Letters to the Editor

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Kennedy distorted bill restricting abortion

Very simply, those of us who know that the baby inside the womb is a living human being—nurtured in the most warm, loving environment it will ever know—believe that that this most precious, innocent life deserves the basic protection from its government.
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New overtime rules would create jobs

If we recall the reasons for the rule—to keep employees from being overworked at their normal pay rate, and to add more jobs/employees if employers did not want to pay time and a half after 40 hours of work in a week—raising the thresholds is easily seen as a job creator.
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Mass Ave parking issues haven’t turned into crisis

IBJ ignores obvious counter-evidence of the “parking problem”: new storefront businesses and restaurants continue to regularly open on Mass Ave and sufficient customers are apparently able to get to them and keep them in business (however they get there).
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