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EDITORIAL: Justice center critics must follow through

Opponents of the controversial justice complex proposal pushed by Mayor Greg Ballard might have killed the project when the City-County Council’s Rules and Public Policy Committee voted against it April 14, but that victory shouldn’t be confused with solving the problem. The city is still burdened with inefficient, unsafe jails and courtrooms.
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Real critics call them like they see them

Heaven help me: I’m a paid critic. I’m different from the sort of gushing-praiser, or mindless hater on Yelp. I get to research, test and objectively review some of the most advanced computing gear in the industry, year after year.
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Why the ‘assault’ label?

I was disappointed to read the caption under the picture in the article about Poseidon Experience, “Alan Errichiello trains with an assault rifle … ” [March 23 IBJ].
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Indianapolis area needs engaged public

Bruce Race’s [April 6] column “Collaborate on agenda for an exceptional region” recommends a more deliberate conversation about regional planning issues. We couldn’t agree more.
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