Tariq Al-Nasir: Time to focus on early childhood education in STEM

Through STEM, we have the opportunity to address a problem that disproportionately plagues underserved minority children. Let’s do the math: If the average salary of a STEM job in Indiana is $60,000, and the average salary in the state is $31,000, which job offers a quicker path to the middle class for a student born into poverty? I’ll take STEM for $60,000.

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Abbey Chambers: Inclusive growth in Indianapolis … will we mess it up?

I hear residents in places like the near-east side and near-northwest side express worry that money and power will take their neighborhoods away from them through the facade of urban revitalization “for the common good” that is actually composed of—whether intentionally or not—top-down structures and processes that exclude more than they include.

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