Editorial: Race for governor keeps us in dark

Granted, Holcomb and his campaign have nothing to gain politically by introducing creative policy proposals in the midst of a safe race. But how about January? He’ll have four years and little to lose by making bold proposals that can help those who are struggling, shore up our weaknesses and make Indiana more economically competitive than ever.

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Editorial: County’s health department has bungled attendance limits

We don’t begrudge the health department for setting limits. Big crowds can fan the spread of the coronavirus, and many NFL and USL Championship teams aren’t permitting any fans to attend. But the sudden shifts fuel a perception that health officials are pulling numbers out of a hat, rather than making carefully thought-out judgments.

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Editorial: Remake economic development strategy for post-pandemic times

Even before the pandemic, there were efforts afoot, such as TechPoint’s partnership with TMap, to identify people with an Indiana connection who work outside the state but might be willing to return. We’ve used this space before to encourage such programs, but now there’s a new urgency to making such appeals, and not just to people who already have local ties.

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