Chris Katterjohn

Chris Katterjohn

IBJ columnist
Publisher, Indianapolis Business Journal
President, IBJ Media Corp.

Katterjohn has been with Indianapolis Business Journal since the newspaper started in May 1980. He also hosts the “Inside IBJ” radio program on Saturday and Sunday mornings on WZPL-FM, WNTR-FM and WXNT-AM. Katterjohn is  vice chairman of the board of Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, is a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee for the American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis, and serves on the community advisory board for the Junior League of Indianapolis. He is a past board member and former president of the Alliance of Area Business Publications, a Los Angeles-based trade group representing 75 local business weeklies and monthlies across the United States. In his free time, Katterjohn plays lots of music. He is bass player for The Meatball Band and a member of the KRS Trio. An Indianapolis native, Katterjohn graduated in 1968 from Park School, Indianapolis, and in 1972 from Denison University in Granville, Ohio. He has two daughters.


KATTERJOHN: Closing the book on 30 years

It’s a tall order to write a farewell column after 30 years.
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KATTERJOHN: Local businesses kick in for Haiti

Hoosier businesses have stepped up for the citizens of Haiti, the island nation that was literally shaken to pieces by a massive earthquake Jan. 12.
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KATTERJOHN: Stupid Bowl not so stupid anymore

In recent years, my two brothers have been fond of referring to the Super Bowl as The Stupid Bowl. Disgusted by the crass commercialism that has overtaken professional sports, they view The Stupid Bowl as the zenith of hype.
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KATTERJOHN: Rise to the challenge in 2010

Multiple challenges remain, no doubt. But I feel a whole lot better about our prospects than I did a year ago at this time.
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KATTERJOHN: My Top 11 personalities of 2009

I saw where Barbara Walters did her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 shtick on television recently. So with a nod to the venerable newswoman, here’s my list of locals who got my attention this year.
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KATTERJOHN: Indiana Achievement Awards live on

en years ago, Dodson Group CEO Jim Dodson came to IBJ with an idea to launch a program that would recognize best practices in the not-for-profit community and reward organizations that practiced them. And not just with a pat on the back—with hard cash.
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KATTERJOHN: Health care issues decades old

The unsustainable system of health care that we now find ourselves participating in has been decades in the making. What makes us think we can fix it—really fix it—overnight?
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KATTERJOHN: Indianapolis is a 21st century schizoid town

With apologies to the rock group King Crimson, who recorded a song in the late ’60s called “21st Century Schizoid Man,” I’d like to draw attention to our city’s split personality. Good Indianapolis. Bad Indianapolis.
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KATTERJOHN: Get out and vote for Wishard

You know, there’s an election on Nov. 3, right? We’re not voting for president, governor, mayor, or even dog catcher. We’re voting for a critical piece of the health care delivery system in central Indiana: whether to allow Marion County Health & Hospital Corp. to sell bonds to build a new Wishard Hospital.
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KATTERJOHN: Newspapers still deliver - for YOU

The Hoosier State Press Association, a trade group representing 175 paid-circulation Hoosier newspapers, including IBJ, has launched a campaign designed to remind the public of the important role newspapers play in our democracy. So this week, I’m ceding my space to David Stamps, executive director of the HSPA
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Katter Days

Chris Katterjohn arrived at Indianapolis Business Journal in 1980—before the first issue hit the newsstands—with little newspaper experience and zero idea what he was getting himself into. He couldn't have known that the little experiment of a newspaper he was joining would evolve into IBJ Media—a collection of small but mighty media properties known far and wide for their quality, profitability and influence. Chris, meanwhile, grew from a jack-of-all-trades managing editor into an editor before spending 20 years as our president and publisher. His unique brand of humor, friendship and caring—his "whistle while you work" style—set the tone for our success View