Records is a compilation of various routine announcements. Please select the appropriate category from the menu below to make a submission for the print edition of IBJ. Here are some general guidelines: The “In Recognition” category is a listing of awards. News of future fundraising events should be listed in “Fundraising.” Select the “Fundraising Results” category to report how much money a specific fundraising event raised. Select “Corporate Philanthropy” if you want to tell our readers about a gift or act of generosity donated by your firm. If your organization won or awarded a grant or contract, select the “Grant” or “Contract” categories. For company moves, select “Relocations.” Announcements of new businesses or businesses under new management should be sent to “Announcements.” You can also use the Announcements category if your submission does not fall into any of the other categories. IBJ does not guarantee publication of submissions and does not publish news of industry accreditations. For announcements of hirings, promotions or board appointments, click here for People submissions.

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