Frank Basile

Frank Basile

The Traveling Life columnist

Basile is a professional speaker, author, community volunteer, philanthropist and retired executive of the Gene B. Glick Co.  He has presented 1,400 speeches and holds the designation of certified speaking professional.  The author of 13 books, he wrote a weekly column on management for IBJ for 20 years and has penned more than 1,500 articles for various other publications.  Basile served as board chair of nine not-for-profit organizations and currently serves on the board of seven. He was senior vice president of the Gene B. Glick Co. for 33 years and has received numerous awards and recognition for his volunteer and other activities. Basile was born in New Orleans, graduated from Tulane University and is married to Katrina, who is a Realtor.  Besides speaking, writing and volunteering, his hobbies include ballroom dancing, reading, attending movies and plays, collecting art, exercising, travel and philanthropy.



BASILE: Been to more than 100 countries? Join the club

The Travelers' Century Club is a not-for-profit club consisting of about 2,000 people from around the world who have traveled to 100 or more countries.
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BASILE: Seek out the unusual in the usual destinations

Tourism discoveries abound in Nashville, Dallas, New York City, and more. You just have to be open to them.
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BASILE: For more fun, invite serendipity into your summer road trips

No matter what our plan, we are always flexible about modifying it if we come across some unexpected sight or event. Frequently the most interesting experiences are unplanned.
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BASILE: Visiting Vegas (while steering clear of the tempting slots)

A beyond-high end car dealership? A mobster museum? On a recent trip to Sin City, I experienced another side of Vegas.
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BASILE: Odds are Branson visitors will be treated like family

Hokey? Sure. But other cities could learn something about customer service from how this Missouri country mecca.
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BASILE: Getting to Cuba isn’t easy, but rewards are worth it

The Cuba we found was quite different from the Cuba of 1958, frequently portrayed in books and movies. Instead, of neon and casinos, we found crumbling buildings and functioning 1940s and 1950s American cars.
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BASILE: My (big) easiest destination choice: New Orleans

I have been remiss in not writing anything about a prime tourist destination—and my hometown—New Orleans. Correction time
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TRAVEL: For best experience, go with no reservations

Like most of our trips, the only reservations we made were for the flights.
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BASILE: In Houston, a megachurch offered a practical message

As a professional speaker myself, I could appreciate his pacing and understated gestures.
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BASILE: Glad to say goodbye to Kaliningrad

Two Russian policemen approached me and asked to see my “papers.” After a cursory look, they escorted me into a small cinder block “interrogation” room, which could barely contain the three of us and my backpack.
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Traveling with Frank and Katrina

Frank and Katrina Basile rarely take the road most traveled. While traveling to 174 countries on all seven continents from Bhutan to Bosnia, Antarctica to Greenland and Serbia to Syria, they've experienced the world in ways you won't find in guide books. So come along with the Indianapolis Business Journal travel columnist and his wife on their journeys throughout the world. View