Kyle Bach: Affordable housing could make impact on education

According to 2021 Prosperity Indiana data, there are only 37 affordable and available rental homes for every 100 households with extremely low incomes (those with incomes at or below the poverty level or 30% of their area median income), tied for the second-lowest rate among 12 Midwest states.

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Katie Culp: Approach new innovation districts with optimism

Under this new system, the state, a county, a city, or a town, is empowered to create districts which capture new property taxes, including TIF, but also capture incremental sales and income taxes. This ability creates the potential to generate the most lucrative economic value of any state or local incentive program in Indiana.

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Viewpoint: Indiana’s hospital systems stand committed to affordability

Without shedding an equal amount of light on every corner of the industries that play a role in health care costs, Hoosiers will always fall victim to cost shifting as the proverbial balloon gets squeezed. Giving businesses insight into how their premiums are set by insurance companies or how drug prices are set by pharmacy benefit managers is vital to building upon the momentum Indiana has created by being a leader in transparency.

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