Letters to the Editor

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Reward great teachers

IBJ accidentally and perfectly captures our challenge and opportunity through two very different articles [March 30].
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IBJ overreacted

What a surprise that IBJ’s editorial would take the typical liberal whining shot at this recently passed legislation.
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Recycling center makes sense

It’s disappointing to see a statewide organization that exists to support recycling continue to spread misinformation about the new Covanta Advanced Recycling Center project in Indianapolis [Hamilton letter, March 23]. But, clearly this is the intent of the Indiana Recycling Coalition.
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Indiana making strides in education attainment

The March 23 article titled “Indiana’s Higher Education Achievement Results Mixed” highlights Indiana’s efforts to increase the number of Hoosiers with education beyond high school. J.K. Wall’s analysis also makes clear the need for sustained urgency if we hope to reach the goal of 60 percent of all Hoosiers with a quality college degree or credential.
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Indiana revives old interposition law

In the 1950s, after the U.S. Supreme Court decided that segregated schools were unconstitutional, a number of Southern states attempted to revive the doctrine of interposition. That doctrine has it that a state has the right to interpose itself between its citizens and actions of the federal government that the state’s legislature and governor oppose, thus nullify such actions.
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No alarm over Indiana pensions

Concern about the Indiana Public Retirement System investment results [March 16] arises from a revolution in institutional investing that started in the 1960s.
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Armbands for bigots

I loved Mickey Maurer’s [March 16] column, “If religion dictates, be prejudiced and proud.” I have an additional suggestion.
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Common construction wage debate marred

Indiana’s common construction wage statute is being vilified in recent media releases using information that is almost laughably inaccurate. The releases espouse that public works projects such as schools, libraries, hospitals and the like can achieve savings of 20 percent by eliminating the common construction wage.
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IndyCar deal with USA Today Sports is ethical

The deal between USA Today Sports and IndyCar [March 16 IBJ] is a marketing relationship that makes USA Today Sports and its affiliated properties a preferred marketing partner of the racing circuit in the United States.
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