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  1. Lee, I never fail to be surprised at the people who think that being close to a jail is less safe than being away from one. It's like living next to a cemetery - the people there are dead and can't possibly hurt you. The people in the jail are locked up and so you are safer from them than you are the ones walking on the street.

  2. Finally someone who is tough on crime and he resigns to join a corporate law firm?? What a waste, Joe. Please stay in the criminal arena and fight the good fight. We need you.

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  4. Mason was spot on. I often wonder how blacks that are "good citizens" feel when an area goes to ruin by the "thug crowd" that takes over. I have some dear friends that are black, I know they too are embarrassed and ashamed by what happens to an area that was once nice and now a crime ridden disgrace. There needs to be an uprising against this type of behavior(whether black or white)and treatment to our communities

  5. since i live north on georgetown and it no longer goes through ,guess i won't be eat at charlie browns or mug and bun anymore or by my little farmers market,I am not going to travel futher west to have to double back to go east.Sorry