A Republican and a Democratic lawmaker react to the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas—and they have different ideas about what Hoosiers lawmakers should do about gun violence. Other columnists tackle teacher pay, the Red Line, the environment and technology.

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Leah McGrath: Own the culture you want to see in your community

As we look around us, there is a feeling that things are not right. We see it in on TV, online and in the news. We see division widen when we should be working to find common ground. We see too much hatefulness when we should be understanding. We see fear to challenge the status […]

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Una Osili: Look to different perspective to understand violence

We’re confronted once again with the tragic and senseless loss of lives from gun violence in the aftermath of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Although recent mass shootings in the United States can be linked to multifaceted factors, there is evidence that the El Paso shooting was a calculated political act fueled by anti-immigrant […]

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Adrianne Slash: Let’s give the Red Line a chance, despite traffic woes

The entire city of Indianapolis seems to be under construction. I’ve seen the memes, heard the radio commentary, and have experienced delays just like the next person. But as a person who has been calling for investment in our infrastructure, the delays are welcomed. The delays are temporary discomfort for long-term comfort. Construction of the […]

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Beverly Gard: VW grants will mean reduced emissions in Indiana

The transformational potential of an award applicant, defined as the potential to prove or maximize effectiveness of newer technology, is evaluated. Proposals that notably change standard operating practices as part of a long-term vision through transition to a new fuel infrastructure are scored highly.

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Ed DeLaney: No will, no way—Eric Holcomb and teacher pay

The governor wants to improve teacher pay somehow, someday, as long as the increases are “systematic” and “sustainable.” Those are lovely words. The governor needs to start by committing to a substantial pay raise, based on state dollars. He also needs to act now.

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Let’s let presidents at least start with a perfect score

Mistakes have been made on all sides, but the president of the United States of America is the president of every American, whether you like him/her or not. As Americans, we should not only want the president to succeed; we need the president to succeed.

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