MADDOX: Trump’s better than Dairy Queen

By November, a majority will tire of Trump’s traveling show. To avoid a blowout, The Insulter-in-Chief will have to do more than continue to insult his opponents and make razor-thin policy statements that double as bumper stickers. 
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VIEWPOINT: Mike Pence, governor of INtolerance

Not only did Pence double down on his support for RFRA, but when given multiple opportunities by the ABC News moderator to state the obvious, he refused to say the simple words that, “In Indiana, it is wrong to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.”
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MADDOX: Wall Street banks on amnesia

Many Americans believed that whatever caused the Great Recession should not be permitted to happen again. Most of the country seemed to agree that Wall Street’s reckless gambling with depositors’ money should never again be able to threaten the jobs and livelihoods on Main Street.
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MADDOX: Wolves are still at Gramma's door

In the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort, disgraced broker and owner of the now-defunct brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont, is portrayed by Oscar-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio as over-the-top good looking, witty and motivational. Belfort, if we are to believe what we see in the film, is a phenomenal salesman—a self-made man committed to making lots of money for himself and his friends.
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