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Superior Dental Care brings its highly regarded dental plans to the entire state of Indiana

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Jim McGonagle
Vice President, Specialty Products

Superior Dental Care (SDC), a company with two decades of experience serving Hoosiers in the eastern portion of Indiana, is broadening its reach by offering dental plans statewide.

In an era when finding and keeping good employees is a major challenge, companies can set themselves apart by offering robust benefits packages. SDC’s statewide growth gives employers a valuable new option.

“While SDC has provided dental benefits to Hoosiers for decades, we have primarily done so in the areas adjacent to our home office in Ohio,” said Jim McGonagle, SDC’s vice president, specialty products.

“After the nationwide expansion of our dental network, the past several years have brought continued growth of SDC’s plans throughout Ohio, Kentucky and parts of Indiana,” McGonagle said. “We are eager to carry that momentum throughout the entire state to offer more Indiana employers and brokers a better option for dental benefits from a carrier with a history of supporting the dental community.”

SDC was founded by dentists in 1986, a connection to the dental profession that remains an important part of the company’s vision today: being a trusted ally for dentists, specialists, and the patients they serve.

The company maintains a large network of participating dentists and specialists by supporting the dental industry wherever it operates, including its support of the Indiana Dental Association.

SDC also distinguishes itself by providing unparalleled customer service and value-added extras with every plan.

All of the company’s customer-service representatives are located in the Midwest, and most of them have previous experience working in dental offices, McGonagle said. When providers or plan members call, SDC personnel draw on that experience to help answer questions and solve problems.

SDC includes value-added extras with their dental plans, such as vision, prescription, and hearing discount programs; identity theft resolution services; and a 15% discount on cosmetic and other non-covered dental services from a subset of network providers who have opted in to offer the discount.

“With every one of our dental plans, employers get these additional perks that stretch their benefit dollars further,” McGonagle said.

The identity theft resolution program is another popular value-add that gives plan members peace of mind at a time when identity theft is a constant threat. It’s a free benefit that smaller employers typically can’t afford to offer to their employees, McGonagle said.

“Dental plans from SDC add a lot of value to employee benefit packages. In addition to great dental coverage, our plans give employees nationwide network access and extra benefits beyond dental that support their overall health and wellness,” McGonagle said. “We look forward to offering more Indiana businesses superior dental plans from a local, dental-focused carrier.”