Area couple's bankruptcy filing lists $18.5M in debt

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An Indianapolis-area couple that operated more than two dozen companies—including one that provided financial counseling—has filed for bankruptcy, listing $18.5 million in debt that includes unpaid business loans and mortgages for homes in Florida and Wyoming.

Bradley Stephen Snyder of Nashville and Michelle Lenee Snyder of Fishers filed for Chapter 7 liquidation in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Indianapolis on July 16.

Court documents show the Snyders operated several businesses, including Bellwether Inc. and AM Publishing Inc., at 9102 Fallview Drive in Fishers. Debt attributed to Bellwether is listed at more than $3.6 million, which includes a $1.6 million loan backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the court filing said.

Court records show Snyder also operates or has operated other businesses on Fallview Drive, and at Keystone Crossing and Woodfield Crossing in Indianapolis. The businesses include such names as Chapter 20 Publishing Inc., Consumer Disclosure Mortgage Inc. and Life After Bankruptcy Inc.

Courtney Chilcote, attorney for the couple, declined comment.

The couple’s debt includes $9 million in unpaid mortgages—$5.4 million for a home in Bonita Springs, Fla., and $2.6 million for another in Jackson Hole, Wyo., in addition to their residences in Fishers and Nashville, according to court documents.

Real estate taxes owed on the Florida home total $132,271. Fees owed to a neighborhood homeowners association are listed at $43,068.

Credit card debt totals nearly $1 million from Chase, Citibank, Fifth Third Bank, PNC and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The couple lists $176,591 in assets.


  • He's At It Again...
    Well he is at it again...when I first came across Stephen Snyder 10 years ago his information was instrumental in getting a mortgage approved and credit scores raised. I see know a lot has changed over the years. I purchased his internet based business opportunity for $497 in May 2014 and decided it wasn't for me and requested a refund. After getting the run around I just called my credit card company and filed a fraud claim and got a refund. I am posting this everywhere hoping to save someone else from my mistake. Bradley...Stephen or whatever your name is...there's a hot seat waiting just for you.
  • Is there a Class Action for BKAs (Junior and Master as well)?
    From what I understand, there were thousands of business partners across the US - Master partners, BKA partners, and Junior partners - each of us invested thousands of dollars to buy territories. Has anyone been contacted about a Class Action suit? If so, I would like to know about it, please, as I invested in two territories for BKA - and, like everyone else who also invested, nothing came of my investment...the money is just gone into the "Stephen Snyder" ether.
  • He is a liar
    Steve is a crook, a liar and cheat. In his first book he quotes scripture and says the he will pay back all his debtors even he filed BK. Then a he files BK again!? He tries to act like a moral person, but he is alying crook, his latest email he is actaully bad mouthing Dave Ramsey, a person who really tries to help people. Stephen, shame on you, no one gets away with this kind of thing. The truth finds you out!!
    • Dishonest Tactics
      Mr Snyder in FACT set up a law firm in South Dakota where he benefited primarily and financially, even though he is not an attorney. In FACT, he made false representations to people, and many people relied on those false representations to their financial detriment. In FACT, that's the boiler plate definition of fraud.
    • Proof of the lies
      http://www.ndcourts.gov/court/briefs/20070376.rsb.htm shows the paper trail connection between Stephen Snyder and Bradley Ross Law.
    • The unfortunate people
      My heart goes out to those unfortunate people who drank the kool-aid and believed in Steven's smoke and mirrors. While he may have helped people at first, his scam to franchise should be prosecuted. Here's a copy of what he sent soliciting the weak minded to invest in his scheme. Stephen Snyder 1/30/10 I just announced a new opportunity to partner with me to reach out to people who file bankruptcy in your community. We call it the Junior Partner Opportunity. The neat thing about this program is it doesn’t require a lot of your time. The emphasis is on offering information products to bankrupt people that will help them speed up their recovery. Are you interested? To see if there is a territory open in your area, go here: http://www.bkadvisors.com/ted To download a 4-page written summary of the opportunity, go here: http://www.stephensnyder.com/jp-executive-summary.pdf To listen to an audio summary, go here: http://www.stephensnyder.com/jpo To apply online (no fee to apply), go here: http://www.bkadvisors.com/junior And the best part is, we’ll finance you. For more details, go here: http://www.stephensnyder.com/jpo This offer expires soon. Keep smiling, Stephen : )
      • Well, Well, Well
        I will admit that I was a buyer of Mr. Snyders books - as well as an investor in the BK Business. I will say that some of the advise did help - but I have learned over the past 2 years waiting for the BK business to actually be real - that Mr. Snyder is a crook. When he advised that the business was going to be relaunched, I asked what had changed over the past 2 years in waiting for it - got an email that basically stated that if I wasn't interested he would put the territory up for sale. Then I saw the books would only be sold on Amazon. So much for a business! He is a crook. Sorry, no other way to put it. Ron
      • I was defrauded
        My husband and I were defrauded by Stephen Snyder in their BKA program of more than $2,000 at a very vulnerable time in our lives. What he did, and continues to do, is criminal. But, we cannot waste any more time fighting this or hitting our heads against a wall in order to get our money back. We made a mistake in trusting this man. He is a crook, as is his wife, and should do some time for this. We have moved on, have found success and peace, all without the help of Stephen Snyder. Hope you like the orange jumpsuit, Stephen.
      • What are you talking about?
        I guess they do let people comment off topic, they let you comment didn't they? Stop being a dolt. Most of these comments are favorable to Snider and suspiciously worded similarly. Those are the ones that smell like they're coming from the same person.
      • Vendetta?
        It seems to me many of these anonymous posts are made by the same person with a vendetta against Mr. Snider that have nothing to do with his bankruptcy filing. Does IBJ allow anyone to post messages unrelated to the topic?
        • Madoff was a nice guy too
          I have to laugh at these comments that are so supportive of a guy and his wife who just filed an 18 million dollar BK. Don't you know what that means? That means they owed $18 million to creditors who are now going to get screwed. This is BK #2 for Mr. Bankruptcy. Whenever I watch CNBC's American Greed shows I always wonder who in the world are the people falling for these scams. Now I know who they are...they're the people who are posting positive comments about the Snyders and think he and she are wonderful people just trying to help others. Come on people.
        • Shouldnt they be investigated?
          If their BKA Advisors paid for a service/partnership, and Snyder took their money, and refused to refund it, shouldn't he be investigated for interstate fraud? It is a federal crime for anyone to use interstate communications facilities (whether that be wire, radio, or television) in carrying out a scheme to defraud.
        • HUMBLE DOWN?
          These two should serve time in PRISON. How about that for HUMBLE DOWN? They should both have to work in that prison until they can pay off every individual they frauded. PEOPLE LIKE THE SNYDERS ARE THE FILTH OF THIS COUNTRY. There is no nicer way to put it. Put them in JAIL.
        • He is NOT a good guy.
          Stephen Snyder is NOT A GOOD GUY and your comment needs to be addressed. If you offer a business opportunity to people who trust you and your advice and they pay you with their hard earned honest money with the expectation of product being delivered, but for 3+ years you receive NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING and then find out this so called bankruptcy recovery expert has filed personal BK due to the tune of $18million and is retiring and you don’t hear that as an invested business partner direct from him you read it as a Life After Bankruptcy newsletter subscriber, that's just WRONG no matter how you slice it and an honest good guy wouldn’t do that to you. Stephen Snyder is a liar who took money from his LAB newsletter subscribers, he can’t ever be trusted.
        • Nothing honest comes from Stephen
          There isn’t an honest bone in Stephen Snyder's body and he's deceit is his standard way of life. I was offered the opportunity to become a business partner as a BKA and paid a $5,000 fee for this almost 4 years ago. To date he's done absolutely NOTHING, but take our money and now file an $18Million dollar personal bankruptcy. He then announces he's retiring, so he can recover from his filing, but he's still moving forward with the advisory business and is now telling the business partners he'll be giving them an update on when their monthly payments will start kicking in as well as how they are going to make money. The program is a bunch of b...s... and are money was spend over 3 years ago. Don’t believe anything positive that is posted about Stephen Snyder, because he's probably writing it or one of his scam cronies.
        • It's Time to Pay Up
          I've known the Snyders for years. I've known about all the businesses and the bogus law firm. Dishonesty with the Snyders was their way to live lavishly with personal chefs, personal shoppers, etc. Stephen is a very nice guy but got in over his head. Let's not forget about Michele. No one has mentioned her name here much. She is as a big money spender as Stephen if not more. What she wants she gets. Guess not now. Both of them need to try living a normal, simple life. It's not bad at all Stephen and Michele - its time to humble down.
          • Helpful
            Stephen has been a great help to myself and family in recovering from BK. I have learned lots of useful information that I readily share with others when they express frustrations with their own financial situations. My FICO scores are climbing due to help from Stephen,
            • Amazed
              First, let me start by saying, that yes Stephen’s advices has helped many people. And yes, he added a “security” blanket for one of life’s most trying times next to death and divorce. I am sure in the beginning that he had honest intentions of helping those like him in a financial crisis. However, it is his salesman side that everyone sees of him and his wife (divorce pending). Not the egotistical, narcissistic, chauvinistic side of Bradley “Stephen” Snyder. See he claims that his sponsors pay for his seminars. Yes he does have a car dealer at them, and a mortgage company there, and yes they pay a sponsorship fee. But the “law firm” part of it, is largely bogus. The first law firm was Bradley Ross Law, hmmm Bradley, sound familiar? The law firm wasn’t actually a law firm by most standards, in fact the attorney they had in South Dakota, was investigated, suspended, and motion was made to be disbarred! (public record) The “lawyer’s” Stephen used were just a front. Many of the dispute letters were created and sent from his Fishers/Indianapolis office. While off living his want to be playboy lifestyle, with lavish homes, expensive cars, he has his employees do his research, rewrite, repackage, his old outdated material. Much of his “information” can easily be accessed on the Internet with relative ease. If you want to know the real Stephen, do some research. He tried to franchise out his knowledge to people by creating a program in which people could buy territories and have mini seminars, and sell his items. All fine and dandy, IF he was a legitimate businessman, truth be told though, he hasn’t delivered one thing other than false promises! Who did he make such a great offer to? People who attended his seminars! Many of these people have requested a refund, however it has fallen on deaf/now bankrupt ears. So for those of you that think you know Stephen….Bradley, think again, he could have duped you for being so gullible.
              • Ch 13 Recovery
                I had to file ch 13 during the housing crisis. The thing I was worried about most was, how will I recover from this terrible thing--in ch 13 you pay your bills! Stephen helped me with lots of free advise that started with the Life After Bankrupsy online siminar about 5 years ago. At the end he offer products that cost money (small amounts-less than $50. here or there depending on my interests)...It was always my decision to make a purchase. My credit scores do NOT resemble someone who is in bankrupsy--Thanks to Stephen Snider!
              • HE HELPED ME
                I have know Stephen for over 7 years, and his advice helped me out of financial hard times. He is a good guy and helps people. Good luck Stephen and Michelle in the future.
                • Comments
                  You are very disillusioned - real people are posting here that have had a good experience with Stephen.
                • Really
                  I am surprized that you feel he scammed you out of $5000 - where were you?
                • I hope....
                  I was given bad advice by many people--about investments, about filing bankruptcy, about my worth as a person after bankruptcy, etc. Stephen was obviously too aggressive in trying new markets he doesn't know about; however he was the FIRST person to offer me hope again after BK. His advice helped restore my financial life and, in turn, many other things...including my sense of self worth. It's amazing how many people want you to feel bad about yourself--for whatever reason. I mean this in a very nice way: to help with them! Thanks Stephen for your insight and help these past 7 years....I don't think I would EVER have been able to recover with so few scars if it hadn't been for your help. THANK YOU! And after your recent fall, remember to get up and get moving again....we only have one life to live and many mistakes we'll accientally make...so KEEP ON LIVING! :)
                • Risk and Reward
                  Many of the greatest innovations enjoyed by our society have come with great risk and many of the innovators tied to them have undergone extreme hardship. Without people willing to extend themselves, and running the risk that comes with it, we would not enjoy many of the accomplishments we as a society enjoy today. Bankruptcy brings with it a definite setback, it is not something people strive for at the onset of an endeavor and I’m sure all that go through it, would have liked to see things turn out differently—in a way that allowed them to stay on top of all of their debts and have money to spare. Perhaps if we would be more humble and realize that things happen to people, it would be easier to realize that we too are worth being forgiven for whatever infractions or hardships we have invoked on others. We all need to be forgiven and we all need to be able to forgive.
                • A Mentor and a Friend!
                  I won't comment on Stephan's situation, it's not for me to judge. What I do know is he shared his extensive knowledge in BK and I have benefitted from it for 9 years. I can't be anything other than grateful not only for how much he shared but how he structured his programs, making them so simple for anyone to understand and take action. I did not know him personally yet I can't help but consider him a mentor and even a friend!
                • Go big or go home
                  I've learned a lot from Stephen and am a big believer in trying to make it big. It looks like he did just that but ran into problems. He's been a big help to me - I wish him the best of luck!
                • Helpful to the end
                  Stephen has helped me since 2004. I attended his seminar and recovered from bankruptcy with amazing results. He has helped many people over the years. When someone plays this big, big things can happen. Great or horrible. I have talked with Stephen personally. Those who know him, know him to be a caring person who is out to change the world for good. I wish him the best in all he does. He gave me hope and a plan when no one else could. Thank you Stephen!!!
                • GOOD LUCK STEPHEN
                  I have found Stephen Snyder's classes and seminars to be very helpful. I am sorry to hear he has suffered reverses like so many people in today's economy, and especially after the housing crisis and the banking crisis. But I am sure he deserves a second chance the same as every American under BK. I have learned credit repair from him for over 5 years now, and have found him to be knowledgeable, helpful, careing, and honest. I wish Stephen and his wife all the best in their recovery after BK.
                • Scam Man
                  Stephen Snyder has spent the better part of his life living a posh life style with other people's money and working the system to borrow as much as he can and with no intention of ever paying a dime back. He has stolen more money with a smile and and ink pen then most street criminals could ever imagine. The next stop for this sociopath should be prison. I know, he scammed me out of $5000 and I am only one of hundreds that I know of and probably thousands I don't know of.
                  • VERY GRATEFUL GOR HELP
                    I first found Stephen Snyder's Life after Bankruptcy seminars right after I filed over 4 years ago. WHAT an inspiration his work has brought to me, so much so that I now teach Credit Education Workshops and feel great joy when I have helped my fellow man. y'know, we ALL have situations in our lives to deal with, to me, I feel that we learn from them. Had it not been for Stephen Snyder and the work he has done I would not have moved forward in my own life. Filing bankruptcy is a very emotional thing and after reading Stephen's materials and actually doing the things he suggested I can proudly say it turned my life around. Thank you Stephen for all your hard work and I wish you and Michele the very best. Hang in there, this too shall pass! With great respect, Eileen
                  • Sound advise
                    I have found that the information I have received from Stephen has been extremely helpful and educational. I am grateful that I was able to obtain the infomation he has to share and use the practical suggestions that he gives. Thank you, Stephen...and I wish you the best in the future!
                  • Wow
                    I have to say that I have been a Steven Snyder follower for the last 7 years and thanks to him and his knowledge he has helped me recover from a Chapter 7. I do not know the full story here nor do I care all I know is the time that My Snyder has spent helping Thousands is proof in the pudding. A loyal follower till the end.
                  • Helpful Advice
                    I attended one of Stephen's seminars and it has helped me to get out of the hole and back on track. We all make mistakes and sometimes trying to do too much at one time will compound problems. The thing is to learn from your mistakes and others and move on.
                  • Do you know Stephen?
                    Why do you say these are shill comments? Do you know Stephen or the businesses he runs? He has A LOT of supporters who will continue to support him. These comments are from people he has helped, and will continue to help.
                  • Real Estate
                    LOTS of people got crushed by they real estate bust, and are still getting crushed, as evidenced by this story. Being in the biz of helping people out of bankruptcy doesn't insulate you from the economic woes this country is suffering through. Stephen and Michelle - there are ignorant people out there that will throw darts simply because of the undeniable irony of this situation. Hang in there tho....remember there are many "trolls" out there on the web, who just love to post negative comments on stories like this. They don't matter....don't listen to them. And as a business owner myself, I know that it's impossible to please everyone all the time. So don't pay attention to those negative comments from supposedly unhappy customers. Keep the faith!
                    • Talk about shill comments!
                      A shill comment is a comment posted by the subject of the article or by a 3rd party company hired by the subject to post comments that help to counterbalance the theme of the article. Clearly these comments are shill comments.
                      • Help
                        You would be the first one to look for Steven, if you ever tanked. He would be glad to help you. Think about that one!
                      • god Bless America
                        I have benefited from the knowledge of Mr. Snyder's programs. If it were not for him, I would be paying the same old bills today, and getting no where. He educated me and with that knowledge, I got out of a hole that I don't every want to see or wish on anyone. Our government gives us a fair opportunity, when we make mistakes. It is available to every American. Steven is an American, I am an American, and anyone else that belives in this nation should be proud that we live in a land of opportunity. Mistakes happen and babies are born everyday, to make their own mistakes, some day. It is part of learning. So, he or she who is perfect and have no sin, need to be the stone thrower. Folks please read up and take an American history lesson.
                      • A LITTLE REALITY
                        Mr. Snyder has had some financial misfortune, sure. Still, he has helped me and thousands of others get our credit straightened out -- if you check there are hundreds of testimonials. We have never paid for his seminars. His additional business advice and any financial advice are his experiences alone, and they also work. I have paid an extremely nominal amount for these services! Any publications are only $10 when they are first introduced. And, I recently was issued a refund as per his written agreement. I consider Mr. Snyder a good and helpful person, who has most probably been a victim of the recent financial crisis.
                      • a friend in need
                        I know little of Steven's businesses or real estate ventures, but after attending an After Bankruptcy Seminar the schooling I received about financial recovery has caused me to be on course to totally escape from the credit disaster that I created and become established once again financially. Thank you Steven.
                      • Was a great help...
                        I don't know the entire story here, but Mr. Snyder has been nothing but helpful in my credit recovery...and I wish him the best of luck...
                      • Greed + High life
                        I also know Steven Snyder. He is a very nice guy who has a lot of charisma. He is not an honest man, however. The Florida Bar Association shut down his fake law firm that he used to mislead many to make money. Shame on you, Steven
                      • Judge ye not be judged!
                        Wow, I'm sure the previous people who have commented haven't had any experience with Mr. Snyder. They simply read this article and came to their own conclusions. I know Mr. Snyder and he is a good person, a great author and apparently like many business owners has found himself in over his head. I have attended his seminars in the past, own all of his books and owe him a great deal of gratitude for showing me the way thru my bankruptcy and rebuilding afterwards. Judge not ye be judged.
                        • Fact Check
                          At one time they had a business at the 9102 Fallview Drive address in Fishers, they also had a business at 12421 Brooks Crossing in Fishers AKA Brooks Crossing LLC(at their residence), they also had listed as a business address, 11171 Hoosier Road in Fishers AKA Hoosier Road LLC. Their current location is: Allen Michael LLC (317) 578-0510 6803 Hillsdale Ct Indianapolis, IN 46250
                        • Fact Check
                          At one time they had a business at the 9102 Fallview Drive address in Fishers, they also had a business at 12421 Brooks Crossing in Fishers AKA Brooks Crossing LLC(at their residence), they also had listed as a business address, 11171 Hoosier Road in Fishers AKA Hoosier Road LLC. Their current location is: Allen Michael LLC (317) 578-0510 6803 Hillsdale Ct Indianapolis, IN 46250
                        • no wonder!
                          American greed goes "south" again. How many times do we need to read this same storyline? Assets of $176,000 and debts of $18.5M! How ironic it is that one of their businesses provided financial counseling. Are you kidding me!

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