Public Notices – Glossary

(Probate): Notice of administration is issued from the Marion County Clerk’s office to inform those who had dealings with the deceased to file their claims.

Pertaining to control or custody of a minor where a parent or guardian cannot be located.

Annual Reports
A yearly financial report, including expenditure comparisons, for taxpayers, shareholders, or other interested parties.

Government agencies, hospitals, schools and many private businesses advertise for bids on projects, supplies etc.

Bond Sale
Bonds issued by municipalities, school corporations, libraries, to fund construction projects.

Bond Redemption
Notice to redeem bond upon impending maturity.

Budget Estimate
A proposed budget of government entities, including townships, schools, and cities. Public notice of proposed budget may include public hearing notice.

Car Sales (Mechanic’s Liens)
Automobile put up for auction to fulfill debt of repairs or storage.

Car Sales (Repossessions)
Automobile put up for auction to fulfill loan obligation.

Child in Need of Services
Filed by Department of Child Services on behalf of children in need of care outside parental, guardian or custodial supervision as defined by Indiana code.

Determine Heirship
Notice seeking additional heirs during administration of estate.

Dissolution of Corporation
A publicly formed corporation has dissolved.

Final Account
Notice to creditors or others who may want to file objections to the personal representative’s petition for final distribution before a decedent’s estate is closed.

Foundation Reports
A yearly financial report of an organization or fund established for charitable, educational, religious,
research, or other benevolent purpose.

Filed on behalf of child or adult not able to care for themselves by Probate.

Interested Persons
Notice of a variety of matters, including public hearings, notice of executive sessions, authorization of grant applications,
preliminary determination to issue public bonds, liens, and other general notices to taxpayers.

Intermediate Account
Filed by Probate; required under the auspices of a supervised estate.

Marshal’s Order for Publication
An order to publish a notice that may require a response from involved or interested parties.

Name Change
Personal name changes requiring interested parties be notified.

Ordinance Passed
Public notification of a change in city ordinance.

Paternity Case
Public notification in an effort to establish identity of biological father.

Public Hearing
Notification of public hearings as determined by state statutes, municipal codes.

Notice to creditors of the appointment of a receiver for an insolvent partnership, corporation or individual.

State surplus property sale, Internal Revenue Service or unclaimed goods.

Service by Publication
The service of process, which may include a summons, on an absent or nonresident defendant by publishing a notice of suit.

Sheriff’s Sale
The following sales are being conducted through a private auction company and dates of sales may not correspond with the county’s sale.

Sheriff’s Sale
Notice to all parties, known and unknown, that a foreclosure action is pending. Useful for real estate investors, private citizens or lenders seeking to help the owner keep the property … a potential source of a bargain on real estate!

Tax Additional Appropriations
A governmental body’s notice of intent for an extra expenditure for a public purpose.