Letters to the Editor

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Kennedy borrows from ’60s radical

Sheila Kennedy’s [July 27 column] “Who’s the bigot”? quotes Sean Hannity as saying, “The three most persecuted groups in America today are Christians, the wealthy, and white males,”
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What does ranking say about Hoosiers?

I don’t want to live in a state where creative and forward-thinking innovators don’t pursue entrepreneurship because of the challenges and the fear of not finding mentors, partners or colleagues to help them survive and flourish.
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Language degraded value of Cultural Trail

Calling the Cultural Trail a “$63 million sidewalk” undercuts its true impact as an internationally recognized, urban pedestrian and bicycle pathway that cities from all over the world are hoping to replicate.
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Vision Fleet is victim of political tussle

My company is stuck in the middle of a dispute that threatens not just one municipal fleet modernization program, but the reputation of a city that wants to develop innovative solutions that can be replicated elsewhere.
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Science backs creationism

Inside our museum, we present the compelling evidence that dinosaurs have lived in recent times, which supports the biblical narrative.
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Not all creationists alike

In Mr. Maurer’s last two paragraphs, he says it is impossible to debate gay marriage with a creationist and that “this group voted 100 percent for RFRA in our state Legislature.”
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