Chip will be given favor at the appropriate moment. Helio is the best actor in the paddock. Roger, the shrewdest Company man. YOu all think A.J. is the Hulman boi? Bbbbwwwwaaahahaaaaaa!!!!! Mario, youe so innocent, it is almost cute.
    • Lost it
      This confirms what we all have known. Anyone (Burl) who would claim that Helio intentionally qualified in the back of the pack can't be counted on for a ANY objective discussion. This comes from someone (Burl) who has obviously never competed in any form of athletic endeavor and enjoyed the spoils of victory. It's no wonder you are so bit terror
    • Chief, Something Smells...
      ...of sulfur, do you not think? You have an eye for these things. Helio Castroneves had a 49-point lead in the Championship battle going into the two Houston rounds. It was his Championship to win this past weekend. But wait! The season Finale at Fontana has been billed as the IndyCar World Championships! How could they be if the champion is crowned at Houston? Nnnnooooo!!!!! What better to do than have the one who had completed every single lap, every one raced, ALL 2,030 of them, suddenly have mega-difficulties with a gear box on both days? Was it not enough he fake-qualified toward the back? Nnnnnooooooo!!!! He must not win! So, let's be honest! Roger and Tim play along like good little boys, but they MUST be rewarded! Therefore, we KNOW, Helio Castroneves will be crowned the 2013 Izodless HulMan Car Champion if front of all 20,000 attending the HulmanCar World Chumpionships October 19. Honda will provide the motor and everyone will have their instructions. Helio is the 2013 Champ! Why, Discipless might even cry.. BBBBBwwwwaaaahaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    • The topic IS about the indycars
      So much happens in the Indycar racing season that these topics are fluid. You old farts from 1959 certainly can't follow along because you aren't programmed to do anything but tote the Hulman company line. Will the road course upgrades at Indy have Houston Grand Prix spec catch fencing? Just curious as I read this morning that Dario had a shunt in Houston and the fencing appeared to be inadequate. I heard on the news 13 people injured. I find it strange that this DW12 was supposed to PREVENT airborne carz. Apparently not working so well, huh? See, relevant and on topic. Come on bub, keep up with another swig of Geritol.
    • Even the...
      ...karma sucks over at Hulman Car. Dario deliberately wrecks so boi racer buddy TK can win Indy the only way he would be able to, and four months later gets his due. All busted up now. And in a go-kart parking lot race! Sorry he is hurt, but karma sucks. All the boi's know it.
    • Grow Up
      You don't spend any money or watch the series and yet you offer non-stop commentary about in blog comment sections? At best that is hypocritical and displays a stunning lack of maturity. I see you also stayed far away from the actual topic with your newest slam point.
    • Ah-huh
      And I back up my points as well, by not spending a penny of my money on the sponsors, races or TV of this farce of a series. Nice catch fencing BTW. Missing some reinforcement cabling I see. On the fastest section of the course. See, it's too easy to find failure and fault with this crew.
    • Nap Time
      Chief. Your monotonous rhetoric is like counting sheep. it makes me very sleepy. Good nite
    • Actions Speak Louder Than Words
      I back up my words with actions that include attendance, television viewing and sponsor support. You? When I see something that I believe needs to be changed I let my feelings be known to people who can make a difference. I enjoy the sport and work in adult ways to make it better. It would be nice if the squatters took an equally adult approach once in a while.
    • Prime example
      You are without a doubt a prime example of what makes the speedway a dysfunctional train wreck. The glass half-full technique is merely cover for not wanting to face reality. Just like the speedway.
    • Additional Advice From An Adult
      Glass half full; aka adult viewpoint: The main thing IMS offers is continuity. It does not really matter what squatting internet comment section contributors think or type. Indy 500 television ratings are proportionately the same as they have always been given today's multi-platform, multi-channel world. To veer wildly back on topic, it is IMS' hope the nationally televised May road race will help the May cume. We'll see. They are at least thinking like business people. 'Low attendance' slamming is mainly fiction. Indy Car attendance is strong except at two to three venues; well over a million per year. Ovals are being eliminated primarily because road racers like Derrick Wlaker and Dan Anderson and many in the paddock seem to believe making the same mistakes and hoping for different results is a viable strategy. I am working hard behind the scenes to change that futile mindset. Carl Fisher's road course was never built. Carl also decided to chop other summer events because they were diluting each other. His best idea: A 500 mile race at the end of May. It has worked for 104 years. The Month of May is actually propped up by Hulman & Company and NASCAR. And I thank them. IMS dos not have to rely on taxpayer subsidies, but taking advantage of the loan allows them to jump start long term projects. As a Speedway taxpayer, this is an expense I am happy to have. Body kits can be built by anyone. Why straw man Dallara's not doing so as something bad? That is whacko 'logic' concocted for the sole purpose of shrieking in comment sections of blogs. IZOD fulfilled all financial terms of the original agreement and bought their way out of the first option year. This decision is the result of upper management changes at PVH, and Mike Kelly, who is still there, stands by his previous enthusiasm, something that is well documented. And now, words of advice from the adult community. Each blog has what is called a 'topic.' It is customary for other adults to offer commentary based specifically upon this 'topic.' You follow so far or do you have to wait for the fourth grade for that concept to be expolored? Instead of employing an ADD, scattershot approach that includes all the cutesy hater points every single time why not condense the thought to include vulgar doom and gloom for just the primary topic of each blog? It will make this reading experience much more pleasant for those who read here. Thanks.
    • The continuity of FAIL
      Thats right, IMS has two things that offers continuity..STUPIDITY and FAILURE. Lowest Indy 500 tv ratings since tv invented. Dead Zone month long furloughs in Midseason. 0.18 and less tv ratings. Absurd low attendances. Ovals nearing extinction. Playing the Carl Fisher card to justify road course race. The Month of May now propped up by the IRL foreign road racers. Spent $1.2 million to have a Boston consultant group tell them what to do. Has to rely on taxpayer subsidy to survive. Can't even get car builder to make body kits to cover up the ICONIC ugly mobile, universally know as hideous in all racing circles. FAILURE AND STUPIDTY. Actual adults eating it up like like good place fans do, never raising questions or requesting answers of the great Speedway. IZod pulls out one year early, 350% ROI pffffffft. Failure....IMS is the poster child for it. Squat on those facts mature actual adult. When's the IPO? LOL
    • Facts
      Mario, I do not know how you can say all I am is negative when all I did was talk about the facts of the formation of the IRL. And it was called the IRL when it was formed. Read Tony George's letter to the Indy Star newspaper in 1995 and tell me where I am wrong. It is a fact they went against what they said they were doing when they felt the need to eliminate CART. Now you have original defenders like disciple crying it is CART. That is hypocrisy. Even disciple is crying that it has gotten away from oval racing and he is also upset that the month of May is suffering. That is all I said in my comments. And as far as adding suggestions to fix it all, I don't run the sport and I also do not think those that do actually listen to anyone, so any suggestions would just fall on deaf ears. Again, even disciple is saying no one is listening. They are not going to listen to me. My other comment to you was all about free speech. If you find facts negative why not address those that stated the facts and see if you can get them to change or at the very least admit their mistakes. You are not going to get that either. So, I sure as heck can understand how others are frustrated, even disciple. And yes even if they do not like something, they are still fans. Just my view. And if I have learned anything, it is I should just stay off these comments sections. Nothing comes of it.
    • Rational Discourse
      Factual, objective reminders for the benefit of the squatting obsessed: The IRL (now officially referred to as IndyCar) has worked continuously since it was founded. cart and champcar actually did fail/go out of business/went bankrupt/became permanently deceased. There was no 'merger.' IMS picked up what was left in a glorified asset sale of a bankrupt company with no hope for any sustainable future. In order to appease the hysterical, they mercifully referred to it as a merger. The aesthetics of the current generation Dallara vary from fan to fan. No one argues with its raciness, but generally those pre-disposed to continuous, obsessed, tin-foil-hat criticism of IMS/IndyCar beleive it is ugly. 'IMS control' has driven mutineers nuts for forty years. One might think they would eventually learn their place. What 'they' have accomplished is continuity in the sport in challenging times. I believe it beats the alternatives with which the mutineers had to deal, twice. IMS continuously ignoring pleas for change? That has not changed since 1945. Why would anyone in their right mind believe that philosophy would change today? Why not A) act line an adult and B) frame recommendations within contexts that are actually possible? As an adult my wish is that you and your three little friends will stop polluting these comment sections with nonsense. Thanks.
    • Mario blather
      Answer one question: since 1994, the IRL ddidnt work, nor did the merger nor the ugly mobile. All under IMS control. They made all the decisions. Tell me why none of it has worked....and why they have continuously ignored pleas for change. Why Mario?
    • Hubris
      Burl and Mojo. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. The problem is you guys think everyone else is wrong and you are the only ones who are right. Plus you never provide any suggestions or solutions. You Just trash any moves made to try and help the sport. I don't believe I have ever seen so much negativity and close minded analysis in my entire life on any subject matter
    • Hopefully...
      ...the Grand Scheme of Indianapolis will not run into the same amateur f-up the Houston Grand Prix has today. Bbbbwwwaaahhaaaaaa!!!! Chief and I care. Many of us so-called "detractors" care. We are not standing in the Kool-Aid line at IMS, though. We are sober. Too many of the thousand or so fans the series has left are under the influence. Drunk with their love of all things HulmanCar, they are unable to form cognitive thoughts, recognize, and rationalize. Otherwise, they would not stand up for HulmanCar's latest travesty in Houston, with the go-kart track tires, and spray paint signs, by saying, essentially", "oh well, that is racing. And there are only a few fans, so who cares?" What used to be a professional sport now makes indoor kart racing warehouses look like F1 in comparison. Bbbbbwwwahhhaaaaaaaa!!!!! Parking lot play race courses. Tractor tire barriers. Spray paint signs. Bbbwwwwwwaahhhhahhaahhhaaa!!!!What next? I know! Tell the drivers to save money by just racing in jeans and a leather jacket. Bbbbbbwwwaaaaahaaaaaa!!!!
    • Cancer.
      Mario...think about it. If someone you love dearly has cancer, don't you want it fought off or removed so the loved one doesn't die totally. It's fine you accept it as is. But impassioned people venting does not mean they do not care. It is never that simple.
    • Gomerville
      I find it highly amusing that Chief and Burl act like they care so much about OWR and root so hard for its demise. It's too bad the 3 ring circus has met it's demise cause you guys would make great clowns. As always I'm looking forward to another great May and no I'm not drinking the Hulman Kool-Aid
    • Cheif summed it up...
      ...quite well, indeed. And I will add, The Hulman Racing Series Presented by Nobody knows they can take advantage of the Gomers (and the Indiana statehouse) to make back a percentage of the money lost on TG's idiotic binge spending on something the nation rejected to include falling idiotic prey to Madoff. The coffers are quite low over there at Hulman these days. So using HulmanCar to get at least 25 cents on the lost dollar out to do the trick and hey, "this might just work!". When Miles has enough bags filled to call it clever, look out! Bye-Bye IMS! Hello Speedway Industrial and Shipping and Georgetown Apartments. Bwwwwwwaaahhaaaaaa!!!!!! What an ugly way to go out, though eh? So class. No dignity. Hey, I wonder if one fo the new vendors the IMS is contracting with (for the first time in the joints 104-year old history) is Kool-Aid? Kool-Aid, the Official Beverage of the HulmanCar Series. Bbbbbwwwwwaaahaaaaaa!!!!!!
    • Chicane
      I hereby call for the "Signature Chicane" to be named in honor of 'king Hiro. A fitting tribute to a perfect moving chicane.
    • Winning has two "n"
      I am winning. Why you ask? Because it's all deteriorating before your eyes, and you STILL can't see it. That's great stuff. And, you support it....just like a good Indianapolis place fan should. What ever the Hulman clan shoves down your throat you gobble up. "It just might work", "They gotta do something", "the Boston group's recommendations", " you're living in the past, this is the future"....yeah, we heard it all. My bet is this will be ANOTHER failure. The car is the ugliest ever and revolts anyone who sees it, but the HULMAN racing series thinks they are the most beautiful object in the universe. Mario...and YOU call me a loser? This whole Month of May deal has become a LOSER. I love it! Do you realize 0.18 TV ratings, low attendance, lowest TV rating in 500 history, tracks abandoning the series by the scores...you think that stuff sells? IMS is desperate. And now the Hulman Series thinks more racing and and International presence is gonna do it? Everyone hates the car and the spec racing. I hope it all goes down in flames because they have ignored every tip, notice, protest, low TV rating, sponsor loss, EVERYTHING. They deserve what they get. I lOVE IT. I'm rooting for them to do even more to kill themselves!!!! Bw3ahahhahhaha!
    • 100 and Done
      I agree with this Burl guy. He's nuts with most of his posts here, but he is right, I think, about one item. I think the 2016 Indianapolis 500 may be the last one. I'll tell you why. I heard at a business conference in Indiana this past March the value of that land for mixed use is astronomically higher than the revenue generated as a race course. Especially, with Speedway positioning itself as a strategic value in shipping/warehousing/transportation with a strong time/place/need for increased urban density mixed-use residential/retail for mix. If I am Hulman-George, I am, for old times sake, taking the Indianapolis 500 to 2016 for 100 races and going forth with the development. I am banking that bet on a strong market and forecast that looks favorable minus any natural or man-caused catastrophe that could shake that loose. I am looking at partnering in the development for the kids future and I am looking at asset sales that may be enough to even funs a new, smaller race course on the edges of town (on land already owned) for a "new" Indianapolis 500. Maybe a Chicago-land-sized race track with a in/out RC. One of modest utility built on the model of Fontana. That or a partnering with the City of Indianapolis to hold a downtown street race, an real, true, Grand Prix of Indianapolis. Likely is not. But a possibility to put on the table. Otherwise, maybe exiting the race game altogether. Honestly, the "500"'s time has come and gone. I don't see how an Indianapolis 500, that race, on that scale, pencils for anyone who seeks to properly maximize existing and potential capitol. It could and should be written but appears an Indiana third-rail. I know jobs have been lost over questioning the powers over there at IMS, but than was then. This is now. They are on their knees in that building. Game over. No, no, no. I don't do anything but "wrap it up" if I am H-G. Miles is smart enough to see what he has here. So warp it up. Honestly, do you think the world will be any different minus the Indianapolis 500? No. The first coupe of May's, maybe the first half a dozen, it would be noticeable. After that, a monument/museum on site to recall the glory days. Those days are long gone.
    • Winner or Loser
      Chief. You said you feel like a winner. Sounds like some misguided self indulgence. I think loser is a better description. Quit wining. Either go to the races and watch some great competition or stay home and watch reruns of the Johnny Lightning car lap the field
    • Great job MoJo
      It takes a man to say it like it is, and you said it brother. it was long described as "place fans" versus "race fans". IMS is banking on the place fans to hold them up. That's why Anthony floated the trial balloon story on the local Indianapolis community being needed to prop up the road race. For THEM (IMS) to save OUR track (IMS) they need YOU to fork over more money because THEY mis-managed the ENTIRE sport over the past 18 years to the gates of Hades. Remember, it's not their (IMS) fault because rust never sleeps, and they were just victims of fencepost/concrete wall assault, the 250 cable channel universe, and the horrible aspects of social networking via the Internet. Oh, and DOUG BOLES (IMS) sez Carl Fisher wanted a road course in 1909, but got stuck with this 2.5 mile oval (IMS) so everybody can be cool with this because road racing is in their (IMS) blood. Great job MoJO, you pointed out the hypocrisy of everything HULMAN (IMS). If OLD MAN (Tony Hulman) isn't spinning enough by now (probably could spin a generator fast enough to power the east coast with this road course revelation), then nothing will. To the victors go the spoils....I feel like a winner today because of all of this. GO IMS...destroy yourselves! LOL
    • Traditions
      Mike. This whole mess was started by one traditionalists from the Indiana area who used the lies of protecting IMS, The Indy 500 and Oval racing as an excuse to gain control of the sport. I'm sure you remember that, if not, study the history of the start of the IRL. Now every last thing they are doing flies in the face of all the IRL was created to protect. That my good man is hypocrisy. So, many thousands of fans were lost in all that. Many in and around the sport were worried that what has happened would happen, and they were told no, this needed to be done. Add in the heavy handed management that resulted in spec racing to save money and it continuely chased thousands of more fans. So, keeping it simple, the past 17 years led to the reason IMS/Hulman Racing is forced to do what they have to do now. And what do they do...everything they promised the traditionalists they would never do. Boom, here we all are. Now, if you can't see the hypocrisy in all that, nothing more can be said. By the way, I am not a traditionalist. I am just a fan. I will admit, I never thought the whole 'split' and creation of the IRL was a good thing and feared it would lead to exactly what it has. A damaged sport that is in deep trouble. The disciples of IMS will tell you that "if Anton George would not have done what he did, then this would all have died years ago. After all CART and Champcar died twice." That is a baseless tall tale that will never be known because everyone seems to forget that CART relied on the Indy 500 too. So, count IMS/Hulman racing for destroying them too. Everyone wonders where the fans went. Well, a large part came to the sport through CART and the original CART teams that raced in CanAm and Formula 5000. Totally within their rights to start the IRL. But what is right is NOT ALWAYS SMART. With all the destruction of the traditions that were to be saved even the people of Indiana don't turn out like they used to. What do you think the fans they had around the country not as tied in provincially thought? They didn't have the same tie ins so it was easier for them to see it all for what it was, decided they didn't like all the politics, the spec racing and they found other things to do. One other fact that people seem to miss. It was my father and my older brothers that turned me on to Indycar racing and the 500. It was passed down. Who passes down their love for spec cars, politics and events that make Indy just another race track in America. That chain of generations was also broken, so new fans were not created in the same ways. My father is gone now, but all my brothers gave up on the sport. Oh well, I've gone on too long. It is what it is now, but it is not what it could have been. All that is out the window now. What you have now is a fight to keep the track open. The 'traditional' racing may not even be a big part in that fight now. The future is an entertainment center. Selling tickets to collect that tax to pay back the TIF is more important. And that is all so sad. So yeah move on, stay home if you don't like it, bitch about it on the 'net. I think they all do and did. The result...you're seeing it plain as day.
    • Old guys
      This is every old guy on here: Tax money...Ugly Cars, blah blah...Tradtion, TV Ratings, blah blah...Tony George, blah blah...The Split, blah blah...Road Race, blah blah. Please go back to your retirement homes. We young folks don't care about any of that, we just want to watch racing at IMS!
    • hypocritical
      Mojo...what about this is hypocritical? They have Nascar, Moto GP, formally F1, Indy Lights, etc that race on this track. The "month" of May has been gone for several years now. It's two weeks, with basically one day of qualifying. The attendance is extremely low, except Pole Day, so obviously people aren't interested. They're improving the facility, adding a new race, and changing food and vending...at least they're trying new things. I'm so tired of people claiming "tradition"..it's time to move on.
    • It ain't 1963
      When will people realize it's 2013 and IndyCar is not what it was 50 years ago. IMS has to try new things to bring people out, and a road race is the best idea yet. Tradtion was gone when stock cars, motorcycles, and F1 came here. Let's move on, be open minded, and stop living in the past. It's very simple...if you like IndyCar racing go to the race...if you like to complain on message boards, stay home.
    • More Schtick
      Remember a few weeks back Defender was telling us Izod is very happy, and the it's not the Hulman's fault? Remember? Well, their hand-picked lackey's Mark Miles and Doug Boils don't give a rat's butt about the great legacy or tardition of the Inny Five Hunedred. Not one bit. In fact, I saw Miles' interview with Robin and Doug's too...they basically said screw it, we're going in this direction whether you like it or not. I hope you native Indianapolis folk like higher tix prices, parking fees, and now ya gotta buy a road course event ticket too. YOU are saving the speedway! But it's not for you...it's for HULMAN RACING now. That's what Miles said on camera. They are saving the speedway for the HULMANS....darn shame they kilt it so they could save it from themselves. And it only cost $900MILLION...and a signature chicane. I see it as 22 to 26 rolling chicanes on road course Indy Tax Prix weekend. This is awesome!!!! PLUS, ABC races get about 0.8 or less TV ratings so this is pfffft when it comes to marketing the lame HULMAN Racing Series.
    • Miller Time
      Miller will say or do anything for approval of those he looks up to as role models. He's like a little kid, wait, sorry, little kids, that is insulting....he's like a dog that needs petting. No wait, sorry dogs, that is insulting. Miller is like Miller, how's that? He'll pimp the Indianapolis Tax Prix so the powers-that-be, which he never was, will pat him on the head like a good little Robin. In factm when Robin Miller is your go to "correspondent", you are teensey-weensey sport. Bwwwwaaahhhhaaaaaaa!!!! I do love watching this thing slowly die, though. I derive pleasure from it! Bbwwwwaaahaaa!!!!! The Indianpolis Tax Prix Brought to You by HulmanCar.
    • Dagnabbit Chief
      it was broken and needed to be fixed. Cutting the grass, opening the gates and raking in millions just wasn't working.
    • logic
      The logic is....we need sale taxes to get money, so have more races. And, well the old Indy 500 "Month of May" is stale, so let's spice it up with more stuff to do for the ADHD crowd. Win win sez the King. This makes Indy just like a normal track now. Heck rent it out to vintage car shows and club racing too. Wine festivals and rock concerts. They fix everything BUT what's wrong, as usual. I just heard Mark Miles is buying Robin Miller a dinner if they get over 40K on road course sunday. Bwahhahhahhahahha! So now Miller will pimp the race and be on board. Hard to believe Miller is onboard with this....sad what has become of this sport. A tennis guy with no AOW expereince is taking it down a different road. Oh, this is gonna be good...
    • Hopefully
      Hopefully I'm an hater and just make fun of things behind my computer with no points or constructive comments!!...bbbwaaahaaaa!!! I used lots of exclamation points when I type!! bwaahaa..I don't even know what that means but I like to type it!!!..IT'S OVER, YOUR OVER, SOMETHING IS OVER...OH NO!! I AM WRITING IN CAPS AND DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP..I'M OVER..BWAAHAA!!!
    • Bwajahhahhahha
      Burl and Chief. Here's hoping you guys don't make it to the track next May. We will have plenty of fun without the completely hopeless naysayer crowd. Should be a fun weekend at the track Now that's not such a bad thing!!!
    • Hopefully...
      ...it will sell better than the 2013 Indy Car World Chumpionships at Fontana Bbwwwwaaahaaahaaa!!!!! Oh, the humanity. Bbbwwwwaaahhaaaaa!!!!!! This is rich! Well, not rich, actually, but I digress. NOTHING these fools can do will save this sport. BECAUSE: PEOPLE DO NOT CARE! IT IS OVER! OVER! What a bunch of dimwits. And that means you, too, Penske. People think your road racing product with bufugly cars is...well, actually they don't think....they don't even know you exist! Bbwwwwaaahhhhhhaaa!!!!!!
    • chicane
      Hold it Chief, the article does not say the chicane will be on the front straight. Let's not start rumors. I'd go watch two squirrels race each other around IMS, so of course I'm in for a road race.
    • Why Not?
      I, like a lot of other people, have watched Mark Miles rack up many successes over many years. He thinks big. While everybody else is wringing their hands and worrying about flagging numbers, what does Miles do? What nobody else would even think of. He adds another race in May! He doubles down! Who knows, it just might work. Either way, that guy's got some big schtoogots. I hope he wins big on this one.
    • Mini & Kids Day
      I wonder how this might affect the Mini Marathon and Kids Day/Rookie Run, if at all. The Mini is scheduled for the weekend before the new race and the Kids Day/Rookie Run is traditionally held the week after the Mini, which would fall on the Gran Prix race day.
    • Freedom
      Hey Mike. We still live in America. I find you wanting to shut someone up more disturbing than Chief's comments. Be a big boy and just pass them by if you don't like them. Beyond that, I have only a one word comment about this road course race and reconfiguring the month of May. Hypocritical.
      • Good Racing
        This should be good racing though regardless of the chicane. Question the timing of race. Fall might have been a better time.
      • My schtick
        What's so old about it Mike? You are all for the dumping on traditions at IMS? A "signature chicane" on the front stretch at the speedway? AOW is in shambles all because of the dim-bulbs running the speedway. And all you want to talk about is my "schtick"? I contend it's your myopic viewpoint that truely is the "schtick" here. Who wants to see the uglomobile DW12 with that ugly bodykit strapped to it and dog-scooting to one minute plus laps at the speedway...and a chicane that will slow them even more. Mike, there's raw sewage in the concrete block outhouses. That chicane is some amenity from the $100MILLION IMS is fleecing the taxpayers for, huh? I know...as long as E stand is open you're in. Duh.
      • Enough already chief
        Hey Chief...please stop already...your schtick is really, really old. You know it's the IndyCar Series but you think it's funny to call it IRL...you sir are hilarious! Did you catch the sarcasm? Now go away kid, you're bothering me.
      • A "chicane"?
        What pray tell is a "signature chicane"??? Are you kidding me? The cars are already neutered and UGLY...now you are going to neuter the road course before the first race? Surely you are joshing me...BWAJAHHAHHAHHA! Only in the IRL...

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        5. Problem: most of the people responding to this article don't know about this service AT ALL! Why? Lack of awareness. This isn't IndyGo. This is CIRTA: might as well be the mattress company because they are asleep at the wheel - something like 3 directors over the last year? Playing with federal grant money is great! This "region" wants commuter rail service, has spent MILLIONS on Transportation studies yet can't even support a commuter bus line? This is largely for suburban riders to get to downtown - not for "service people to work in our hotels and restaurants" ! Get your head out of your backside!! These are professionals, students etc. that don't want to fight traffic, save some money on parking, gas, stress.... if CIRTA would put their federal money into widely promoting the sevive to Greenwood, Fishers & Carmel instead of finding directors and studies - this would be a successful service. Our family uses(d) it daily for the last several years - but the recent uncertainty & now unreliability due to cuts from Carmel has been a problem. Now, costs us an additional $350/month for gas & parking ( $4200/year) plus vehicle wear, service, environmental impact ... YES - this REGION needs this this type of service in order to keep growing and getting the people it needs to fill skilled positions in downtown Indianapolis. Think outside of your own car !!!