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Commuting safely on bike can require counterintuitive behavior

July 12, 2014
The rate of bike commuting in Indianapolis has more than doubled since 2000, but many cyclists still don’t know—or follow—some basic guidelines that can keep them safe.More.

NCAA sets vote on modified governance proposal

July 21, 2014
After years of consternation and months of debate, the Indianapolis-based NCAA says that its board of directors will vote on a formal proposal to give schools in the highest-profile conferences more influence over the college rules.More.

Top NCAA hoops official retiring after 2015 season

July 18, 2014
John Adams, 65, the head of college basketball officiating, will retire following April's national championship game in Indianapolis.More.

Pacers lose Stephenson to Hornets offer, reports say

July 16, 2014
Pacers free-agent guard Lance Stephenson has come to terms with the Charlotte Hornets with a three-year, $27 million deal, multiple media outlets reported Wednesday morning.More.



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Pacers lose Stephenson to Hornets offer, reports say

Pacers free-agent guard Lance Stephenson has come to terms with the Charlotte Hornets with a three-year, $27 million deal, multiple media outlets reported Wednesday morning.More.

Lilly reaches multiyear agreement to sponsor IMS race

The race, which takes place the day before the annual NASCAR Brickyard 400 race at IMS, will be called the Lilly Diabetes 250.More.

City focuses on streets in $30M natatorium plan

Mayor Greg Ballard on Monday morning unveiled details of the plan, in which IUPUI and Lilly Endowment each contribute $10 million for the IU Natatorium renovation. The city's $10 million part of the plan involves nearby streets.More.

Pacers hire sports writer, exec Bill Benner as senior VP

The Longtime Indianapolis sports journalist and executive has left the Horizon League to join Pacers Sports & Entertainment as senior vice president of corporate, community and public relations.More.

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Crean, Painter contracts packed with rewards for postseason success

Indiana University Coach Tom Crean and Purdue University Coach Matt Painter cash in big time when their teams perform well, especially in postseason play.More.

Pro athletes' charities often have limited life spansRestricted Content

Wealth and fame often lead professional athletes to share their success in the charitable arena, but those efforts rarely last much longer than their careers as the organizations struggle to survive in an already-crowded philanthropic field.More.

Simon family's interests helped city thrive, but taxpayers paid the price

The Simon family's role in building the city has come at a steep price for taxpayers. Simon and its business interests in the last 20 years have collected local government incentives worth more than $400 million, an IBJ tally of those deals shows.More.

IUPUI faces tough decisions over aging sports facilities

IUPUI is grappling with how to pay for upkeep and improvements necessary to keep its three world-class athletic facilities—and the city—in the hunt for high-profile sporting events.More.

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  1. Been coming for a long time...the big schools really make the rules anyway, they are now just going to do away with the façade that the small conferences and schools have an equal stake...they'll figure out a way to keep them in the Basketball tournament because that works and makes lots of money, but the cornering of the market by the big conferences is eventually inevitable...and of course Emmert is advocating it, he works for them...he doesn't really work for Austin Peay or Idaho State...the whole model is completely bogus anyway, might as well be honest that it is all about the money and it always has been...the myth of the student athlete, shamateurism...

  2. how the latest IRl ad campaign is going? Does it wipe the slate clean? Does it have the few remaining fans on the edge of their toilets? Did it bring the hunnert and fitty thousand back to Toronto? LULZ Nelson is busting a gut.

  3. Lance was entertaining, but he was WAY too immature to be a sustainable option, and showed no sign of committing to improving his mental game. He was an impeccable opportunity-maker (and really one of the only players willing to drive to the basket) but he also tended to hog the ball. There's no way his "Lance-ness" can gel with a serious title contender. Look at last season's Finals teams - neither fielded a player anyone would describe as less than a consummate professional as a starter. To his credit, Lance should sign somewhere where he can get a low-year contract and take advantage of the new, impending CBA. But I'm glad that the approaching storm of Artest Part II is gone. Bird assembled the team that went to two straight Eastern Conference Finals - I don't doubt his ability to field or build another Finals-caliber team.