VOICES FROM THE INDUSTRY: Stock investing means navigating emotional mind fields

This has been a dizzy stock market, maybe even ill, but it isn’t terminal. Learning how to manage one’s own emotions while investing is an important part of success. And, the most crucial factor is practicing realism over optimism, instead of the reverse. Hope is helpful in most areas of life because it gives us optimism and a reason to live, but in the investment arena, it can quickly drive our portfolio into negative territory. Our desire for excessive investment…

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VOICES FROM THE INDUSTRY: When it comes to investing, women shouldn’t shy away

As a female neurologist and financial advisor, I’ve learned that women have just the right mix of caution, willingness to learn, intuition and appreciation of their overall life goals to invest money well. The puzzling thing is, that in spite of these innate abilities, women often feel uncomfortable about investing their hard-earned cash themselves. So, they delegate others, usually men, to the task. Then, they live with the results. The outcome is not always pretty, especially in a case of…

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