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Paying for low value

A recent ranking of health care value in all 50 states puts Indiana in the basement. By my rough figures, working-age Hoosiers are paying a couple billions dollars extra for their health care.
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Anthem's offer that hospitals can't refuse

By subtly threatening the loss of patients via a new "reference lab network," the Indianapolis-based health insurer has persuaded 63 Indiana hospitals to slash their prices for blood and tissue testing by as much as 80 percent—beyond the discounts Anthem had already negotiated with them.
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Are nurses really overworked and underpaid?

Nurses in Indiana are underpaid, relative to their peers nationally. They are not overworked from a sheer number of hours, but the demands of hospitals nurses have spiked recently, reducing nurses' margin for caring for patients with a human touch. For a business that competes on service and, increasingly, on price, those are big problems.
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Semper Reformanda

Think we’re almost done with changes from Obamacare? Think again. Things won’t settle down any sooner than 2017, and they could actually get even wilder after that.
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