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RICHARDSON: Disobey your attorney and get personal

Strong and effective relationships—with employees, customers and vendors—are the motors that drive business. Too often, managers focus only on the professional aspects and discount what makes us truly unique: our lives outside of work. 
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MCVEY: Skipping health care causes big tab later

I raise for consideration the notion of “balanced” health plans that place priority on prevention and access. Preventive care is inexpensive, while chronic disease treatments and emergency-room visits are not.
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WHITE: An important gate is still locked

The Indianapolis Museum of Art recently locked its beautiful and symbolic pedestrian/cycling gate at 42nd Street and Michigan Road in April to better secure the campus and sell more memberships. Unfortunately, the locked gate prohibits cyclists and pedestrians from entering the campus safely across 42nd Street.
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KLIMEK: New securities commissioner faces challenges

By dedicating more resources to examination of proposed securities offerings and applications for licensing of investment professionals, the commissioner can do a better job of keeping investors from losing money in the first place.
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