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Lilly expands R&D outside Indy—again

State and city leaders spend millions each year to entice companies to move here and add jobs here. But for the second time in three months, Eli Lilly and Co. has shown that the biggest attraction to a company is talented workers.
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Lilly faces moment of truth this week

The Indianapolis-based drugmaker on Wednesday will release new data from patients taking its Alzheimer’s drug that could show whether the drug has slowed the progression of their disease. That will show investors whether the 45 percent rise in Lilly’s stock price over the past year is justified.
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Obamacare shovels another $122M to Indiana insurers

The money, known as reinsurance payments, helped MDwise, Anthem, Humana, Assurant and the Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana keep a lid on their losses even as lots of new patients with expensive or untreated medical conditions migrated into the private insurance market.
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