Letters to the Editor

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Hogsett deserves praise for halting Covanta deal

The decision to suspend the trash/recycling deal with Covanta shows the mayor is dedicated to responding to his constituents, doing business in the public view and doing what’s best for the long-term interests of the city.
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Column on gun owners was short on specifics

We are a nation that depends on the self-regulation of so many of our industries, and it seems helpful to encourage gun owners not simply to champion their rights, but also to take the lead in addressing the problems that go along with the easy access to guns in our society.
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Don’t forget the ‘T’ in LGBT

If Pence falls into the trap of thinking SB100 adequately addresses LGBT protections, then Indiana businesses should expect the same nationwide response we received to RFRA.
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Time to shut off Dan Carpenter’s drivel

I found his comments about two people he saw in a Broad Ripple restaurant that he designated as “Tea Party voters” that he described as “two fleshy white guys with their ball caps and baggy shorts and piled plates at the next table ... open-carry warriors and pure haters of all things Obama and ‘foreign’” as offensive! 
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