HICKS: Focus on shrinking the federal government

Small-government sentiment runs strong in Indiana, and we can be pleased with the resulting low taxes, thoughtful regulatory environment and greater personal freedom. Still, I think much of the small-government movement in Indiana targets the wrong problems.

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Hicks: Liberalism on campus is mostly irrelevant

That academia is a creature of the left is hardly in question. Voting patterns and political contributions of professors are widely studied, and astonishingly leftist. Diversity efforts seek to build a cadre of people who look different but think exactly alike. Still, I wonder how much it really matters.

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Hicks: Technology might be suppressing robust growth

Quarter after quarter of booming growth, seen for several decades, might have slowed permanently. The 2000s saw only five rapid-growth quarters, and this decade has had two. It might mean that higher average growth rates are more difficult to achieve due to structural changes in the economy related to technology.

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