HR Impact Awards Nomination

HR Impact Awards

Nominations are closed.

Who is eligible?
An honoree can be a team or an organization. Companies can be nominated in more than one category, although each program must be nominated separately. Also, each company can have only one top honoree each year. One category, HR standouts, will honoree an HR representative who excels in their position, helping to make their company a better place to work.

What are the categories?
IBJ will honor efforts in the following categories:

  • Diversity and inclusion: Recognizes efforts to recruit diverse talent and/or retain and promote that talent. Diversity will be interpreted broadly and can include efforts that involve racial, ethnic, gender and age diversity, as well as efforts to recruit people who have disabilities.
  • Talent recruitment: Recognizes innovative programs that help identify candidates and attract candidates into all types of jobs in an organization.
  • Employee experience: A broad category that recognizes programs and efforts that make organizations a better place to work, whether that’s through strong benefits programs, work/life balance efforts, community engagement or volunteerism, or bolstering workplace culture.
  • Training and development: Recognizes programs that help develop talent throughout a company—from frontline workers to executives. These could involve leadership, safety, culture, diversity and other issues. Included in this category would be efforts to help workers go back to school or gain additional degrees.
  • HR standouts: Recognizes an individual who excels in their job leading or facilitating human resources for their company. This could include diversity and inclusion efforts, talent recruitment, employee experiences or training and development.

How do I nominate someone?
Nominations are closed.

What is the nomination deadline?
Nominations are closed.

Can I contact you to make sure my nomination was received?
Yes, you can email Samm Quinn at

How will honorees be recognized?
Honorees and top honorees will be recognized at an event on June 23, 2023.

When does the special feature publish?
The honorees and top honorees will be featured in the June 23, 2023 issue of IBJ.