Letters to the Editor

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Billboard op-ed misled

As representatives from the advertising industry, we are proud partners with many businesses that seek new opportunities by advertising on digital billboards. We are equally proud of our participation in the public discussion about digital billboards in Marion County.
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Kochs balance debate

Sheila Suess Kennedy’s [May 4] column should have had the headline: “Monied megaphones drown liberal left voices.”
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Change the tax codes

In the [April 13] editorial “Time to tax services,” IBJ would reduce the state’s sales tax from 7 percent on tangibles—products imported from communist China, Vietnam and North Korea as well as Mexico and India.
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Focus on big problems

Mark Maddox’s take on “golf in the constitution” [April 27 Viewpoint] was very clever and well stated.
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Stop forced annexations

Forced annexation in Indiana is heavily weighted in favor of cities and towns. In an involuntary annexation, landowners have two alternatives: Give in, or go to court.
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Media was maddening

The “madness” headline over Peter Rusthoven’s [April 13] column was perfect to describe the hysteria created by the Indianapolis Star regarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and its extreme one-sided coverage capped off by Mr. “I’m embarrassed to be from Indiana” Tully.
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Why the ‘assault’ label?

I was disappointed to read the caption under the picture in the article about Poseidon Experience, “Alan Errichiello trains with an assault rifle … ” [March 23 IBJ].
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