Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how IBJ Media Corp. (The Company) uses and protects the information a user releases to

The Company is fully committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. The Company will only use identifying information in accordance with their privacy statement.

The Company has the right to change the privacy policy at any time and will update this page accordingly. This policy was last updated May 21, 2018.

Identifying information can include but is not limited to: name, job title, basic contact information, demographic information, and any other information that could be relevant to any offers and/or surveys.

The Company uses identifying information for internal record keeping, and also reserves the right to use an individual’s information for improvement of services, market research opportunities, and promotional emails.

The Company puts your security at the top of their privacy priorities. We use multiple procedures to ensure your information is safeguarded at all times.

The Company utilizes cookies to monitor page usage, and also enable the ability to remember your login information for you. The cookies do not give The Company access to your computer or personal information that you do not provide willingly.

The Company utilizes Google Analytics. To learn more about Google Analytics go to To opt out of Google Analytics, go to

The Company utilizes social buttons, to enable users to share or bookmark pages within the website. Please check the respective sites of the social buttons (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) for their individual privacy policies.

The Company utilizes links to other websites such as YouTube to display content. Please check those respective sites for their privacy policies, and remember that if you leave, our privacy policy is void and we are not responsible for any information that may be shared.

The Company utilizes email-tracking in specific emails such as newsletters.

The Company gives the option for modifying information a user has provided. If a user would like to modify or delete their information entirely, please contact us at [email protected]

For any questions about the privacy statement, practices of this site, or dealings with this web site, contact the IBJ Corporation at 41 E Washington Street, Indianapolis IN 46204 or by phone at 317.634.6200